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Cherry blossoms are in full bloom in Jeju amid COVID-19 fear. Cherry blossom festivals have been canceled. Health authorities are trying to stop crowds from viewing the flowers as spring flower enjoyers' infection has been reported on the mainland. Joseph Kim reports. The flowers of pure white, tinged with the palest pink are opening. The flower tunnel stretches along the road. Cherry blossom attract people who have long stayed at home for the virus fear. All of local cherry blossom festivals have been canceled for COVID-19. But health authorities still have concerns on possible large gathering and frequent close contact with others during the cherry blossom season. 250,000 visited the three-day long cherry blossom festival last year which was held in (전농로) Jeonnong-ro. This year, the number of visitors is expected to drop 70 percent. But health authorities cannot be less vigilant. Last week, a spring flower enjoyer's infection was confirmed. The patient visited (구례군) Gurae-gun, South Jeolla (전라) Province to view cornelian cherry flower. Similar cases are being reported on the mainland. The cherry blossom zone in (진해) Jinhae, South (경상) Gyeongsang Province has been off-limit to prevent virus spread. Visitors are advised to wear a mask and keep distance with others while enjoying cherry blossom. Meanwhile, Jeju National University, one of the island’s cherry blossom sites, has decided to ban entering of the public to its campus until April 5th. Mike Balfour, KCTV
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  • Opening of the Jeju Regional Emergency Medical Center
  • 6. Opening of the Jeju Regional Emergency Medical Center Center provides treatment for traumatic injuries A treatment facility exclusively for trauma response, named the Jeju Regional Emergency Medical Center, has begun operation. Jeju Halla Hospital has opened a community trauma center with specialized equipment such as intensive care units, operating rooms and medical personnel dedicated to trauma patients. The community trauma center is the first in Jeju and the 15th in the nation. The trauma center treats patients with severe injuries within what’s known as the golden time for recovery. Trauma injuries include car accidents, and pedestrian accidents. About 500 severely injured patients will be able to receive treatment within Jeju Island each year. In addition, serious patients will receive financial benefits according to special policies for traumatic injuries. 6. 제주 권역외상센터 개소…중증환자 전담 치료 중증 외상환자 전용 치료 시설인 제주권역외상센터가 본격 운영에 들어갔습니다. 제주한라병원은 중환자실, 수술실 등 전문 장비와 외상환자 전담 의료인력을 갖춘 권역외상센터를 개소했습니다. 권역외상센터는 추락이나 자동차 사고, 보행자 교통사고처럼 심각한 외상을 입은 환자를 골든타임 내에 치료하게 되며 제주에서는 처음이며, 전국에서 15번째로 개소했습니다. 한해 평균 500여 명의 중증외상환자들이 제주에서 치료받을 수 있게 됐으며 중증질환자 특례에 따라 경제적 혜택도 받을 수 있게 됩니다.
  • 2020.03.30  |  김동국
  • Cherry blossoms bloom in Jeju
  • Cherry blossoms bloom in Jeju COVID-19 cancels this year’s Jeju Cherry Blossom Festival Cherry blossoms are officially blooming as of March 24th in Jeju. This is a day earlier than last year and also a day earlier than average. The blossoms are blooming earlier this year because the temperature is higher than average. The Jeju Regional Meteorological Administration says the blooming of the blossoms is affected by temperature and the duration of sunshine. Cherry blossoms are usually in full bloom seven days after their initial blooming. Unfortunately, Jeju’s Cherry Blossom Festival is cancelled due to COVID-19. 제주 벚꽃 개화…왕벚꽃축제는 취소 따스한 봄날씨 속에 24일 제주 벚꽃이 개화했으며 이는 작년과 평년보다 하루 빠른 것입니다. 제주지방기상청에 따르면 벚꽃의 개화는 3월 기온과 일조시간에 영향을 받으며 평년에 비해 기온이 높아 일찍 개화했다고 밝혔습니다. 통상적으로 개화 후 약 일주일 후 벚꽃이 활짝 핀다고 전했습니다. 한편, 코로나19의 영향으로 제주왕벚꽃축제는 취소된 바 있습니다.
