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Korea celebrated the 73rd anniversary of National Liberation Day on August 15th. The festivities included the long-overdue official recognition of some Jeju people for their work in support of Korea’s independence. Mike Laidman has more. In March 1919, some 1,500 islanders gathered in (조천읍) Jocheon-eup to join the independence movement that was sweeping the island. [slug] In March 1919, there was the independence movement in Jocheon eup These Korean independence activists worked hard to get their country back after the Japanese invaded and took over in 1910 during the (조선) Joseon Dynasty. A man named (김시범) Kim Si-beom was the leader of the independence movement on Jeju at the time. [slug] Late Kim Si-beom recognized as ‘Man of National Merit’ This year, he is being recognized as a man of national merit, 35 years after the the request he be designated as such was initially made. [slug] Kim failed to be named many times Being the leader of an independence movement meant putting himself into potentially dangerous situations, and he was arrested for violating the National Security Law and jailed for one year. But the reason he was for so long denied the national merit designation was different. “Activities unproved” was the response for so long. INTERVIEW Kim Yong-uk / Kim Si-beom’s descendant I was in a lot of pain as Kim’s descendant. But today, the bitterness has been healed. <인터뷰 : 김용욱/ 故 김시범 선생 후손> "그동안 자손으로서 심적 고통이 컸습니다. 이제야 가슴 속 아픈 응어리가 다 풀리는 것 같습니다." [slug] Late Gang Tae-ha awarded presidential citation The late (강태하) Gang Tae-ha joined the independence movement at (법정사) Beopjeongsa Temple in Seogwipo. He was awarded a presidential citation this year. But just as with Kim, recognition was not easy. [slug] Gang’s application rejected for ‘lack of proof’ Gang was arrested and faced criminal penalties. His descendants submitted his criminal record, however the application for national merit was continuously rejected due to “no clear proof of participation in the independence movement.” [slug] Ministry of Patriots & Veteran Affairs recognizes Gang’s efforts The Ministry of Patriots & Veteran Affairs recognized Gang’s participation in the independence movement at (법정사) Beopjeongsa Temple this year. INTERVIEW Gang Sang-mu / Gang Tae-ha’s son My father failed in the first and second rounds of screening for national merit. The application fell short of the standards set by the authorities. <인터뷰 : 강상무/ 故 강태하 선생 후손> "아버지도 심사에서 탈락했고 저도 1,2차 심사에서 탈락해 담당자에서 이유를 들어보니 유공자 선정 기준이 어떤 틀과 기준에 맞춰서 이뤄지다보니..." [slug] 5 local independence activists recognized this year Along with (김시범) Kim Si-beom and (강태하) Gang Tae-hae’s achievements, contributions to the independence movement by (한백흥) Han Baek-heung, (조무빈) Jo Mu-bin, and (신계선) Shin Gae-seon were all recognized this year. [Reporter] Mike Laidman [Camera] Hyun Min-cheol Although the recognition might be late, the honor of these brave people has been restored roughly 100 years after the independence movement swept first swept through Jeju island. Mike Laidman, KCTV
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  • More foreign tourists renting cars
  • 5. More foreign tourists renting cars Chinese not allowed to rent with international driving permit More foreign travelers are renting cars in Jeju. The Jeju Tourism Organization says non-Koreans had rented 41-hundred vehicles from Lotte Rent-A-Car this year as of the end of July. That’s 23 percent more than during the first seven months of last year. 70 percent of the renters this year were from Singapore and Malaysia, with the rest from the USA, Japan, Germany, and elsewhere. Chinese nationals are not allowed to use an international driving permit to rent a car in Korea. 렌터카 이용 외국인 관광객 증가 렌터카 이용해 제주를 여행을 하는 외국인 관광객이 꾸준히 증가하고 있습니다. 제주관광공사에 따르면 올들어 지난달까지 외국인이 롯데렌터카에서 임대한 렌터카는 4천100여 대에 이릅니다. 이는 지난해 같은 기간보다 23% 이상 증가한 규모입니다. 이 가운데 70%가 싱가포르와 말레이시아 관광객이었고, 나머지는 미국과 일본, 독일 등 이었습니다. 한편 중국인은 국제운전면허증으로 국내에서 렌터카를 임대할 수 없습니다.
