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The price of tangerines hit rock bottom at the end of last year, and it is finally rising after the cold spell. Prices of the late maturing citrus are also going up, and attention is on whether it will continue until Lunar New Year’s Day. Joseph Kim has more. Report The price of Jeju tangerines, which had been struggling with the price crash, has soared this year. The average price of outdoor grown Jeju tangerines on the national wholesale market is 8,700 won per 5kg box. It stayed in the 5,000 won range until a month ago, but it’s been on a steep rise this year. It traded at 9,500 wonat the Garak Market in Seoul. The price increase was due to the cold spell and heavy snow that continued from the end of the year and disrupted the tangerine harvest. The volume of goods entering the wholesale market has decreased as well. Additionally, market isolation measures in Jeju Province are also believed to have affected the situation to prevent a fall in prices. The price of late maturing citrus, which are in the midst of shipping, are also continuing to rise. The average wholesale market price is about 12,000 won for Hwanggeumhyang which went up by 23%, for Redhyang by 17%, for Cheonhyehyang by 16% and for Hallabong by 9% compared to the same period last year. In a pre-inspection system for late maturing citrus last year, it was analyzed that the citrus would maintain a consistent taste and a stable price. Meanwhile, Jeju City and Seogwipo City have decided to provide incentives to farms that will ship after March to balance the timing of the shipments of late maturing citrus. Joseph Kim, KCTV.
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  • Police tracking down two accomplices of Landing Casino embezzlement
  • Police tracking down two accomplices of Landing Casino embezzlement Investigating connection between ₩12B found around Jeju City and safe Police are tracking two accomplices in addition to a former Malaysian female executive in connection with the disappearance of more than 14.5 billion won from Landing Casino at Shinhwa World Jeju. During the process of tracking down the location of the Malaysian female suspect, the Jeju Provincial Police Agency announced that they have booked two people, including a Chinese national, on suspicion of assisting the embezzlement. The two suspects are not employees of Landing Group and the police has confirmed that one has already left the country while the other is currently residing in Korea. Police are also investigating 12 billion won that was found at various sites around Jeju City and also in the safe of clients at the Landing Casino, to see if there is any connection with the 14.56 billion won that has disappeared. 2. 란딩카지노 횡령 사건 공범 2명 추적 중 제주신화월드 내 란딩카지노에서 145억여 원이 사라진 사건과 관련해 경찰이 직원이었던 말레이시아 여성 외에 공범 2명을 추적하고 있습니다. 제주도경찰청은 사건 수사 중 말레이시아 여성 A 씨의 행적을 추적하는 과정에서 30대 중국인 B씨 등 2명을 업무상횡령에 의한 방조죄로 입건했다고 밝혔습니다. 이들은 람정그룹 소속 직원은 아니며 1명은 이미 해외로 출국했고 다른 1명은 국내에 체류 중인 것으로 알려졌습니다. 경찰은 또 현재까지 피해 금액 145억 6천 만원 중에 120억 원 이상을 란딩 카지노 고객 금고와 제주시내 모처 등에서 발견해 사라진 돈과 일치하는지 조사하고 있습니다.
  • 2021.01.15(fri)  |  김동국
  • Jeju Island to announce updated social distancing policies on 17th
  • Jeju Island to announce updated social distancing policies on 17th Will remain in line with central government’s decisions Jeju Island will announce new plans regarding social distancing as Jeju’s period of level 2 social distancing comes to an end on the 17th. The provincial government said that they are currently preparing a draft suitable for the residents of the province in line with the central government's social distancing policies. Seoul plans to announce the updated social distancing plan sometime around the 16th. As a result, Jeju Island plans to announce the province’s new policies on the 17th based on the national government's decisions. 1. 제주도, 사회적 거리두기 조정안 17일 발표 제주지역에 적용 중인 사회적 거리두기 2단계의 종료 시점이 다가오는 가운데 제주도가 오는 17일 거리두기 조정안을 발표합니다. 제주도는 정부의 거리두기 정책 방향에 맞게 현재 도민에 적합한 초안을 마련하고 있다고 밝혔습니다. 정부의 거리두기 조정안은 오는 16일쯤 발표될 예정입니다. 이에따라 제주도는 정부안에 기초한 제주형 거리두기 조정안을 오는 17일 발표할 계획입니다.
