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Next Friday(June 25) marks the 13th anniversary of the launch of the Jeju Tourism Organization. The JTO has recently recruited new employees however successful candidates are rejecting offers at the final stages of recruitment due to low wages and rare opportunity for promotion. To this the JTO is considering a massive restructuring plan and expects bumpy roads ahead. Mike Laidman reports. Report The Jeju Tourism Organization announced that eight new employees would be starting work. But some of the new hires have decided at the last minute not to sign contracts due to the low starting salary that was being offered. In fact, the wages at the JTO are the lowest among provincial-owned companies which include the JTO, the Jeju Provincial Development Corporation, and the Jeju Energy Corporation. The JTO’s starting salary had been lower than the living wage suggested by the province until as recently as this April. Management in the human resources department is also a serious issue. There have been no promotion opportunities over the last four years since the duty-free stores for travelers closed. This despite the fact that 70 percent of the company’s permanent employees meet the minimum time required for advancement to a higher position. The organization has lost its vitality in recent years, with a personnel congestion not leaving any room. More than 50 employees have left the JTO over the last five years. Job satisfaction has been on the decrease since 2016 when it was at 66.9 out of 100. It doesn’t help that the JTO’s plan for massive restructuring is making little progress. It has been in consultations with the province since last month. It's plan includes strengthening the organization’s management through its newly-appointed president, and by switching itself from an administrative organization to field-based one. The plan also includes wage increases for new employees, bringing them up to the average level of local public firms. However, the plan does not include any reduction in the number of employees, even though the provincial council has pointed out that the large organization often doesn’t put taxpayer money to good use. The JTO is hoping to conclude the consultations before its 13th anniversary on June 25th, but the future of the talks is looking dim. With governor Won Heeryong preparing to run for president, the province’s regular personnel changes will be made in early July, two months earlier than usual. This means that if the JTO fails to conclude its consultations with those currently in charge in the provincial office, its restructuring plans could drift for a long time. Mike Laidman, KCTV
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  • 50.1% of survey respondents say that Jeju's autonomous capability is low
  • 6. Survey results marks low in ‘self-governing capacity’ 50.1% of the respondents marked capacity to be low More than half of the respondents said that self-governing capabilities were low in a survey that collected residents' perceptions of the government in the 15 years since it launched the Jeju Special Self-Governing Province. In this perception survey conducted by the province on 1,010 residents last month, 50.1% of the respondents said that the level of self-government capacity was low, which was 14% higher than the 36.6% who answered that it is high. As to whether the status of a free international city is properly established, 51.4% of the respondents answered 'no’, and 40.3% responded with 'somewhat'. Meanwhile, areas that achieved the most positive response with the launch of the special autonomous province marked 43.5% on tourism industry development and 34.0% on education industry development. This perception survey was commissioned by an opinion polling agency KOPRA Company Limited and was conducted on 1,010 residents between May 13th to 18th. 6. 제주도민 절반 "제주도 자치역량 수준 낮다" (번역가) 제주특별자치도 출범 이후 15년 동안의 자치역량 수준을 묻는 도민 인식조사에서 응답자의 절반 이상이 역량이 낮다고 답했습니다. 제주도가 지난 달 도민 1천 10명을 대상으로 실시한 이번 인식조사에서 제주의 자치역량 수준이 낮다는 평가는 50.1%로 높다고 응답한 36.6%보다 14%포인트 가까이 높았습니다. 국제자유도시 위상을 제대로 확립하고 있는지에 대해서는 응답자의 절반 이상인 51.4%가 '그렇지 못하다'고 답했고, '그런 편'이라는 긍정적 평가는 40.3%로 낮았습니다. 한편 특별자치도 출범으로 가장 성과가 있었던 분야로는 관광산업 육성이 43.5%, 교육산업 육성 34.0% 순으로 꼽혔습니다. 이번 인식조사는 제주도가 여론조사 전문기관인 주식회사 케이오피알에이에 의뢰해 지난 5월 13일부터 18일까지 도민 1천 10명을 대상으로 이뤄졌습니다.
