Mask Use in Summer More Urgent Than Ever
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|  2020.07.06 07:57
This summer’s vacation season has begun.
Vacationers are rushing to the island as international travel routes have been blocked due to the COVID-19 epidemic.
Basic infection prevention measures, including wearing masks in public, are being re-emphasized by the province.
Todd Thacker reports.

This is Jeju International Airport.
As the summer season has begun in earnest, vacationers are rushing to the island.
Some remove their face masks upon leaving the terminal.
A few airport employees are taking a break mask free.

Yongduam Dragon’s Head Rock (용두암), is one of Jeju’s popular tourist attractions.
It’s easy to spot visitors who have opted not to wear face masks.
Some are just holding their masks.
Others fail to wear them properly. Their nose and mouth are not fully covered.
Most do not observe social distancing.

With international travel routes severely curtailed or even blocked by COVID-19 measures, vacationers are choosing domestic destinations like Jeju Island.

The local tourism industry is clearly rebounding. But instances of COVID-19 patients from the mainland having traveled on Jeju during, or just prior to, experiencing symptoms are becoming all too frequent.
This is a serious concern for local health authorities.

So, during this summer vacation season, it is of the utmost importance that everyone ? visitors and residents alike ? observe basic COVID-19 infection prevention measures, including wearing a mask and ensuring that they practise social distancing.

Todd Thacker, KCTV

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