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KCTV Jeju has reported that wild black goats infected with Q fever on (비양도) Biyangdo Island were culled for disease control. Now the island is finding peace as its habitat returns to its original beauty. There are even plans to transform the island into a themed park as well. Joseph Kim reports. [slug] Biyangdo Island, Hallim-eup, April 12 Unsightly, ragged nets are spread and hung along the hiking trails and walls of a house. They were set to fend off wild black goats. [slug] Torn-out nets scattered, Biyang peak barren As hundreds of wild black goats used to graze on the hillsides, the peak area has been stripped of grass. [slug] Native vegetation restored after culling wild black goats Wild black goats had been everywhere on the island for over 40 years. Earlier this year, quarantine authorities confirmed an outbreak of Q fever on the animals on the island. Tens of goats were found dead from the disease. Authorities seized and killed all of the wild animals for disease control. Now, without the destructive animal, native vegetation is being restored and the island is ready for transformation. Community development projects long delayed because of the wild goats are expected to gain speed this year. [slug] Themed Park to be constructed with 6.4 billion won investment The island had been chosen as one of the beneficiaries of New Deal projects for fishing villages by the Ministry of Oceans and Fisheries. 6.4 billion won will be poured into the island by next year for creating a themed park. [slug] Flower gardens and cash crops to be cultivated Local communities are planning to create flower gardens to attract visitors and farm crops to increase earnings of residents. [slug] Remains of quarantine removed, trekking trails renovated Abandoned nets and fences are being removed and hiking trails are also undergoing renovation for visitors. [slug] Saltmarsh ‘Palrangmot pond’ to be streamlined The nation's only saltmarsh "(팔랑못) Palrangmot pond" in which water is stagnant and dirty will also be streamlined. The planned projects, at last, become realistic as there are no more wild goats ravaging the ecosystem. Yun Seong-min / Community leader, Biyang-ri With the goats gone, we can clear the nets and fences away and encourage tourists to stay in the island to observe the rare Oreocnide fruticosa trees found only on the island. < 윤성민 / 한림읍 비양리 이장 > 이제 염소가 없으니 철책을 없애서 전국에 하나 밖에 없는 희귀식물인 비양나무를 관람할 수 있게 해서 체류형쪽으로 가도록 볼거리를 제공할 계획입니다. Gang Mi-seon / Docent in geology Visitors find Biyangdo Island more serene than Udo Island than they initially perceive. The place will become more cozy and enjoyable soon. < 강미선 / 비양도 지질해설사 > (관광객들이) 우도처럼 생각했는데 비양도가 너무 조용하고 힐링하기 좋다고 얘기해요. 앞으로 더 아늑해지고 볼거리도 많아지게 될 것으로 생각해요. [Reporter] Joseph Kim [Camera] Ko Moon-su Biyangdo, known as the island of a thousand years, for decades experienced ruin from wild goats . As the long-time headache has been relieved, expectations for transforming the island into a tourist attraction are high in local communities. Joseph Kim, KCTV
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  • Local mandarin farms to become tourist attraction
  • 5. Local mandarin farms to become tourist attraction Seogwipo City will receive 120M won annually to develop rural areas Seogwipo City will receive financial support by the Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs to boost tourism in rural areas. The ministry will provide Seogwipo with 120 million won annually until 2021 to develop and operate tour packages. The brand name of the tour product will be ‘Locance Trip to Mandarin Jeju’. The Mandarin Industrial District including (효돈)Hyodon, (영천동)Yeongcheon-dong and (남원읍)Namwon-eup was designated to offer products that enable travelers to visit and enjoy the rural areas. 농식품부 농촌관광사업 지원 '서귀포' 선정 서귀포시가 농림축산식품부의 지역단위 농촌관광사업 지원 대상지로 선정됐습니다. 이에따라 농촌관광 상품 개발과 운영비로 2021년까지 매년 1억 2천만원을 지원받게 됩니다. 서귀포시는 '귤 빛으로 물드는 제주 로캉스 여행'을 브랜드명으로 정하고 감귤 융복합 산업지구인 효돈과 영천동, 남원읍 일대를 중심으로 한 체류형 관광상품을 개발할 예정입니다.
