Won's Election Promises Highly Fulfilled
김동국 PD  |  ttiger8@kctvjeju.com
|  2020.05.27 15:09
Governor Won Heeryong's provincial administration has been rated highly in its fulfillment of election promises.
A closer examination of fulfilled campaign pledges reveals funding was secured stably.
Joseph Kim reports.

The Won administration determined 115 election promises two years ago when he took office.
The promises are presumed to require 4.9 trillion won over four years during his tenure. His office planned to secure funds to fulfill the promises.
At his half way point, how many promises have been fulfilled?

The Korea Manifesto Center gives the SA grade, the highest grade, to Seoul, Gwangju, Gyeonggi, South Chungcheong Province and Jeju.

The center has analyzed Won's campaign pledges and announced that 52 promises have been completed or are being carried out among 115 pledges made.
A completely fulfilled promise is introducing a competency evaluation system for the casino industry.

Won's priority promise is to create 10,000 jobs for youth in the public sector.
1,380 were newly employed in 2018 and 2,132 were hired last year. His office is gradually reaching the goal.

The Jeju Employment and Startup Support Center opened in September of last year and is on the right track.

Won's office is expanding the number of items subjected to the crop price stabilization system to ensure local farmers earn a stable income.
The Korea Manifesto Center has also analyzed financing and announced that the office is evaluated to be able to fulfill Won's election promises financially.

As of December 2019, 2.43 trillion won was secured for carrying out the promises.
This means the financing rate was 49.7 percent, which is 2 percentage points higher than the national average.

Meanwhile, six promises including the creation of the North-east environmental capital, competitiveness sharpening in the taxi industry and improvement of labor conditions for nurses are categorized as unsatisfactory.

But there have been no election promises suspended or scrapped until now.

Joseph Kim, KCTV

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