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Jeju Black Cattle, the island’s indigenous cattle breed, is recognized as a superb brand of beef. However, black cattle beef is not distinguished on the shelves of supermarkets, and they are simply labeled as Korean beef. Fewer cattle farmers choose the breed as the Jeju species requires a longer rearing period. Local researchers have found specific genome sequences to distinguish the Jeju cattle from Hanwoo, which means the indigenous species can now be labelled as “Jeju Black Cattle” and become competitive in the market. Mike Laidman reports. Report That’s right. Jeju island features not only black pigs, but also indigenous black cows which feature square shoulders, and shorter, thicker legs. Only a few farmers in Jeju have chosen to raise the species. In fact, out of the roughly 36,000 beef cows on Jeju, fewer than 2,000 are the indigenous variety. The Jeju Black Cattle take longer to mature because of the slower improvement of breed over time. This means that it also costs more to raise. The cattle species goes through a strict accreditation process at each stage from a farm to a slaughterhouse. But in the end, it has been sold as normal Korean cattle. But now, thanks to the efforts of researchers, "Jeju Black Cattle" will soon be what consumers see on store labels. A research group led by (박세필) Park Se-pil, professor at Jeju National University, has successfully found the specific genetic sequences of the Jeju Black Cattle. This enables stakeholders to identify and guarantee the species during distribution. Meat produced from the cattle will now be labelled with its own name and variety. Park Se-pill / Head, JNU's Jeju Black Cattle Research Center Jeju Black Cattle had been lumped with ‘Korean cattle’ in the carcass grading report. Now it has its own name, which should satisfy consumer demand. [인터뷰 박세필 / 제주대 제주흑우연구센터장 ] 이번에 소 도체 등급판정결과서에 기존에는 한우로만 적혔지만 이제 제주흑우로 표기가 되면서 소비자 필요에 충족할 뿐만 아니라... Only Jeju Black Cattle is getting its own labelling name among five Korean cattle varieties, including the brindled cow and white cow. Like the island's black pig, the cattle species will now have a little more of the spotlight on store shelves. Moving forward, securing healthy and sound black cows is the priority for breeding programs, which will help the animals become more attractive, and thus more commercialized. Mike Laidman, KCTV
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  • Tens of billions of won in deficit, JTO apologizes to the public
  • Tens of billions of won in deficit, JTO apologizes to the public Vows to focus on business innovation The Jeju Tourism Organization, which is suffering from a series of business failures and operating deficits, has issued an apology to the public. Hyun Chang-haeng (현창행), the acting president of the Jeju Tourism Organization, held a press conference at the Jeju Welcome Center on the morning of the 29th and announced that they have been facing the biggest management crisis since its foundation. He acknowledged that the organization has not played its respective role as a public corporation and added that they will re-focus on innovations in business management. The executives have also expressed that they would reflect on the current crisis and make efforts to improve the financial structure, such as becoming more competitive in the duty-free market and recovering investment expenses of the Jeju Port duty-free shops. JTO plans to establish specific implementation strategies by carrying out a management diagnosis made by a team of external experts. 2. 수백억 적자 제주관광공사 대도민사과 … "경역혁신 매진" 잇따른 사업 실패와 적자 운영으로 존폐 위기에 놓인 제주관광공사가 대도민 사과문을 발표했습니다. 현창행 제주관광공사 사장 직무대행과 임원진은 29일 오전 웰컴센터에서 기자회견을 열고 그동안 공기업으로서 역할을 다하지 못해 창립 이후 최대의 경영위기를 맞았다며 경영 혁신에 매진하겠다고 밝혔습니다. 임원진은 지금의 위기를 냉정히 돌아보고 지정면세점의 경쟁력 강화와 제주항 면세점의 투자비 회수 등 재무 구조 개선에 노력하겠다고 언급했습니다. 이를 위해 외부 전문가로 구성된 경영 진단을 추진해 구체적인 실행 전략을 수립할 계획입니다.