  • 2019.04.18  |  김동국
  • Marine debris from Jeollanam-do found in Jeju
  • 4. Marine debris from Jeollanam-do found in Jeju Coast Guard discovered similar waste around Chuja-do island The Jeju Coast Guard found marine debris assumed to be from a laver farm in Jeollanam-do province. This is the second time the Coast Guard has discovered waste traveling across the sea to waters of Yongdam-dong and Chuja-do Island. The Jeju office of the Korea Coast Guard said that they have collected up to 90kg of debris including styrofoam, nets and ropes in the coastline of Yongdam port on Wednesday. Officials added that these rubbish resemble those found near Chuja-do Island. The Coast Guard fished up the trash and handed it over to Jeju City municipal office. 전남 해양쓰레기 제주시 해안까지 밀려와 전라남도의 김 양식장 시설에서 나온 것으로 추정되는 해양쓰레기가 추자도에 이어 제주시 용담 해안가까지 밀려왔습니다. 제주해양경찰서에 따르면 17일 오전 11시 쯤 제주시 용담포구 인근 해상에서 최근 추자도에서 발견된 것과 같은 스티로폼 부표와 그물, 밧줄 등 90kg 가량의 쓰레기가 발견됐습니다. 해경은 이들 쓰레기를 모두 인양해 제주시로 인계했습니다. <화면제공 : 제주해양경찰서>
  • 2019.04.18  |  김동국
  • Sewol ferry disaster commemoration held at Sanjicheon Plaza
  • 3. Sewol ferry disaster commemoration held at Sanjicheon Plaza Some 100 people sang and marched in remembrance A memorial ceremony marking the fifth anniversary of the Sewol ferry disaster was held Sanjicheon Plaza on the 16th. Some one hundred people sang and marched to commemorate the victims of the disaster. The march ended at Pier 2 of Jeju port, the destination point of the capsized ferry. Participants also prepared a finale performance of floating a large ship, especially made for the occasion, up in the sky. 세월호 참사 5주기 추모 행사 열려 세월호 참사 5주기 추모행사가 16일 저녁 제주시 산지천 광장에서 열렸습니다. 16일 추모행사에는 100여 명의 추모객들이 참여해 추모 합창을 비롯해 세월호가 도착해야 했던 제주항 2부두까지 행진하는 행사를 가졌습니다. 또 제주항에 도착한 뒤에는 특수 제작한 큰 배를 하늘로 띄우는 퍼포먼스를 펼쳤습니다.
  • 2019.04.18  |  김동국
  • ‘Jeju is responsible for local public survey’: Land Ministry
  • 2. ‘Jeju is responsible for local public survey’: Land Ministry Public survey results will be reflected on policy-making In a related news, the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport argued that Jeju should be in charge of gathering local opinion on constructing the new airport. Governor Won Heeryong had previously stated in the question and answer session at the provincial council that the land ministry should implement the poll. Airport Policy Division representative Jeong Yong-sik responded that the administration and ruling party officials agreed that the land ministry is not responsible and Jeju should conduct the public survey on islanders. He added that the ministry will reflect the survey results in policy-making, although the construction project of the new airport in Jeju is not subject to local referendum. 국토부, "2공항 공론조사 제주도가 맡아야" 국토교통부가 2공항 도민 공론조사를 실시하게 되면 제주도가 맡아야 한다는 입장을 내놨습니다. 국토부 정용식 신공항기획과장은 당정협의에 따라 도민 의견을 수렴할 주체는 제주도이지 국토부는 아니라고 말했습니다. 2공항은 국책사업으로 주민투표 대상은 아니지만 제주도가 의견을 수렴해서 제출하면 정책 결정에 반영하겠다고 덧붙였습니다. 한편 원희룡 지사는 지난 도정질문에서 2공항 도민 공론조사는 국토부에서 시행해야 한다는 입장을 밝힌 바 있습니다.
