Jeju Seeks ‘New Deal’ Support
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|  2020.10.16 10:10

President Moon Jae-in, government officials, governors and mayors gather at Cheongwadae to discuss Korean New Deal initiatives and projects.
This is the first meeting on the issue following the announcement of the national program of economic, environmental and social reforms.

Governor Won Heeryong, the first speaker at the meeting chaired by the president, gave a presentation on the island's own projects to be implemented under the Korean New Deal.

Won sought support from the national government for the deregulation of the electricity market currently held exclusively by the Korea Electric Power Corporation. He then proposed halting any new registrations of internal combustion engine vehicles beginning in 2030. In addition, the governor advocated the development of human resources to train 100,000 skilled Jeju workers.

He also sought support for the island's 2023 bid to host the Conference of the Parties, part of the annual UN Convention of Climate Change Conferences. Won cited the province's experiences and success stories which could be shared with the world.

Won Heeryong / Jeju Governor
The province hopes to host the Conference of the Parties to the UN Convention on Climate Change in 2023. We need the national government's support. We will use the opportunity to share Jeju and Korea’s experiences and successes.
< 원희룡 / 제주특별자치도지사 >
2023년 UN 기후변화 당사국총회를 제주에서 유치하고자 합니다. 중앙정부에서도 도와주시기 바라고요. 이를 통해서 제주와 대한민국의 경험을 전 세계에 선도 모델로 확산시키는 계기가 되도록 역할을 하겠습니다.

President Moon emphasized the importance of local projects under the Korean New Deal, saying about half of the 114 trillion won in national funding will be earmarked for local government projects.
Combined with local government and private funds, the total budget for the Korean New Deal through the year 2025 will top 160 trillion won.

Moon promised financial support, adding that cooperation between local governments, enterprises and residents is essential for the success of the projects.

Moon Jae-in / President of the Republic of Korea
The national government will strive to financially support local governments' projects under the Korean New Deal and will encourage social reforms for these projects.
<문재인 / 대한민국 대통령>
지역균형 뉴딜 사업에 적극적으로 인센티브를 제공하는 등 재정적 지원을 아끼지 않을 것입니다. 지역균형 뉴딜의 원활한 추진을 위한 제도 개선에도 적극 나서겠습니다.

Regarding the sale of electricity, relevant ministries are planning to amend current policies and seek deregulation in the electricity market, an issue that has come up at previous forums.

Meanwhile, the future of the province's other proposed projects remains unclear as the government has yet to provide guidelines to the governor's requests.

For now, though, Seoul's intention to push for deregulation and to allocate New Deal funding will play a key role in the success of the province’s objectives.

Todd Thacker, KCTV

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