Cinema Opens in Rural Area
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|  2021.04.08 11:36
A half-price cinema opens in (한림) Hallim, Jeju City as a part of an attempt to bridge the urban-rural divide through theater.
Todd Thacker reports.


This is a newly built cinema in (한림) Hallim, Jeju City.

There is a cafeteria, a rest area and two screens with 59 seats and 39 seats, respectively, in a 470 square meter space.
The theater is equipped with an up-to-date projection system.
1.9 billion won, some from national funds, has been spent on the creation of the theater.
Construction began in 2018 and was completed last year.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the opening was postponed by a year.

The price of a movie ticket is 6,000 won, half of a normal ticket price.
People over the age of 65, the disabled, and victims and bereaved family members of the April 3rd Incident are eligible for a discount.

Moviegoers are subject to social distancing rules and eating food items is restricted until the pandemic ends.

Films will be screened three times a day from Wednesday through Sunday during the first half of this year.

Unlike smaller theaters that usually show independent films, it will screen the latest movies, just like a commercial cinema.

As the island’s first such small movie theater, it is expected to bridge the urban-rural divide.

Todd Thacker, KCTV
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