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  • First trial for 4·3 Incident victims held on Oct. 29
  • First trial for 4·3 Incident victims held on Oct. 29 Second hearing scheduled for Jan. 28, 2021 The first damage suit against the state filed by victims of 4·3 Incident has officially begun. The Jeju District Court held the first hearing of the damage suit against the state on October 29th. The suit was filed by 39 surviving prisoners and bereaved families. The attorney representing the surviving prisoners stated that the 4.3 incident has caused the plaintiffs a great deal of pain throughout their lives.He added that as there is no objective evidence left because the incident happened over 70 years ago, they should receive the right to be acknowledged based on their personal statements. The Korea Government Legal Service said that the evidence presented by the plaintiffs alone cannot fully prove the illegality of the damage, and added that the amount of compensation claims is excessive. The court made the decision to continue with the second hearing on January 28th of next year, and asked the plaintiffs to submit more detailed evidence of the damage. 1. 4·3생존수형인 국가 손배소 첫 공판 열려 4.3 생존 수형인들이 국가를 상대로 제기한 첫 손해 배상 소송이 본격적으로 시작됐습니다. 제주지방법원 제2민사부는 29일 오전 생존수형인과 유족 39명이 국가를 상대로 제기한 손해배상 청구 소송에 따른 첫 변론을 진행했습니다. 수형인 측 변호인은 4.3 사건으로 원고들이 일생에 거쳐 큰 고통과 피해를 입었다며 오래된 사건이라 객관적인 증거가 남아있지 않은 만큼 이들의 진술을 근거로 사실 인정을 받기 원한다고 밝혔습니다. 정부법무공단은 원고측이 제시한 증거만으로는 피해 사실에 대한 불법성을 충분히 입증하기 어렵다며 손해배상 청구 금액도 과하다고 맞섰습니다. 재판부는 원고 측에 피해 사실을 보다 구체적으로 입증할 수 있는 자료를 추가로 제출할 것을 요구하며 내년 1월 28일 두번째 변론 기일을 이어가기로 결정했습니다.
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  • Jeju Halts Large-scale Development Projects
  • Governor Won Heeryong has announced that his office is putting the brakes on large-scale development projects. The governor made the announcement last Sunday at a news conference held near (송악산) Songaksan Mountain, where the New Ocean Town Development Project is underway. Todd Thacker reports. There’s controversy swirling around construction plans at (송악산) Songaksan Mountain. Many are outraged at the potential for damage to the natural landscape by unchecked private development. The New Ocean Town Development Project includes the building of hotels and an outdoor sculpture garden on 20,000 square meters of land. An environmental impact assessment for the project is underway. While weighing the pros and cons of the project, Governor Won Heeryong announced that his office plans to halt large-scale development projects on the island. He expressed his disapproval of development projects that spoil the natural beauty of areas like (송악산) Songaksan Mountain and (주상절리) Jusangjeolli Cliff in (중문) Jungmun. Won Heeryong / Jeju Governor My office will put worries about heedless development to rest. Firstly, landscape spoiling development projects will be strictly banned. 씽크)원희룡 제주특별자치도지사 아직 남아 있는 난개발 우려에 오늘로 마침표를 찍겠습니다. 첫째, 자연경관을 해치는 개발은 더욱 엄격하게 금지하겠습니다. Referring to the example of the (오라) Ora Tourism Complex, Won said that the funding and construction plans of island development projects will be thoroughly scrutinized. The governor said that the plans submitted for the Ora Tourism Complex development project had failed to satisfy the review criteria. He added that the planned Animal Theme Park and expansion of the road through the (비자림) Bijarim Forest must not result in ecological damage. Won stressed that his office will carefully review plans for the Animal Theme Park and take into consideration possible negative impacts on the local ecology by the importation of wild animals. The governor also announced that his office is considering transforming the Jeju Health Care Town into a center for public medicine and R&D. He added that his office will be responding to ongoing litigation filed by the Green International Hospital regarding Jeju Health Care Town. Another provincial proposal is to push ahead with the introduction of an environmental protection fund. Won said he believes that the entire nation should play a role in the conservation of Jeju Island’s natural beauty. Recording Won Heeryong / Jeju Governor My office will introduce an environmental conservation fund to strengthen the protection of nature on Jeju. <싱크 : 원희룡 지사> 제주는 환경보전을 강화하기 위한 실질적 수단으로 환경보전기여금 도입을 본격 추진하겠습니다. Environmental and civic groups have welcomed the announcement of the suspension of the (송악산) Songaksan project. However, some area residents have expressed dismay at being deprived of potential financial windfalls. Todd Thacker, KCTV
  • 2020.10.28(wed)  |  김동국
  • Jeju - Samcheonpo ferry route to reopen next year
  • Jeju - Samcheonpo ferry route to reopen next year Route has been closed since Sewol ferry disaster The ferry route connecting Jeju and Samcheonpo (삼천포), Gyeongnam, which had been cut off for nearly six years after the Sewol ferry disaster, is expected to reopen. The province has announced that a launching ceremony for the ferry connecting Jeju and Samcheonpo will be held at a shipyard in Busan on the 5th of next month. The new ferry weighs 20,500 tons and can carry up to 150 cargo trucks and approximately 900 passengers. The shipping company plans to officially reopen the route in February next year. 6. 제주-삼천포 뱃길 재개 추진…내년 2월 운항 세월호 참사 이후 6년 가까이 끊겼던 제주와 경남 삼천포를 잇는 뱃길이 다시 열릴 전망입니다. 제주도 등에 따르면, 다음달 5일 부산에 있는 조선소에서 제주와 삼천포를 잇게 될 카페리 여객선 진수식이 열립니다. 이 여객선은 2만 5백톤 급으로 화물트럭 150대와 승객 약 900명을 나를 수 있습니다. 선사 측은 내년 2월쯤 제주와 삼천포 노선을 정식 운항한다는 목표로 관련 절차를 추진한다는 계획입니다.