  • 2019.04.18  |  김동국
  • Verification committee resumes review on constructing the new airport
  • 1. Verification committee resumes review on constructing the new airport Members agree to hold open forum to reflect local opinion In a related news, the committee assessing a feasibility study on Jeju’s new airport site has reconvened after a four month hiatus. Twelve members of the Seongsan New Airport Opposition Committee and the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport participated at the 10th meeting hosted by the committee at the (설문대)Seolmundae Center on April 17. The committee will perform five reviews through June 17 to check the validity of the selected site and the capacity of the new airport. It will also investigate contents missing in the advisory report. A consensus was reached to hold three open forums to gather local opinion. Officials from the government, provincial committee and the Senior Secretary for Civil Affairs participated at the meeting as observers. 2공항 검토위 4개월만 재개…공개토론회 합의 제2공항 입지타당성 재조사 용역 검토위원회가 4개월 만에 활동을 재개했습니다. 17일 오전 설문대센터에서 열린 검토위원회 10차 회의에는 국토부와 성산읍 반대위 등 검토위원 12명이 참석했습니다. 위원회는 오는 6월 17일까지 모두 5차례에 걸쳐 공항 수용능력 평가와 입지 선정 결과의 타당성, 그리고 누락된 자문 보고서 내용 등을 집중적으로 검토할 계획입니다. 아울러 도민 의견을 듣기 위한 공개토론회를 제주에서 3차례 열기로 합의했습니다. 한편 오늘 회의에는 제주도와 도의회, 청와대 시민사회수석실 관계자가 참관인 자격으로 참석했습니다.
  • 2019.04.18  |  김동국
  • Hwabuk Development project picks up speed
  • 2. Hwabuk Development project picks up speed Apartments for local residents to be constructed The province will start laying the foundations for the Hwabuk Commercial Area. Officials announced that the development project will carry on for the next three years. The long-delayed development of the Hwabuk Commercial Area was finally approved last November. The project will be carried out on a substitute lot. It will cost up to 57 billion won, 27.5 billion won on infrastructure alone. Unlike existing urban development projects, an eight-story apartment building to accommodate local residents of the commercial district has also been reflected in the business plan. 화북상업지역 도시개발 기반공사 본격 제주시 화북상업지역 도시개발사업에 따른 기반공사가 본격화됐습니다. 제주시는 지난해 11월 실시계획 인가를 획득한 화북상업지역 도시개발사업에 대해 기반시설 공사를 발주하고 앞으로 3년간 추진한다고 밝혔습니다. 환지방식으로 추진되는 이 사업은 사업비 568억원이 소요될 예정이며 기반시설공사에만 275억원이 투입될 예정입니다. 또 기존 도시개발사업과 다르게 사업지구 내 주민들이 재정착 할 지상 8층 규모의 아파트 건설이 사업계획에 반영됐습니다.
  • 2019.04.17  |  김동국
KCTV News7
  • [Exclusive] Cherry Tree Blight
  • The parent cherry tree of the island’s native species has been diagnosed with an infection of ‘witches’ broom’. This disease causes deformities in woody plants and a dense mass of shoots resembling a broom has also been spotted in other cherry trees in the area. While the fate of this natural species is at stake, KCTV News has found in an exclusive report that officials are still busy pointing fingers at one another. Todd Thacker reports. [slug] Gwaneumsa campsite At the Gwaneumsa (관음사) campsite of Hallasan Mountain, branches of a 15-meter-tall cherry tree are covered in lovely pink blossoms. [slug] Cherry blossoms are still blooming in mid-range Hallasan Mountain Unlike cherry trees at lower elevations which have bid their flowers farewell, the cherry trees in the mid-range of Hallasan Mountain ? some 600 meters above sea level or higher ? are still blooming. [slug] Jeju parent cherry tree designated in 2015 This species of cherry tree is known for its superb shape and densely packed petals. It was designated a parent cherry tree native to Jeju in 2015. However, if you look closely, broom-like masses are developing on its branches. [slug] Cherry trees deformed by witches’ broom disease The tree is infected with a fungus, virus or insects that cause witches’ broom. A neighboring cherry tree also shows symptoms of the disease. It is assumed that the disease has now spread throughout the area. [slug] Witches’ broom