1. The Jeju Museum of Art is displaying Ink wash paintings depicting Jeju culture and landscapes through May 21st.

Title: ‘The Scent of Ink’
Date: Through May 21
Venue: Jeju Museum of Art
Info: 710-4269
Details: Ink wash paintings

2. (심헌) Simheon Gallery is hosting a pottery exhibition through May 20th.

Title: ‘May and Dishes’
Date: Through May 20
Venue: Simheon Gallery
Info: 702-1003
Details: Ceramic art

3. Paintings of horses by (서광) Seogwang Elementary School students are on display at Gallery Nori.

Title: Horse Paintings
Date: Through May 17
Venue: Gallery Nori in Jeoji Artist Village
Info: 772-1600
Details: Art by children

4. This year’s (보목) Bomok Damselfish Festival kicks off May 26th at the small port in Seogwipo.

Title: Bomok Damselfish Festival
Date: May 26-28
Venue: Bomok Port, Seogwipo
Info: 760-4502
Details: Bare hand fishing, free food

5. The city of Seogwipo has organized concerts on the last Wednesday of every month through September in the Seogwipo Healing Forest.

Title: Forest Concert
Date: Last Wednesday of the month
Venue: Seogwipo Healing Forest
Info: 760-3067
Details: Lunch can be reserved

6. Jeju Folklore & Natural History Museum is displaying material from the year 1714, when 이형상) Yi Hyeong-sang was governor of the island.

Title: ‘Special Exhibition: Governor Yi Hyeong-sang’
Date: Through May 23
Venue: Jeju Folklore & Natural History Museum
Info: 710-7708
Details: Material about Jeju’s nature, history, culture

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