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  • Eased admissions for local students at Vietnam’s top universities
  • 4. Eased admissions for local students at Vietnam’s top universities Language requirement relaxed for children from multicultural families It’s now easier for the children from area multicultural families to enter some of Vietnam’s top universities. The provincial education office has concluded an agreement to that effect with Viet Nam National University Ho Chi Minh City and Viet Nam National University Hanoi. The agreement includes the university in Ho Chi Minh City both easing the Vietnamese language requirement for local students when they apply to major in the language and paying for half of their language training courses. The plurality of children from multicultural families on the island are Korean-Vietnamese: there are 517 school-aged children and youths with one Vietnamese parent. 다문화가정 자녀 베트남 명문대 진학 길 열려 제주도내 다문화가정 자녀들이 베트남 명문 대학에 진학할 수 있는 길이 열렸습니다 제주도교육청은 베트남 호치민 국립대학과 하노이 국립대학 2군데와 제주학생들의 입학 지원에 관한 협약을 최종 합의했다고 밝혔습니다. 이번 합의로 호치민 대학은 제주학생이 베트남어학과 입학시 베트남어 자격 기준을 완화해주고 어학 연수비도 50% 지원합니다. 현재 도내 베트남 다문화가정 학생들은 517명으로 다문화가정 자녀 가운데 가장 많은 비중을 차지합니다.
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  • Free blockchain lessons September 12
  • 3. Free blockchain lessons September 12 Participants will learn theory, practical uses of technology The Jeju Creative Economy Innovation Center will host free lessons for the general public about the blockchain on September 12th. The center has teamed up with (두나무) Dunamu, which operates Upbit, one of Korea’s top cryptocurrency exchanges, to organize the session. Participants will learn about the theory and practical uses of the technology through lessons like “The Origin and History of the Blockchain” and “The Blockchain and Cryptocurrency.” 내달 12일 블록체인 무료 교육 다음달 12일 제주창조경제혁신센터에서 일반인을 대상으로 블록체인 무료 교육이 진행됩니다. 이번 교육은 국내 대표 암호화폐 거래소 업비트를 운영중인 두나무와 제주창조경제혁신센터가 공동으로 마련했습니다 교육은 '블록체인의 탄생과 역사', '블록체인과 암호화폐' 등 블록체인에 대한 이론과 실습으로 진행됩니다
  • 2018.08.17  |  김동국
  • New consultative group will help Innocity agencies hire local talent
  • 2. New consultative group will help Innocity agencies hire local talent Body includes representatives from province, universities, and ed. office A consultative group will be formed to help the public agencies that relocated to the Innovation City in Seogwipo hire local talent. The group will include representatives from the provincial government, area universities, and the provincial office of education as well as the heads of the public agencies. It will begin work next month. The consultative body will host job fairs, share information on job openings at the public agencies, and work on developing a talented workforce for the organizations. Jeju residents must account for at least 18 percent of all new employees the public agencies hire. That minimum requirement is set to go up to 30 percent in 2022. 혁신도시 지역인재 채용협의체 구성 서귀포 혁신도시에 이전한 공공기관에서 지역인재 채용을 돕기 위한 협의체가 구성됩니다. 제주도는 공공기관 대표와 대학, 교육청 관계자 등으로 지역인재채용 협의체를 구성하고 다음달부터 운영합니다. 협의체는 채용박람회 개최를 비롯해 공공기관별 채용정보 공유, 인재 양성 등을 수행하게 됩니다. 공공기관별 의무 채용비율은 전체의 18%이며 2022년에는 30%까지 올린다는 목표입니다.
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  • Possible public opinion survey on second airport
  • 1. Possible public opinion survey on second airport Opposition committee, transport ministry in talks about poll Discussions are underway about an opinion poll to see what the public thinks about the decision to build a second airport in Jeju. The airport opposition committee in Seongsan-eup says it is in talks with the transport ministry about a survey. The two sides disagree, however, on the extent to which the results of the proposed poll should be reflected in government policy. For its part, the provincial government says there is as yet no agreement on moving ahead with a public survey on the second airport, and that it cannot conduct one because the building of the facility is a national project. 제2공항 '공론조사' 검토…반대주민-국토부 이견 제주 제2공항 건설 여부를 결정하기 위한 공론조사가 검토되고 있습니다. 성산읍 제2공항 반대대책위원회는 국토교통부와 제2공항에 대한 공론조사 실시 여부를 놓고 협의하고 있다고 밝혔습니다. 다만 국토부 항공정책심의위원회가 정책 결정을 내리는 데 있어 공론조사를 얼마나 반영할지 비율에 대해 반대 주민측과 국토부가 이견을 보이고 있다고 덧붙였습니다. 제주도는 아직 공론조사 실시를 합의한 것은 없으며 제2공항은 국책사업이어서 제주도 차원의 공론조사를 할 수 없다고 설명했습니다.