first diagnosed in 2016 A twig cluster studied in 2016 marked the first confirmation of the disease in Jeju. After the diagnosis, support columns were installed and damaged parts of the parent tree were repaired or removed. [slug] Jeju Local Heritage No.3 is endangered But no efforts were made to prevent the spread of this contagious disease, despite its designation as Jeju Local Heritage No. 3. Kim Gwan-jin / Gwaneumsa Office, Hallasan National Park The tree has been improperly managed. A dedicated team should be put in charge. < 김광진 / 한라산국립공원 관음사지소팀장 > 이렇게 빗자루병이 보이는 것으로 봐서 관리가 제대로 되지 않지 않았나 생각됩니다. 전문 부서에서 지속적으로 관리가 필요하다고 생각합니다. [slug] No vaccine or treatments available, only trimming Currently there are no vaccines or treatments against witches’ broom. The only way to treat the disease is to physically remove any affected branches. With the fate of the parent tree hanging in the balance, it remains unclear who is responsible for the management of this native Jeju species. Kim Gwan-jin / Gwaneumsa Office, Hallasan National Park The cherry tree is designated the parent tree, but my office only deals with general issues. < 김광진 / 한라산국립공원 관음사지소팀장 > 기준 어미나무로 지정돼 있고 여기는 일반 관리소이기 때문에.. Song Gwang-pil / Director, Jeju BioResource It requires 3-4 years of effort to rid of the Witches’ broom. < 송관필 / 제주생물자원 대표(이학박사) > 자체적으로 건들 수 있는 상황은 아니고, 지속적으로 3~4년은 관리돼야 없앨 수 있다고 봅니다. [Reporter] Todd Thacker [Camera] Kim Yong-min Four years ago this rare species of cherry tree native to Jeju Island was recognized by the province and the Korea Forest Service. With the blight of witches’ broom looming, it remains to be seen who -- if anyone -- will take steps to protect it. Todd Thacker, KCTV
  • 2019.04.17  |  김동국
  • Jeju Spring Eco Party kicks off this weekend
  • 6. Jeju Spring Eco Party kicks off this weekend Eight villages will host events to attract tourists The Jeju Spring Eco Party is scheduled to start from this weekend. Spring eco-tourism is the main theme of this event. The Jeju Tourism Organization announced a list of events including village tours and local food tasting for the coming Eco Party hosted by Yusuam village on April 20 and May 18. Spring Eco Parties will be held starting April 27 through May 12 at seven villages including Cheongsu-ri and Mureung-ri. This year marks the 4th anniversary of this event. Eco parties were organized to introduce various villages and their unique culture to tourists. 제주 봄 에코파티 이번 주말부터 시작 봄 생태관광을 테마로 한 제주 에코파티가 이번 주말부터 본격적인 일정에 들어갑니다. 제주관광공사는 오는 20일과 다음달 18일 유수암 마을에서 마을탐방과 로컬푸드 체험 등으로 구성된 에코파티를 개최한다고 밝혔습니다. 오는 27일부터 다음달 12일까지 16일간 무릉리와 청수리 등 도내 7개 마을에서 봄을 주제로 한 에코파티도 연속으로 열릴 예정입니다. 에코파티는 제주도내 다양한 마을의 모습과 문화를 관광객들에게 선보이는 마을관광상품으로 올해로 4년째 개최되고 있습니다.
  • 2019.04.17  |  김동국
  • Most locals ‘will not purchase property within a year’
  • 5. Most locals ‘will not purchase property within a year’ Half of respondents intend to sell their houses Eight out of ten locals expressed no intentions of purchasing a house in the next 12 months. The Korean Research Institute for Human settlements released a consumer sentiment survey on real estate market last month. 78% of local participants responded that they plan to buy property a year from now and 48% of respondents have plans to sell their houses within three months. Approximately one third of respondents answered that house prices have declined compared to the previous quarter. Only 6% reported an increase in prices. 도민 80% "1년 내 주택 구입 계획 없어" (번역가) 제주도민 10명 가운데 8명 정도가 1년 이내에 주택을 구입할 계획이 없다는 조사 결과가 나와 얼어붙은 주택 시장을 반영하고 있습니다. 국토연구원이 발표한 올해 3월 부동산시장 소비심리 결과에 따르면 앞으로 주택 구입 계획을 묻는 질문에 도내 응답자의 78%가 12개월 이후라고 답했습니다. 반면 3개월 이내에 거주하는 주택이나 다른 주택을 팔 계획이 있다는 응답자는 전체의 48%로 조사됐습니다. 주택가격 수준에 대해서는 지난 분기와 비교했을 때 거주 중인 주택의 가격이 낮아졌다는 응답비율이 30%로 높아졌다는 응답보다 5배 가량 높았습니다.
  • 2019.04.17  |  김동국
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