Stricter COVID-19 Measures in Effect
김동국 PD  |
|  2021.06.09 11:08
The pandemic has not subsided in the province. The total number of confirmed cases this month will likely surpass that of last month.
Local authorities are strengthening social distancing measures and watching the situation closely this week.
Todd Thacker reports.


The COVID-19 pandemic continues to cast its shadow over Jeju this month.
More than 100 confirmed cases were reported between the first and sixth of June.

In May the daily average was 10 confirmed cases. In June that daily number has grown to 16.
Experts say that the island is at the point at which COVID-19 is mainly being transmitted locally, meaning that the source of infections is local.

Now, most COVID-19 cases stem from the local population.
Seven out of 10 cases are family members or acquaintances of patients.

However, authorities have yet to reveal plans on how to effectively respond to the situation.

So far the province’s countermeasures have met with minimal success in containing the coronavirus locally.
Even though the province has raised the social distancing level to two, the virus keeps spreading around the island.

The summer weather is enticing people to have gatherings outdoors, rather than going to restaurants or bars where business hours are restricted.
Authorities can only recommend that people refrain from these sorts of gatherings, as there is no clear way to enforce a ban on such behavior.

A new approach by provincial officials is needed to get a handle on the situation prior to the start of the busy summer vacation season.

For now, the province has announced that it will be extending level 2 social distancing an extra week, until at least June 20.

Business hours for local facilities and restaurants will also be limited to 10 p.m. from Thursday.

As these new measures take effect, officials will be closely monitoring the island's coronavirus caseload to determine the next step in the island’s fight.
Todd Thacker, KCTV

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