  • 2018.08.17  |  김동국
  • Cryptocurrency Fraud in Jeju
  • The police have detained a suspect in an alleged cryptocurrency scam in Jeju. Here’s Joseph Kim to explain the case. Cryptocurrency is a kind of virtual currency or alternative currency. [slug] Investors seek short-term profits in cryptocurrency Since bitcoin, one of the cryptocurrencies, was created in 2009, a number of cryptocurrencies have appeared. Some investors are buying the cryptocurrencies for short-term future profit as the value of some virtual currencies skyrockets in a short period of time. [slug] Police detain suspect in alleged cryptocurrency scam The police have detained a suspect in his thirties in an alleged cryptocurrency scam. He attracted investors saying that he would help them buy cryptocurrencies. According to the police, the cryptocurrency broker, surnamed (박) Park, attracted 60 investors and helped them buy an unlisted cryptocurrency. He used the investors’ expectations of a rapid increase in value of the currency once it goes public. ### C.G IN Park mediated deals to exchange 400 ethereum coins which were valued at about 400 million won with 400,000 unlisted wow bitcoins. The problems began here. Park intercepted all of the coins and disappeared. ### C.G OUT [slug] Police recover stolen coins Park tried to get out of suspicion by arguing that he forgot the verification code in the virtual space. Through diligent investigations, all of the coins, that went through money laundering several times, have been collected. INTERVIEW Kim Min-ho / Investigator, Seogwipo Police Dept. Recently, most of these case have involved victims being scammed out of their money through bogus cryptocurrency investments or purchases. This case is unusual in that it involves the perpetrator stealing the cryptocurrency, itself. <인터뷰 : 김민호 / 서귀포경찰서 수사과장> "최근 암호화폐와 관련된 범죄는 암호화폐 투자나 판매 명목으로 피해자들을 속여 거액을 편취하는게 대부분이나 이처럼 암호화폐 자체를 편취한 경우는 특이한 사항입니다." The police returned the intercepted coins back to the victim investors. However, the victims missed genuine investment opportunities. INTERVIEW Victim When “wow bitcoin” was first listed, 400,000 coins were valued at 600 million won. The value has recently dropped to one tenth or one fifteenth of that. If I had received the coins at the right time, I could have made some money by immediately selling them. <인터뷰 : 피해자> "그 때 (첫 상장) 당시 금액으로는 (와우비트코인 40만개가) 6억 원 정도로 했고요. 최근에 많이 떨어졌는데 10분의 1조각, 15분의 1조각이 났어요. 제 때만 받았으면 바로 팔아서 수익을 만들었을 텐데..." [Reporter] Joseph Kim [Camera] Kim Yong-min The police have detained the suspect on fraud charges and are tightening up their investigations into cryptocurrencies. Joseph Kim, KCTV
  • 2018.08.16  |  김동국
  • Jeju Air to trial Jeju-Fukuoka route
  • 5. Jeju Air to trial Jeju-Fukuoka route 4 flights weekly September 12-29 Jeju Air is opening up a new route to Japan on a trial basis. The airline will offer four weekly flights between Jeju and Fukuoka from September 12th to the 29th. It will then study the marketability of the route and decide whether to offer the flights on a regular basis. This comes as Jeju Air decided to extend its Jeju-Hong Kong flight service until October 26th. It had planned to discontinue that route at the end of this month. 제주항공, 제주-日 후쿠오카 부정기 취항 제주항공이 다음달 제주와 일본 우쿠오카 노선에 부정기편을 취항합니다. 제주항공은 다음달 12일부터 29일까지 제주-일본 후쿠오카 노선에 주 4회 일정으로 운항을 시작한다고 밝혔습니다. 이어 시장성 등을 검토한 후 올해 안에 정기노선 전환 여부를 확정할 계획입니다. 제주항공은 이 외에 이달 말 종료 예정이던 제주-홍콩 노선을 10월 26일까지 추가 운항하기로 했습니다.
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  • Navy looking for international naval review participants
  • 4. Navy looking for international naval review participants 800 people will review international vessels from ROKS Dokdo The navy is looking for 800 people to take part in a fleet review, which will be the highlight of this fall’s international naval review in Gangjeong. Those interested may sign up through the navy’s website for the event. One person may sign up for a group of up to three people. Everyone who is chosen will review dozens of vessels from the Republic of Korea Navy and other navies around the globe from the ROKS Dokdo. Some 80 naval vessels and 40 aircraft will be involved. 해군, 국제관함식 '국민사열단' 공개 모집 해군이 국제관함식의 하이라이트인 해상사열에 참여할 '국민사열단' 8백명을 공개 모집합니다. 국민사열단 신청은 해군 국제관함식 인터넷 홈페이지에서 본인을 포함해 3명까지 접수가 가능합니다. 국민사열단에 선발되면 우리 해군의 독도함에 타고 제주 해상에서 국내.외 함정들을 사열하게 됩니다. 해상사열에는 국내외 함정 80여척, 항공기 40여대가 참가합니다.
  • 2018.08.16  |  김동국
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