  • 2021.01.15(fri)  |  김동국
  • Robots Becoming a Part of Daily Life
  • Anchor As non-face-to face culture is becoming more normalized due to COVID-19, the restaurant industry is rapidly introducing services using robots. Serving food and even brewing coffee, robots are more visible than ever. Joseph Kim has moore. Report The serving robot from the kitchen loads the food and approaches the customer. When it gets to the table, it stops on its own. Taking out the food, it says something and gets back to its position. As COVID-19 has made it difficult to do business, this restaurant introduced a robot in line with the trend of people not wanting to come into contact with each other. The robot equipped with artificial intelligence recognizes sensors attached to the ceiling and it finds its destination while avoiding obstacles. You can see a robot barista instead of a person at a coffee shop. It is able to transfer the beans to the coffee filter, and pour the proper amount of water all by itself. It takes about 3 minutes to make a cup of hand drip coffee which is similar to the speed of a human barista. With the non-face-to-face trend growing due to the Covid-19 pandemic, robots are coming into our daily lives. Joseph Kim, KCTV.
  • 2021.01.13(wed)  |  김동국
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  • PoE reports decrease in number of underperforming students
  • PoE reports decrease in number of underperformance students Attributes success to customized programs The Jeju Provincial Office of Education said that despite the impact that COVID-19 had on schools, the proportion of students below the standard academic level has decreased. According to the Jeju Provincial Office of Education, the rate of second graders who underperformed in Hangul, the Korean language, decreased from 2.67 percent in June last year to 0.96 percent in December. The percentage of third to sixth grade students who failed to reach basic education standards, such as reading and writing, also saw a decrease from 1.14 percent to 0.39 percent. The education office attributed the positive results to the effective execution of customized programs for students and enhanced quality of one-on-one teaching. 6. 초등학교 기초학력 부족 학생 비율 감소 제주도교육청이 코로나19 영향에도 불구하고 기초학력 부족학생 비율이 감소했다고 밝혔습니다. 제주도교육청에 따르면 초등학교 2학년의 한글 미해득 학생 비율은 지난해 6월 2.67%에서 12월에는 0.96%로 줄었습니다. 초등학교 3학부터 6학년까지를 대상으로 한 읽기와 쓰기 등 기초학력 기준에 도달하지 못한 학생 비율은 1.14%에서 0.39%로 감소했습니다. 교육청은 학생 맞춤형 프로그램 운영과 면대면 지도 강화 등이 효과를 내고 있다고 자평했습니다.
  • 2021.01.13(wed)  |  김동국
  • Province intensively promotes Jeju Safety Code
  • Province intensively promotes Jeju Safety Code Aims to register 500,000 subscribers in first half of 2021 The province has boosted the promotion of Safety Code, Jeju’s electronic entry and exit registry system. Jeju Island will be undergoing an intensive promotion period of one month to encourage business sites and residents to install the system. The move comes with the anticipation of large numbers of tourists coming to Jeju as social distancing measures will be lightened on the island. The province plans to register 200,000 subscribers and 10,000 workplaces, with a larger aim of expanding to 500,000 subscribers and 20,000 workplaces within the first half of the year. The Safety Code system is intended to initiate rapid quarantine measures by identifying contacts of confirmed patients through QR code authentication. Currently, 100,000 subscribers and 6,000 workplaces in the province have installed the system. 5. 제주안심코드 10만 가입…"상반기 50만명 목표" 제주도가 제주형 전자출입명부인 안심코드 가입 홍보를 강화하고 나섰습니다. 제주도는 앞으로 거리두기가 완화될 경우 관광객들이 대거 유입될 수 있는 만큼 이달 한달을 안심코드 집중 홍보 기간으로 정해 사업장과 도민에게 설치를 독려할 방침입니다. 이에따라 가입자 20만명과 사업장 1만 곳 가입을 목표로 추진하며 상반기 안에 50만명과 사업장 2만 곳으로 확대한다는 계획입니다. 안심코드는 QR코드 인증으로 확진자 동선의 접촉자를 파악해 신속한 방역을 위한 것으로 현재 도내 가입자 10만명과 사업장 6천 곳이 설치했습니다.