  • 2020.03.30  |  김동국
  • Simple 4·3 Incident memorial ceremony due to COVID-19
  • 4. Simple 4·3 Incident memorial ceremony due to COVID-19 150 people expected to participate in the ceremony This year marks the 72nd anniversary of the 4.3 incident. Due to COVID-19, the scale of the memorial service for the victims has been greatly reduced. The memorial will be carried out as a simple service scheduled for April 3rd. Jeju Island is significantly reducing the size of the 4.3 memorial ceremony this year. This reflects the high-intensity social distancing movement in place to prevent the spread of COVID-19. This year, the elderly aged 65 years or older and vulnerable groups such as children under 5 years of age, pregnant women, chronic patients and people from outside of Jeju are expected to be restricted entrance to the event. The number of participants in the memorial ceremony is to include about 150 survivors and participants. All participants are being asked to fill out a health questionnaire in advance. 4. 코로나 여파 4·3추념식 간소하게 봉행 코로나19 여파로 다음달 3일 예정된 제72주년 제주4.3 희생자 추념식도 대폭 축소돼 간소하게 봉행됩니다. 제주도는 코로나19 확산 방지를 위한 고강도 사회적 거리두기 운동을 반영해 올해 4.3 추념식 규모를 대폭 축소해 운영하기로 결정했습니다. 이에따라 올해에는 65살 이상 노인과 만 5살 미만 영유아, 임산부, 만성질환자 등 감염병 취약계층과 도외 인사들은 원칙적으로 행사 참석을 제한할 방침입니다. 추념식 참가자도 유족과 진행 관계자 등 150여 명으로 최소화하고 모든 참석자는 사전에 건강 문진표를 작성하도록 했습니다.
  • 2020.03.30  |  김동국
  • Sister and friendship cities from China support Jeju Island
  • 3. Sister and friendship cities from China support Jeju Island Cities pledge masks and protective clothing Sister and friendship cities from China are supporting Jeju with quarantine items such as masks and protective clothing. According to the Jeju Special Self-Governing Province, Dalian, China, donated 15,000 masks and 1,500 protective suits to Jeju, while Heilongjiang Province donated 10,000 masks. Hainan Province, a sister city of Jeju, has expressed their intention to provide 100,000 medical masks. In addition, Sandong and Fujian provinces have also announced their intention to donate masks. In February, Jeju Island provided 100,000 masks to sister and friendship cities in China, including Dalian City, Hainan Province and Shanghai City. 3. 중국 자매·우호 도시, 제주에 방역 물품 지원 중국 자매, 우호도시들이 제주에 마스크와 방호복 등 방역 물품을 잇따라 지원하고 있습니다. 제주특별자치도에 따르면 중국 다롄시는 마스크 1만 5천개와 방호복 1천500벌 등을 제주에 전달했고, 헤이룽장성도 마스크 1만개를 전달했습니다. 제주 자매도시인 하이난성은 의료용 마스크 10만개를 지원하겠다는 뜻을 밝힌 것으로 전해졌습니다. 이외에도 산동성과 푸젠성 등에서도 마스크 지원 의사를 알렸습니다. 앞서 제주도는 지난달, 다롄시를 비롯해 하이난성과 상하이시 등 중국 내 자매,우호도시 4곳에 1억 원 상당의 마스크 10만개를 지원한 바 있습니다.
