Jeju Halts Large-scale Development Projects
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|  2020.10.28 13:49
Governor Won Heeryong has announced that his office is putting the brakes on large-scale development projects.
The governor made the announcement last Sunday at a news conference held near (송악산) Songaksan Mountain, where the New Ocean Town Development Project is underway.
Todd Thacker reports.

There’s controversy swirling around construction plans at (송악산) Songaksan Mountain. Many are outraged at the potential for damage to the natural landscape by unchecked private development.

The New Ocean Town Development Project includes the building of hotels and an outdoor sculpture garden on 20,000 square meters of land.
An environmental impact assessment for the project is underway.

While weighing the pros and cons of the project, Governor Won Heeryong announced that his office plans to halt large-scale development projects on the island.

He expressed his disapproval of development projects that spoil the natural beauty of areas like (송악산) Songaksan Mountain and (주상절리) Jusangjeolli Cliff in (중문) Jungmun.

Won Heeryong / Jeju Governor
My office will put worries about heedless development to rest. Firstly, landscape spoiling development projects will be strictly banned.
씽크)원희룡 제주특별자치도지사
아직 남아 있는 난개발 우려에 오늘로 마침표를 찍겠습니다. 첫째, 자연경관을 해치는 개발은 더욱 엄격하게 금지하겠습니다.

Referring to the example of the (오라) Ora Tourism Complex, Won said that the funding and construction plans of island development projects will be thoroughly scrutinized.

The governor said that the plans submitted for the Ora Tourism Complex development project had failed to satisfy the review criteria.
He added that the planned Animal Theme Park and expansion of the road through the (비자림) Bijarim Forest must not result in ecological damage.

Won stressed that his office will carefully review plans for the Animal Theme Park and take into consideration possible negative impacts on the local ecology by the importation of wild animals.

The governor also announced that his office is considering transforming the Jeju Health Care Town into a center for public medicine and R&D.
He added that his office will be responding to ongoing litigation filed by the Green International Hospital regarding Jeju Health Care Town.

Another provincial proposal is to push ahead with the introduction of an environmental protection fund.
Won said he believes that the entire nation should play a role in the conservation of Jeju Island’s natural beauty.

Won Heeryong / Jeju Governor
My office will introduce an environmental conservation fund to strengthen the protection of nature on Jeju.
<싱크 : 원희룡 지사>
제주는 환경보전을 강화하기 위한 실질적 수단으로 환경보전기여금 도입을 본격 추진하겠습니다.

Environmental and civic groups have welcomed the announcement of the suspension of the (송악산) Songaksan project. However, some area residents have expressed dismay at being deprived of potential financial windfalls.

Todd Thacker, KCTV

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