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  • Drug smuggler sentenced to 3 years in prison with 5 years probation
  • Drug smuggler sentenced to 3 years in prison with 5 years probation 31-year-old defendant Kim caught for smuggling drugs A 31-year-old defendant Kim, who was charged with smoking twice after smuggling narcotics such as heroin, cocaine, and hemp resin from overseas since November last year by airmail was sentenced 3 years in prison and 5 years on probation. During the sentencing, the court said that drug-related crimes need to be punished severely as they have a very negative impact on society. However, due to the fact that the defendant reflected on his actions, that this was his first legal offense, that he had difficulties adjusting to life in Korea after living abroad for many years, and that he suffered from depression from his inability to go back abroad due to the COVID 19 crisis and low risk of recidivism, the court came to this final decision. 4. 마약류 해외 밀수입·흡연 30대 집행유예 제주지방법원 제2형사부 장찬수 부장판사는 지난해 11월부터 해외에서 헤로인과 코카인, 대마수지 등의 마약류를 항공우편으로 밀수입한 후 두차례에 걸쳐 흡연한 혐의로 기소된 31살 김 모 피고인에게 징역 3년에 집행유예 5년을 선고했습니다. 재판부는 판결문에서 마약류 관련 범죄는 사회 전반에 미치는 부정적인 영향이 매우 커 처벌의 필요성이 크지만 반성하고 있고 초범인점, 오랜 외국생활 등으로 귀국 후 적응에 어려움을 겪던 중 코로나 사태로 다시 외국에 나갈 수 없게 되자 우울증과 스트레스를 겪은 점, 여러 정황상 유통 목적인 아니며 재범위험성도 낮아 이같이 선고한다고 판시했습니다.
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  • Unregistered accommodations uncovered
  • Unregistered accommodations uncovered 37 cases reported Townhouses and guesthouses that illegally operated as accomodations without properly registering their businesses were uncovered. The province and the Jeju Tourism Association announced that they had cracked down on illegal lodging establishments with the Jeju Municipal Police, and discovered 37 cases of illegal lodging business. Violators faced administrative guidance and criminal charges. In particular, through online and offline monitoring, the joint investigations had inspected more than 10,000 accommodation businesses by last month and found 279 suspected illegal lodging businesses. 3. 불법숙박업 타운하우스·게스트하우스 등 무더기 적발 숙박업 신고를 하지 않고 영업을 한 타운하우스와 게스트하우스 등이 무더기 적발됐습니다. 제주도와 제주도관광협회는 자치경찰단과 공동으로 불법 숙박업소에 대한 합동 단속을 벌여 모두 37건의 불법 숙박업 행위 적발하고 현장 계도와 고발 조치를 했다고 밝혔습니다. 특히 온라인과 오프라인 모니터링을 통해 지난달까지 만여 개 숙박업소를 점검해 279개소의 불법 숙박업 의심 업체를 찾아냈다고 덧붙였습니다.
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  • Jeju vaccination rate exceeding 23.8%
  • Jeju vaccination rate exceeding 23.8% 6% of residents complete their final round of vaccinations The rate of provincial residents who received their first dose of the COVID-19 vaccines has been accelerating and has now reached over 23%. According to the province, the number of people receiving their first dose of the COVID-19 vaccinations is approximately 16,500, which equates to 23.8% of the total population. About 40,500 people have completed the second vaccination with a rate of 6.0% including residents who received Jansen vaccines which are single shot vaccines. Meanwhile, on the 14th, 36 suspected cases of adverse reactions to the vaccinations were received, all of which were confirmed as mild headaches and fever symptoms. 2. 제주도민 23.8% 백신 1차 접종…완료 6% 제주도민 가운데 코로나19 백신 1차 접종을 맞은 비율이 23%를 넘어서며 속도를 내고 있습니다. 제주도에 따르면 도내 코로나19 백신 1차 접종 인원은 16만 500여 명으로, 접종률 23.8%를 보이고 있습니다. 얀센을 포함해 2차 접종까지 완료한 인원은 4만 500여 명으로, 접종률은 6.0%로 집계됐습니다. 한편 14일 하루 백신 이상반응 의심 사례는 36건이 접수됐으며, 모두 가벼운 두통과 발열 증상으로 확인됐습니다.
