Spoiled by Selfish Campers
김동국 PD  |  ttiger8@kctvjeju.com
|  2021.05.17 10:50
Camping has become more and more popular amid social distancing restrictions.
Many campers choose (이호) Iho Beach for their camping ground and area residents have complained about trash being left behind by campers.
Last year, trees have been planted to keep campers from setting up their tent but it isn’t enough to keep the campers away.
Joseph Kim reports.


This is the entrance area of (이호) Iho Beach in Jeju City.
Spaces between the trees are fully occupied by camping tents.
There is a “no camping” sign.
But campers disregard the restriction.

The area is littered with trash, and there is evidence of making fires between the trees.
Some people set up tents taking up the space without any actual campers for long periods of time, as if the spot were their own property.

For years, area residents have complained about piles of trash campers leave behind, and ugly views of tents located in a disorderly fashion.
The community center planted camellia trees and wildflowers last year to fill up the empty space to keep campers away.

But a selfish few still pitch their camping tents in cramped spaces between the newly planted trees, or on privately-owned lands where the community center didn’t plant trees.

The community center is planning to ask for property owners’ consent to plant trees to limit the area for selfish campers to settle down.

The holiday destination is getting out of hand due to the selfish behavior of some campers.
Joseph Kim, KCTV

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