1. The 22nd Jeju International Tourism Marathon Festival is this Sunday. There are four courses to choose from.

Title: International Marathon
Date: May 21
Venue: Gujwa
Info: 741-8793
Details: 4 courses

2. Experimental paintings by three local artists are on display at the Jeju Museum of Contemporary Art through May 28th.

Title: ‘Fresh Viewpoint’
Date: Through May 28
Venue: Jeju Museum of Contemporary Art
Info: 710-7801
Details: Experimental paintings

3. (심헌) Simheon Gallery is hosting a pottery exhibition through May 20th.

Title: ‘May and Dishes’
Date: Through May 20
Venue: Simheon Gallery
Info: 702-1003
Details: Ceramic art

4. The Jeju Tourism Organization is holding night concerts in Samda Park every Friday from May 12th through June 30th.

Title: ‘Healing Night Concerts’
Date: Fridays May 12-June 30
Venue: Samda Park
Info: 740-6000
Details: Jazz, rock, hip-hop, folk music

5. The Jeju April 3rd Peace Park is displaying illustrated poems to commemorate the 69th anniversary of the April 3rd Incident.

Title: ‘Until Their Spirits Rise’
Date: Through May 31
Venue: April 3rd Peace Park
Info: 723-4344
Details: Illustrated poems

6. The Kim Tschang Yeul Museum is hosting an exhibition based on the theme of water.

Title: ‘Water Remembers All’
Date: Through June 11
Venue: Kim Tschang Yeul Museum
Info: 710-4150
Details: Paintings, photos, etc.

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