  • 2020.03.30  |  김동국
  • Campaign for 'High Intensity Social Distancing' through April 5
  • Campaign for 'High Intensity Social Distancing' through April 5 Campaign also inspects facilities for proper disinfection practices Jeju Island has launched an intensive 'social distancing' campaign until the 5th of next month in an effort to block the spread of the COVID-19. The campaign is based on advice from Seoul. The campaign plans to check the implementation of quarantine guidelines and encourage the practice of social distancing rather than restricting the operation of facilities. Jeju Island is inspecting over 5,000 locations in the province including multi-use facilities, social welfare facilities, and private institutes. They are being inspected for proper disinfection practices and temperature monitoring, as well as the installation of hand sanitizers. Seoul previously recommended that religious facilities, indoor sports facilities, and entertainment facilities should continue to be shut down until April 5th. 앞으로 보름간 '고강도 사회적 거리두기' 캠페인 제주도가 코로나19 확산을 차단하기 위해 다음달 5일까지 강도 높은 '사회적 거리두기' 캠페인을 전개합니다. 이번 캠페인은 앞서 정부가 발표한 권고에 따른 것으로 시설 운영을 제한하기 보다는 방역지침 이행을 점검하고 사회적 거리두기 실천을 독려할 방침입니다. 이에따라 제주도는 도내 다중이용시설과 사회복지시설, 학원 등 5천 200여 곳에서 방역이나 소독, 발열 감시 여부를 확인하고 손소독제 비치 상황도 파악하게 됩니다. 앞서 정부는 집단감염 우려가 높은 종교시설과 실내 체육시설, 유흥시설에 대해 앞으로 보름 동안 운영 중단을 권고한 바 있습니다
  • 2020.03.30  |  김동국
  • Jeju establishes special entry procedures for foreign country visitors
  • Jeju establishes special entry procedures for foreign country visitors COVID-19 tests administered to overseas travelers for free The provincial government is establishing special entry procedures for island visitors who recently traveled foreign countries. People who recently visited overseas countries need to fill in health survey forms and are subjected to temperature tests when they arrive on the island. COVID-19 tests are also being administered without cost to the traveller even if they do not have special symptoms. The overseas travellers will also be monitored for two weeks after arrival to the island. Seoul is sharing with the local government the travel information of foreigners and Koreans who are entering Korea through the updated entry procedure. 해외방문 후 제주입도객 특별관리 해외방문 이력이 있는 입도객들이 특별관리 됩니다. 제주특별자치도는 해외여행 이력을 지닌 입도객을 대상으로 특별입도 절차를 운영한다고 밝혔습니다. 해외방문 후 제주입도객은 건강기초조사서를 작성해야 하며 발열검사를 받고 무증상이라도 코로나19 무료 검사가 시행되며 2주간 능동감시 등이 이뤄집니다. 이를 위해 제주도는 정부에 특별입국절차를 밟은 내·외국인의 신원 정보에 대한 공유를 요청해 놓고 있습니다
  • 2020.03.30  |  김동국
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  • Landlords Join Rent Reduction Movement
  • Property owners are reducing rent to help small business owners suffering from the national crisis caused by COVID-19. The trend of the ‘Good Landlord’ is also spreading in Jeju. (성산) Seongsan community leaders have decided to cut rent for the community’s public properties and landlords at (칠성로) Chilseong-ro have joined the movement. Meanwhile, the provincial council has proposed a bill to reduce rental fees for the island’s government-owned buildings. Todd Thacker reports. This is Seongsan Sunrise Peak, a UNESCO World Natural Heritage site and popular travel destination that is generally packed with tourists all year round. Today, though, the fear surrounding the spread of COVID-19 has meant that the area is empty. The normally bustling parking lot is empty, too. Some shops have closed their doors. As the fight to stem the spread of the virus continues, (성산) the Seongsan community has decided to join the so-called ‘Good Landlord’ movement to help small shop owners. The community has said it will cut rents by 25 percent