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  • Governor Won contemplating whether or not to resign
  • Governor Won contemplating whether or not to resign His decision will depend on election schedule Jeju Provincial Governor Won Hee-ryong, who announced his intention to run for presidential election next year, said he is considering whether to resign as governor, and that he will decide according to the election schedule as soon as it becomes available. In an interview with (김현정) Kim Hyun-jung's News Show on CBS radio on the 15th regarding his plans to officially run for the election, Governor Won said that he will not neglect his responsibility amidst the COVID-19 situation and that he would make a clear decision on whether or not to resign from his current position after the election schedule is presented in more detail. He expressed his opinion that it would be better for him to resign and run for president, but with many in opposition to his decision, he stated that he was grappling to come to a final decision. In particular, he is considering whether holding the position of governor until the end is fulfilling his duty, or whether handing the position over would be deemed as responsible. 1. 원 지사 "사퇴 여부 고민…경선 일정 나오면 결정" 내년 대선 출마 의사를 밝힌 원희룡 제주도지사가 지사직 사퇴 여부를 고민하고 있으며 후보 경선 일정이 나오면 그에 따라 결정하겠다고 말했습니다. 원 지사는 15일 CBS라디오 김현정의 뉴스쇼와의 인터뷰에서 공식 대선 출마선언 일정과 관련한 질문에 코로나 상황에 대한 책임을 소홀히 할 수 없고 대선 경선 일정이 보다 구체적으로 제시되면 가부간에 명확히 결정하겠다고 말했습니다. 지사직 사퇴에 대해서는 사퇴를 하고 대선에 임하는 게 낫다는 생각이 강하지만 반대하는 사람도 많다며 고심하고 있다는 입장을 내비쳤습니다. 특히 지사직을 끝까지 갖고 있는 게 책임을 다하는 것인지, 아니면 대행에게 넘겨줘서 전념하도록 하는 게 책임을 다하는 것인지 고민이 된다며 그런 의견들을 나누고 협의하고 있다고 덧붙였습니다.
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  • Cafe at Seongpanak Trail Removed
  • The cafe building located at the entrance of (성판악) Seongpanak Trail has closed after 43 years of operation since 1978. According to the National Forest Management Act revised in 2009, leasing on national forest property is prohibited. Additional parking lots will be built on the site. Joseph Kim reports. Report This is the head of the (성판악) Seongpanak Trail on Hallasan Mountain. The building that had been used as a cafe for trekkers is being torn down by heavy duty vehicles. Materials in the building are being cleared away, and structures are being destroyed. The cafe has closed after 43 years of operation, since 1978. The cafe which sits on national forest property had been operated on a lease between the cafe owner and Jeju City. But the 2009 revision of the National Forest Management Act outlaws leases on national forest areas. The removal of the building was planned in 2012, but the cafe owner filed a lawsuit against Jeju City. The legal battle had delayed the removal for 10 years. Following the lengthy litigation, the Supreme Court concluded that the lessee should return the rented property to the nation. Jeju City is planning to build parking lots on the site once the building is completely cleared and the ownership rights are transferred to the nation. The city advises trekkers using the (성판악) Seongpanak Trail to bring their own water, food and hiking gear for the time being. Joseph Kim, KCTV
  • 2021.06.14(mon)  |  김동국
  • COVID testing referral system proving effective
  • COVID testing referral system proving effective 25% of new cases spotted by local doctors, pharmacists It has been confirmed that many patients abided by the referrals set forth by a system where doctors and pharmacists recommend COVID-19 tests to patients with suspicious symptoms. Since April 14, the province has issued an administrative order for people with suspicious symptoms to receive COVID-19 tests within 48 hours if referred by a doctor or a pharmacist. It has been confirmed that 119 patients, or about 25% of the cases that have been confirmed since the enforcement of the order, have visited hospitals and clinics. The province found this as an effective method in the early detection of people with symptoms of COVID-19. On the other hand, those who do not comply with this referral will be fined. So far no such cases of violation have been reported in the province. 2. 의사·약사 '진단검사 권고' 효과…불응 사례 없어 의사와 약사가 코로나19 유증상자가 있는 경우 진단검사를 권고하도록 한 제도와 관련해 확진자의 상당수가 권고에 따른 것으로 확인됐습니다. 제주도는 지난 4월 14일부터 코로나 의심증상이 나타나 의사 또는 약사 등으로부터 진단검사를 받도록 안내받은 경우 48시간 이내 진단검사를 받도록 행정명령을 발동했습니다. 발동 이후 지금까지 나온 확진자 475명 가운데 25%인 119명이 병.의원을 찾은 것으로 확인됐습니다. 제주도는 이를 통해 코로나 유증상자를 조기에 발견하는 데 큰 도움이 됐다고 평가했습니다. 한편 이 같은 권고에 불응할 경우 벌금이 부과되지만 아직까지 제주에서 이 같은 사례는 없는 것으로 나타났습니다.
