2018.10.19  |  김동국
5. National Sports Festival ends Jeju team surpasses medal goal Jeju athletes set a goal of earning at least 80 medals at this year’s National Sports Festival, and they’ve surpassed that target. On Thursday, the last day of competitions, Lee Hee-eun, who swims for Jeju City Hall, earned the bronze in the women’s 400-meter individual medley. That pushed the Jeju squad’s running medal count to 87: 19 golds, 29 silvers, and 39 bronze medals. 전국체전 오늘 폐막…제주선수단 87개 메달 전북 전국체전이 18일 폐막하는 가운데 제주 선수단이 80개 이상의 메달 목표를 달성했습니다. 제주 선수단은 대회 마지막날인 오늘 수영 여자 일반부 개인 혼영 400m에 출전한 제주시청 이희은 선수가 동메달을 추가했습니다. 이에따라 현재까지 금메달 19개와 은메달 29개, 동메달 39개로 모두 87개의 메달을 기록하며 당초 목표를 달성했습니다.
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  • Hallasan fall foliage forecast to peak October 25
  • 4. Hallasan fall foliage forecast to peak October 25 Top viewing spots include Youngsil, Yongjingak Fall foliage on Hallasan Mountain is forecast to peak on Thursday. Representatives from the Hallasan National Park Office say leaves began turning October 10th and will hit their most vibrant point on the 25th. Some of the most popular vantage points from which to enjoy the colors are (영실) Youngsil, (용진각) Yongjingak, and (왕관릉) Wanggwanneung, all of which are at elevations of between 16-hundred and 17-hundred meters. The office is asking hikers to use public transport to get to the mountain and pack additional clothes for their climbs. 한라산 단풍 25일 절정…대중교통 이용 당부 한라산 단풍이 오는 25일 절정을 이룰 전망입니다. 한라산국립공원사무소는 지난 10일 첫 단풍 이후 오는 25일, 절정을 이룬 한라산 단풍을 감상할 수 있다고 밝혔습니다. 단풍 명소로는 해발 1,600에서 1,700미터 영실과, 용진각, 왕관릉 일대가 꼽힙니다. 국립공원은 한라산 등반시 여벌 옷을 챙기고 가급적 대중교통을 이용해달라고 당부했습니다.
  • 2018.10.19  |  김동국
  • Province installing 52 electric vehicle quick charging stations
  • 3. Province installing 52 electric vehicle quick charging stations Units are specially designed for the disabled, pregnant women The provincial government is setting up electric vehicle quick chargers for the disabled, pregnant women, and other people who have a hard time getting around. The province plans to use 3 billion won in lottery funds from Seoul to install 52 quick chargers at social welfare facilities, associations for the disabled, and other similar locations. The work will be done by the end of the year. Compared to other charging stations, the connectors on these are both lighter and accessible from a lower position. Provincial officials say they plan to secure 9 billion won through 2020 to install more chargers. 전국 최초 교통약자 급속충전기 보급 제주도가 전국 최초로 장애인과 임산부 같은 교통약자들이 이용할 수 있는 전기차 급속충전기를 보급합니다. 제주도는 정부 복권기금 30억여 원을 투입해 연말까지 도내 사회복지시설과 장애인 단체 등에 급속충전기 52기를 설치할 계획입니다. 교통약자 급속충전기는 일반 제품에 비해 충전 커넥터가 가볍고 위치도 낮게 설치됐습니다. 제주도는 2020년까지 90억 원을 확보해 충전기 보급사업을 추진하겠다고 밝혔습니다. <사진>
  • 2018.10.19  |  김동국
  • CJ Cup underway at Nine Bridges
  • 2. CJ Cup underway at Nine Bridges 78 top golfers competing for US $9.5m in prizes at PGA Tour event The CJ Cup is Korea’s first regular PGA Tour event, and it began Thursday at Nine Bridges in Seogwipo. This is the second edition of the competition, following last year’s inaugural event. 78 of the world’s top golfers, including last year’s winner Justin Thomas and world number 2 Brooks Koepka, are competing for 9.5 million US dollars in prize money. Jeju’s own (성강) Sung Kang and Seong-jae Im are among the contenders. Local officials say the event will do wonders to promote Jeju?-it is being broadcast live in some 220 countries. PGA CJ컵 나인브릿지 개막 국내 첫 PGA투어 정규대회인 더 CJ컵 나인브릿지가 18일 개막해 21일까지 서귀포시 클럽나인브릿지에서 열립니다. 올해로 2번째 열리는 CJ컵에는 지난해 챔피언 저스틴 토머스를 비롯해 세계랭킹 2위 브룩스 켑카 등 국내외 정상급 선수 78명이 참가해 총상금 950만 달러, 우리 돈으로 106억원을 놓고 샷대결을 펼칩니다. 특히 제주출신 강성훈과 임성재도 출전해 고향에서 우승에 도전합니다. 이번 대회는 전세계 220여 개국에 생중계 될 예정이어서 상당한 제주 홍보 효과가 기대됩니다.