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  • Jeju purchases 6 negative pressure ambulances for COVID-19 response system
  • Jeju purchases 6 negative pressure ambulances for COVID-19 response system Ambulances will be in operation starting next month Negative pressure ambulances will be deployed at fire stations and health centers in Jeju Island to help the COVID-19 response system. The provincial government has recently purchased six negative pressure emergency vehicles with 1.2 billion won in state funds. Four were placed at fire stations and the remaining two were placed at the Seogwipo City and Jeju City Health Centers. The ambulances will be in operation starting next month after employee training and equipment installation are complete. There was previously one negative pressure ambulance in Jeju, which was operated by Jeju National University Hospital. 5. 음압구급차 6대 도입, 소방서-보건소 배치 제주도내 소방서와 보건소에도 음압특수구급차가 배치돼 코로나19 대응체제에 도움을 줄 전망입니다. 제주특별자치도는 최근 국비 12억원을 지원받아 음압특수구급차 6대를 구입해 4개 소방서와 제주시.서귀포시보건소에 각 1대를 배치하고 직원 교육과 장비 설치를 마친 후 다음달부터 운영합니다. 지금까지 제주지역 음압특수구급차는 제주대학교병원에 단 한대만 운영돼 왔습니다.
  • 2020.10.28(wed)  |  김동국
  • Local businesses struggle to adapt to COVID-19
  • Local businesses struggle to adapt to COVID-19 Nuwemaru St. down 70% in sales, Jungang underground mall loses 50% customers Amid the prolonged local economic crisis due to COVID-19, merchants are struggling to come up with measures to survive. As foreign tourists have been cut off for more than half a year, Nuwemaru Street in Jeju City has seen its average sales drop more than 70% compared to last year, and there have been a series of closures, temporary layoffs, and career shifts. The Jungang Underground Shopping Center in Jeju City is also suffering from a slump, with an average of 2,000 visitors a day, down 50% from last year. In the midst of the economic crisis, merchants are trying to survive by adapting to these times by conducting live broadcasts for the non-face-to-face era, or providing local gift certificates to customers. 4. 골목상권 위기 장기화…생존 대책 고심 코로나로 인한 골목상권 위기가 장기화되고 있는 가운데 상인들이 생존을 위한 대책 마련에 고심하고 있습니다. 제주시 누웨마루거리는 외국인 관광객이 반년 넘게 끊기면서 평균 매출이 지난해보다 70% 이상 떨어지고 폐업과 휴업, 전업 사태가 속출하고 있습니다. 제주시 중앙지하상가도 하루 평균 방문객 수가 2천 명 수준으로 지난해 4천 명의 절반 수준에 머물면서 침체기를 겪고 있습니다. 이런 가운데 상인들은 비대면 시대에 맞춰 라이브 방송을 진행하거나 구매자들에게 지역 상품권을 지급하는 등 자구책을 마련하고 있습니다.