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  • Real estate transactions to be investigated
  • Real estate transactions to be investigated 94 cases of suspected real estate transactions to be looked at Seogwipo City conducts a detailed investigation on 94 cases of suspected real estate transactions. The suspected cases by category include reports on higher or lower prices compared to price levels in neighboring areas and cases of suspected financing methods of buyers. Seogwipo City plans to impose a fine of up to 30 million won to those who fail in submitting evidence and supporting documents by the end of next month. In addition, as a result of the detailed investigation, the violators of the actual transaction will be notified to the tax office with a fine equivalent to 5% of the maximum real estate acquisition value. 6. 서귀포시, 부동산 실거래 의심 94건 정밀조사 서귀포시가 부동산 실거래 의심자료 94건에 대해 정밀조사를 실시합니다. 유형별로는 인근 가격 수준대비 고가 또는 저가 신고, 매수인 자금조달 의심 사례 등입니다. 서귀포시는 다음달 말까지 소명서와 증빙자료를 제출하지 않을 경우 조사를 거쳐 3천만 원 이하의 과태료를 부과할 계획입니다. 또 정밀조사 결과 실거래 위반자는 최대 부동산 취득가액의 5%에 해당하는 과태료 처분과 함께 세무서에 통보할 예정입니다.
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  • Jeju City to proceed next steps on urban park development project
  • Jeju City to proceed next steps on urban park development project Execution plan to be notified next month As the agreement of the environmental impact assessment for the private development project for urban parks has been passed by the Jeju Provincial Assembly, Jeju City will begin the follow-up process. Jeju City announced that it would approve and notify the implementation plan within the next month for the private development projects of urban parks including (오등봉) Odeungbong Park and (중부) Jungbu Park. Following the approval of the implementation plan, an appraisal will be conducted in August and September, and discussions on land compensation will proceed in October to December of next year. The operator will start the development of park facilities and apartment complexes in January 2023 and will donate the park facilities to Jeju City after completion in December 2025. 5. '도시공원 민간특례 사업' 내달 실시계획 인가 도시공원 민간특례 사업에 대한 환경영향평가서 협의내용 동의안이 제주도의회를 통과하면서 제주시가 후속 절차에 들어갑니다. 제주시는 오등봉공원과 중부공원 2곳의 도시공원 민간특례 사업에 대해 다음달 중 실시계획 인가와 고시를 진행하겠다고 밝혔습니다. 다음달 중 실시계획 인가에 이어 8월과 9월 중 토지 등에 대한 감정평가를 실시해 10월부터 내년 12월까지 토지보상 협의를 진행할 계획입니다. 사업자 측은 2023년 1월부터 공원시설과 아파트 단지 개발 공사를 시작해 2025년 12월 완료한 뒤 공원시설에 대해서는 제주시에 기부채납할 예정입니다.
  • 2021.06.14(mon)  |  김동국
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