for the next four months. This means leaseholders can save between 450,000 won and 34 million won. Starting with public organizations and financial institutions, the number of individual landlords who have joined the movement to lower rents has grown. Ten building owners in (칠성로) Chilseong-ro, Jeju City, have volunteered to support leaseholders who have seen a plunge in sales. They have cut rents by 10 percent or returned 50 percent of the rent money they had already received. Along with the efforts in the private sector, two provincial councillors, (송영훈) Song Yeong-hun and (강성민) Gang Seong-min, have proposed an ordinance bill to cut rental fees for leaseholders in province-owned buildings. INTERVIEW Song Young-houn / Councilor The proposal includes a 50% rent cut until the end of the year for province-owned buildings. If the bill is passed at the Special Session in April, 418 shop owners in the underground shopping mall in Jeju City and Jungang Shopping District in Hallim will receive a rent reduction. <인터뷰 : 송영훈 / 제주도의회 예산결산특별위원장> "공유재산 임대료의 50%를 올해 말까지 한시적으로 감면할 수 있도록 하는 단서조항을 달았습니다. 만약 이 조례가 4월 임시회에서 통과되면 제주시 지하상가와 한림 중앙상가 418개소에 5억 원의 임대료가 감면이 될 것으로…." Meanwhile, the province is actively supporting local shop owners by exempting or reducing local property taxes for the landlords who lower rental fees. Todd Thacker, KCTV
  • 2020.03.23  |  김동국
  • Seogwipo pushing forward plan for construction of 5,000-seat gymnasium
  • 6. Seogwipo pushing forward plan for construction of 5,000-seat gymnasium Gymnasium to boost Seogwipo’s appeal as off-season destination for athletes Seogwipo City is planning to build a 5,000-seat indoor gymnasium that is bigger than Halla Gymnasium. The plan was made as the city faces difficulty in attracting sports clubs for their off-season training due to a large shortage of indoor sports facilities. The government has already started researching plans. The research includes reviewing construction feasibility and location selection. If the project proceeds as planned, the stadium will be more than 1,000 seats larger than the Halla Gymnasium in Jeju Stadium, which can accommodate almost 4,000 people. 6. 서귀포시 5천석 규모 실내체육관 건립 '추진' 서귀포시가 한라체육관보다 규모가 큰 실내체육관 건립을 추진합니다. 서귀포시는 대규모 실내 체육시설 부족으로 전지훈련 유치 등에 어려움을 겪으면서 5000석 규모의 실내체육관 건립을 추진한다고 밝혔습니다. 이에 따라 건립 타당성 검토부터 입지 선정 등 계획 수립을 위한 연구용역에 들어갔습니다. 계획대로라며 3천8백명을 수용할 수 있는 제주종합경기장내 한라체육관보다 천2백석 큰 규모입니다.
  • 2020.03.23  |  김동국
  • COVID-19 crisis changes the dates of events for Buddha's birthday
  • 5.COVID-19 crisis changes the dates of events for Buddha's birthday Ceremony rescheduled for May 30 after one month of prayer Jeju Buddhism Association is changing the schedule of events for the Buddha's birthday this year due to the COVID19 crisis. Buddhist followers will begin a special prayer to overcome and heal from COVID-19 on April 30th. This day would normally commemorate the Buddha's birthday. The Buddha's birthday ceremony is rescheduled for May 30 after one month of prayer. Prior to these events, the Buddhist community is planning to hold a lighting ceremony for Buddha's birthday at a Bongchuk tower. The event is planned for the 25th of April in Jeju City. In addition, a lantern festival is scheduled for May 16th at the Citizens' Welfare Town. 5. "코로나 사태로 부처님 오신날 행사 변경" 제주불교연합회가 코로나19 사태로 올해 부처님 오신날 행사 일정을 변경합니다. 이에 따라 당초 다음달 30일 예정됐던 부처님 오신날 행사를 개최하는 대신 코로나19 극복과 치유를 위한 특별 기도에 들어간다고 밝혔습니다. 한달 동안 기도를 거쳐 5월 30일 부처님 오신날 봉축 법요식을 봉행할 계획입니다. 이에 앞서 다음달 25일에는 제주시 연동 도령마루에서 부처님 오신날 봉축탑 점등식을 개최하고, 5월 16일에는 시민복지타운에서 연등축제를 봉행할 예정입니다.
  • 2020.03.23  |  김동국
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