  • 2021.01.13(wed)  |  김동국
  • COVID-19 test results required for training teams in Jeju
  • COVID-19 test results required for training teams in Jeju New mandate in effect on Jan. 18 COVID-19 testing will now be required for all athletes who are training in Jeju. Jeju Island has announced that all training athletes and related personnel must undergo testing for Covid-19 and submit a negative certification before traveling to Jeju Island. The new mandate will come into effect on the 18th. Teams who do not submit the required documents will not be allowed to enter training facilities. Currently, more than 1,700 people from 78 teams are training in Jeju, and 1,500 more people from 52 teams will arrive in Jeju by next month. Meanwhile, two COVID-19 patients were confirmed on the 11th, following two patients who tested positive on the 10th. 4. 제주 전지훈련단 코로나19 진단검사 의무화 제주에서 전지훈련을 하는 선수단의 코로나19 진단검사가 의무화됩니다. 제주도는 코로나 확산 방지를 위해 오는 18일부터 제주를 방문하는 전지훈련 선수들과 관계자 전원은 입도 전 코로나19 진단검사를 받고 음성 판정 증빙자료를 제출해야 한다고 밝혔습니다. 요규서류를 제출하지 않은 팀은 훈련시설 출입이 불가능합니다. 현재 제주에는 78개팀 1천 700여 명이 전지훈련 중이며 다음달까지 52개팀 1천 500여 명이 더 들어올 예정입니다. 어제(11) 추가된 확진자도 단 2명으로 지난 10일에 이어 이틀 연속 2명대를 유지했습니다.
  • 2021.01.13(wed)  |  김동국
  • Investment of ₩4T over 5 years in Jeju New Deal
  • Investment of ₩4T over 5 years in Jeju New Deal Province will promote hydrogen economy, EV supply Jeju Island has finalized a business plan to invest 4 trillion won over the next five years in the Jeju New Deal policy that was announced last year. A total of 4.4 trillion won will be invested in the green new deal, 160 billion won in the digital new deal, and 18.1 billion won in strengthening the safety net. This year’s provincial budget has assigned 380 billion won to the Jeju New Deal policy, and the rest of the New Deal budget will be secured through state-sponsored projects. In 2021, the province plans to promote the Jeju hydrogen economy, the electric vehicle supply, the clean bio industry, and the development of tourism contents. 3. 제주형 뉴딜정책에 5년 간 4조원 투자 제주도가 지난해 발표한 제주형 뉴딜정책에 앞으로 5년 동안 4조 원을 투자하는 내용의 사업 계획을 확정했습니다. 제주도 미래전략국의 투자 규모를 분야별로 보면, 그린뉴딜 분야에 4조 4천억 여원, 디지털 뉴딜 과제에 1천 600억 여원, 그리고 안전망 강화에 181억 원입니다. 제주형 뉴딜 정책 추진을 위한 총 예산은 올해 본 예산에 3천 800억 여원이 확보된 상태며 나머지 예산은 국가 공모사업 등을 통해 확보하기로 했습니다. 올해는 제주형 수소경제와 전기차 보급, 청정바이오 산업, 지능형관광콘텐츠 개발 등을 추진할 계획입니다.