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  • Public sports facilities open for off-season training teams
  • Public sports facilities open for off-season training teams Teams must comply with quarantine rules As public sports facilities in Jeju Island are reopening with restricted access, off-season training will also resume accordingly. Jeju Island announced that outdoor facilities will be allowed to open with a maximum limit of 100 people and indoor training facilities will be limited to 50 people. The rule will apply exclusively to elementary, middle and high school elite athletes, as well as professional teams. All off-season training teams are required to record an entry log, disinfect their hands and wear masks while using the facilities. They will be restricted from using the facility if they fail to comply with the quarantine rules. According to Jeju Island’s quarantine system, off-season training may only take place by reservations after submitting the required health documentations. 3. 공공체육시설 전지훈련팀에 제한적 개방 제주도내 공공체육시설이 제한적으로 개방됨에 따라 전지훈련도 재개됩니다. 제주도는 초.중.고교 엘리트 선수와 일반부, 프로팀에 한해 실외는 최대 100명, 실내 50명까지 도내 전지훈련 시설을 이용할 수 있도록 개방한다고 밝혔습니다. 모든 전지훈련팀은 출입명부를 기록하고 손 소독과 마스크를 착용해야 하며 방역수칙을 지키지 않을 경우 시설 이용이 제한됩니다. 제주도는 자체 방역계획과 건강확인서 등을 첨부받아 전지훈련 예약을 접수할 계획입니다.
  • 2020.10.28(wed)  |  김동국
  • Korea’s first green hydrogen energy project to be launched in Jeju
  • Korea’s first green hydrogen energy project to be launched in Jeju Demonstration project will utilize surplus wind power to produce hydrogen A demonstration project to produce hydrogen energy from the residual electricity of wind power generators will be launched in Jeju for the first time in Korea. Jeju Governor Won Hee-ryong held a press conference on the afternoon of the 27th and announced that Jeju was selected for a demonstration project to safely produce, store and utilize green hydrogen created with surplus wind power. Twenty-two billion won will be invested over the next three years to establish a hydrogen power generation, storage, and utilization system. The government has also decided to implement MyData service, which allows users to directly control and utilize personal information, and also develop technologies to create a base site in coastal areas for a large-scale wind farm in Jeju Island’s Haengwon-ri (행원리), Gujwa-eup. 2. 남는 전기로 '수소 생산'…실증사업 착수 제주지역 풍력발전기에서 남는 전기로 수소 에너지를 생산하는 실증사업이 국내에선 처음으로 제주에서 시작됩니다. 원희룡 제주도지사는 27일 오후 도청 기자실에서 기자회견을 열고 사용하고 남은 풍력전기로 그린수소를 생산하고 만들어낸 수소를 안전하게 저장하며 활용하는 실증사업에 제주가 선정돼 국비 140억 원을 확보했다고 밝혔습니다. 이에따라 앞으로 3년 동안 220억 원을 투자해 수소 발전과 저장, 활용 체계를 구축하는 사업이 추진됩니다. 이와함께 자신의 개인정보를 직접 통제하고 활용하는 마이데이터 서비스를 시행하고 구좌읍 행원리에 대규모 풍력발전단지도 조성하는 연안지역 기초부지 조성 기술개발도 추진하기로 했습니다.
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  • The Korea-Japan governors' meeting held online on Oct. 27
  • The Korea-Japan governors' meeting held online on Oct. 27 Proposal for joint response to combat nuclear discharge from Fukushima plant Governor Won Hee-ryong proposed a joint response to the nuclear water discharge from the Fukushima nuclear power plant during the Korea-Japan Strait Coastal Interchange Conference that was held online on the 27th. Governor Won said that safety should be listed as a top priority, and stressed the need for a system that allows for a joint investigation of experts from different countries and members from international organizations, as well as a compiling of opinions from both Korea and Japan. However, as the conference was held online in the aftermath of COVID-19, they agreed that further discussions were needed on the issue, and no joint statement was adopted. The governors' meeting was attended by governors from Jeju, Busan, Jeollanam-do, Gyeongsangnam-do, and the prefectures of Fukuoka, Saga, Nagasaki, and Yamaguchi. 1. 한일해협 지사회의 열려…원전수 공동대응 제안 한일해협연안 시도현 교류 지사회의가 27일 화상으로 열린 가운데 원희룡 지사는 일본 후쿠시마 원전수 방류에 대한 공동 대응을 제안했습니다. 특히 가장 중요한 것은 안전성이며, 이를 위해 국제기구를 포함해 희망하는 유관국의 전문가들이 함께 검증에 참여하고 한일 양국 국민들의 의견도 전달할 수 있는 체계를 만들어야 한다고 강조했습니다. 다만 코로나 여파로 온라인 화상회의로 진행된 만큼 이 문제에 대해서는 추가 논의가 더 필요하다는데 의견을 모으고 공동성명서 채택은 이뤄지지 않았습니다. 이날 지사회의에는 제주를 비롯한 부산과 전라남도, 경상남도, 일본 후쿠오카와 사가현, 나사사키현, 야마구치현 지사가 참석했습니다.
  • 2020.10.28(wed)  |  김동국
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