  • 2018.10.19  |  김동국
  • New ferry to sail between Jeju and Wando
  • 1. New ferry to sail between Jeju and Wando 20,000-ton ‘Silver Cloud’ to begin operations later this month A new ferry will begin sailing between Jeju and Wando in Jeollanam-do later this month. The 20,000-ton “Silver Cloud” is categorized as a cruise-type ferry. According to (한일) Hanil Express, it is the first ferry made with domestic technology that can accommodate both passengers and vehicles. The “Silver Cloud” is 160 meters long and 24.8 meters wide. It has a capacity of 150 vehicles and 1,180 passengers. With a top speed of 21 knots, the vessel can make a one-way trip between Jeju and Wando in two and a half hours. 제주-완도 크루즈형 카페리 이달 말 취항 제주와 전남 완도를 잇는 항로에 2만 톤급 크루즈형 카페리인 '실버클라우드'호가 이달 말 취항합니다. 한일고속에 따르면 실버클라우드 호는 국내 기술로 건조된 첫 카페리로 길이 160m에 폭 24.8m, 승객 1천180명과 자동차 150대를 실을 수 있습니다. 최대 속력은 21노트로 제주와 완도 간 운항시간은 2시간 30분이 소요됩니다.
  • 2018.10.19  |  김동국
  • Miyagi Olle Trail Opens
  • The third overseas Olle trail opened October 7th in Miyagi Prefecture, Japan. The new route was developed to encourage more tourists to travel to the area after the tourism industry there all but vanished in the wake of a deadly earthquake and tsunami in 2011. Mike Balfour reports. [slug] 10,777 Miyagi residents killed in 2011 earthquake, tsunami More than 10,000 Miyagi residents died when the Great East Japan Earthquake and tsunami devastated the region in 2011. Residents are still recovering from the disaster. Japan’s second Olle trail gives life to area residents. INTERVIEW Mikami Tadafumi / Director, Karakuwa Tourism Association Residents have been depressed since the tsunami. We’re very pleased that the new Olle trail will foster exchanges with people from overseas. <인터뷰: 미카미 타다후미 /게센누마시 가라쿠와 관광협회 회장> "쓰나미 이후 시민들이 많이 슬퍼했고 침울했던 적이 있었는데 올레가 생김으로써 해외의 많은 분들과 교류를 할 수 있다는 것이 굉장히 기쁩니다" [slug] Miyagi Prefecture proposed developing Olle trail nearly 2 years ago The Miyagi Prefecture government proposed to develop an Olle trail 22 months ago as a part of efforts to address a decrease in the number of Korean visitors and to revive the community following the quake. The Jeju Olle Foundation accepted the proposal. The prefecture recognizes the influence of Olle trails. [slug] 330,000 people have walked the Kyushu Olle trail since 2012 The foundation’s first sister trail, the Kyushu Olle trail, has been popular and 330,000 trekkers have visited since its opening in February 2012. The development of the Miyagi hiking trail didn’t come easy. [slug] Radiation concerns delayed development As the trail is only 140 kilometers away from the Fukushima nuclear power plant, some have worried over possible radiation exposure. [slug] Decision to move ahead with project followed a year of deliberations The decision to develop the Miyagi Olle trail came after a year of deliberation. Then, the creation of the hiking trail took 10 months. INTERVIEW Suh Myung-sook / President, Jeju Olle Foundation I believe this route is meaningful because hikers will experience sympathy for area residents and what they’ve been through, and they will respect the efforts to rejuvenate the community. <인터뷰:서명숙 (사)제주올레 이사장> "아픔에 공감하고 그들의 노력에 경외를 표하면서 같이 교류하고 걷는다는 것은 보통 다른 길보다도 더 의미가 있는 것이라고 생각을 합니다." [Reporter] Mike Balfour [Camera] Hyeon Gwang-hoon [slug] Kesennuma, Miyagi Prefecture The opening of the Miyagi Olle Trail is a step in the healing road to recovery following the 2011 earthquake. Mike Balfour, KCTV
  • 2018.10.18  |  김동국
  • More financial support for April 3rd Incident victims’ funerals
  • 5. More financial support for April 3rd Incident victims’ funerals Province doubling aid to ₩3m next year The provincial government will provide more money to help cover the funeral costs for survivors of the April 3rd Incident. The province currently contributes 1.5 million won for the services, but it will double that support to 3 million won next year. There are now 110 survivors of the incident. The province spent 7.5 million won on funerals for five who died in 2018. 4·3 생존희생자 장제비 지원 확대 제주특별자치도가 내년부터 4.3 생존희생자에 대한 장제비 지원을 확대합니다. 지금까지 생존희생자에 대한 장제비로 150만원을 지원했었으나 내년부터 300만원으로 2배 인상하게 됩니다. 현재 4.3 생존희생자는 110명이며, 제주도는 올해 5명에 대해 750만원의 장제비를 지원했습니다.