  • 2021.01.13(wed)  |  김동국
  • Second airport survey to be conducted via press
  • Second airport survey to be conducted via press Deadline of the poll delayed Jeju Island and the Jeju Provincial Council have agreed to extend the deadline of the poll for the second airport and promote the survey through media outlets. The provincial government and the provincial council's special committee on conflict resolution of the second airport held a press conference on the 11th where they announced an extension of the deadline which was originally scheduled until the 11th. They also announced that a detailed plan for the future will be discussed and decided. As the recent polling method has become problematic due to issues with virtual phone numbers, the provincial government and the council have decided to proceed with the polling through media outlets. They said that the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport will accept the method as there is no realistic alternative to the problem, and they believe that there are no major legal problems after inquiring with the National Election Committee. The province and the Provincial Council will consult with media companies to see whether the method is possible, and once given the green light, the poll will be reinstated within 15 days. 2. "언론사 통한 제2공항 여론조사 추진" 제주도와 의회가 제2공항 여론조사 종료 기간을 연장하고 언론사를 통한 방식을 추진하기로 합의했습니다. 제주도와 도의회 2공항 갈등해소 특위는 11일 기자 간담회를 열고 당초 11일까지였던 여론조사 기간을 앞으로의 세부 조사방안을 협의해 정하기로 하고 합의문을 변경했다고 밝혔습니다. 여론조사 방법은 안심번호 문제로 인해 도와 의회가 직접 추진하기가 어려워진 만큼 언론사를 통한 방안을 진행하기로 했습니다. 선관위에 질의한 결과 이 방식에 법적 문제가 크게 없고 국토부에서도 현실적인 대안이 없는 만큼 이 방식을 받아들일 것으로 본다고 덧붙였습니다. 제주도와 의회는 언론사와의 협의를 통해 이같은 방식 추진이 가능해지면 이후 보름 이내로 여론조사 추진이 가능할 것으로 본다고 말했습니다.
  • 2021.01.13(wed)  |  김동국
  • Lawmaker Oh Young-hun and governor cooperate to pass 4·3 Special Act
  • Lawmaker Oh Young-hun and governor cooperate to pass 4·3 Special Act Stresses importance of bipartisan efforts Lawmaker Oh Young-hun and Governor Won Hee-ryong have agreed to cooperate to pass the 4.3 Special Act amendment at the National Assembly next month. The previous attempt to pass the bill was canceled at the most recent session of the National Assembly. Lawmaker Oh Young-hun of the Democratic Party of Korea held a briefing at the provincial office building on the 11th and announced that he had reached a bipartisan consensus with the governor to make sure the 4.3 Special Act amendment is passed at the National Assembly next month. The amendment was previously denied due to controversy over the term ‘consolation’, and Lawmaker Oh said that he would try to reflect the principles of national responsibility and rightful compensation in the legislation. As the extraordinary session of the National Assembly next month will take place before the 4.3 Incident Memorial Ceremony, he is approaching the session as a deadline. The lawmaker also expressed his determination to pass the bill by working towards an agreement between the ruling and opposition parties. 1. 오영훈, "원 지사와 4·3특별법 처리 초당적 협력" 4.3 특별법 개정안 처리가 지난 임시국회에서 무산된 가운데 오영훈 의원과 원희룡 지사가 다음 달 국회 통과를 위해 협력하기로 했습니다. 더불어민주당 오영훈 의원은 11일 오후 제주도청에서 브리핑을 갖고 4.3 특별법 개정안이 다음달 임시 국회에서 반드시 통과될 수 있도록 원희룡 지사와 초당적인 공감대를 이뤘다고 밝혔습니다. 위자료 표현으로 논란이 되고 있는 배보상에 대해서도 국가 책임과 배보상 원칙이 법안에 반영될 수 있도록 입법 과정에서도 함께 노력하기로 뜻을 모았다고 말했습니다. 오 의원은 4.3 희생자 추념식 전인 다음 달 임시국회가 사실상 법안 통과의 마지노선이라며 여야 합의로 법안을 처리하겠다고 강조했습니다.
  • 2021.01.13(wed)  |  김동국
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