  • 2018.10.18  |  김동국
  • Province will help cover deposit for Bonggae rentals
  • 4. Province will help cover deposit for Bonggae rentals Government will pay about 50% The provincial government will help cover the deposit for tenants who will move into LH rentals next month in Bonggae-dong. The province will offer roughly 50 percent of the deposit. Applications for the support will be accepted at the new apartments beginning Friday, which is when tenants will conduct their preliminary inspections of the homes. 260 of the units in Bonggae are for people who earn less than half of the average monthly wage and who do not own their own housing. Another 280 units are reserved for university students, young adults, and newlyweds. 봉개 LH 임대주택 보증금 지원 제주특별자치도가 다음달 입주 예정인 봉개 LH 임대주택 입주민에 대해 임대차 보증금을 지원합니다. 지원금액은 기본임차 보증금의 50% 내외이며 신청은 입주자 사전점검일인 19일부터 사흘간 현장에서 이뤄집니다. 제주봉개 LH 아파트는 도시근로자 가구당 월평균소득의 50% 이하 무주택자를 대상으로 우선 공급되는 국민임대주택 260세대와 대학생과 사회초년생, 신혼부부를 위한 행복주택 280세대가 공급될 예정입니다.
  • 2018.10.18  |  김동국
  • Trial run of night shift system for rural taxi drivers
  • 3. Trial run of night shift system for rural taxi drivers Province will pay drivers ₩10,000/hour through December 20 The province will trial a night shift system for rural taxi drivers. Local officials will designate 51 taxis per day to operate between 9 p.m. and midnight through December 20th. The province will pay the drivers of those taxis 10,000 won per hour, and then decide whether to continue with the system based on the results of this trial run. 읍면지역 심야시간대 당번택시제 운영 제주특별자치도가 읍면지역 심야시간대 당번택시제를 운영합니다. 이번 심야시간대 당번택시제는 하루 51대가 읍면지역별로 운영되며 오는 12월 20일까지 한시적으로 매일 밤 9시부터 자정까지 운영됩니다. 제주도는 51대의 차량에 대해 1시간에 1만원의 보조금을 지원하게 되며 시범운영에 따른 평가 후 지속 여부를 결정할 예정입니다.
  • 2018.10.18  |  김동국
  • Reduction of water use at Jeju Shinhwa World ‘suspicious’
  • 2. Reduction of water use at Jeju Shinhwa World ‘suspicious’ Council members question whether province acted aboveboard Local lawmakers have conducted an investigation into sewage treatment at Jeju Shinhwa World in the wake of sewage backflow problems there. During a Wednesday administrative affairs audit of the provincial government, members of the provincial council’s Culture, Tourism and Sports Committee said they suspected that preference was given to the business. They pointed out that daily water and sewer use at the park plummeted after the province approved modifications to the development in May 2014. Committee members pointed out that the number of guestrooms in Jeju Shinhwa World significantly increased when the project approval changed. That, they said, led to a large disparity between the actual amount of wastewater produced and what was expected, which resulted in the backflow problems. In addition, lawmakers argued with provincial officials over their contention that a review of a project’s environmental impact assessment is needed if more than 30 percent of the area of large developments is modified. "신화역사공원 상하수도 사용량 축소 '특혜'" 제주도의회 행정사무감사에서 제주신화월드 오수 역류사태로 촉발된 대규모 개발사업장 하수처리 실태에 대한 고강도 점검이 진행됐습니다. 문화관광체육위원회는 17일 제주도에 대한 행정사무감사에서 2014년 5월 신화역사공원 사업시행승인 변경 당시 1일 상하수도 사용량이 대폭 축소되며 사업자에 특혜를 준 것으로 의심된다고 주장했습니다. 특히 신화역사공원 숙박시설 객실수가 사업시행승인 변경 과정에서 대폭 증가함에 따라 실제 오수 발생량과 차이가 나면서 오수 역류사태를 불렀다고 지적했습니다. 이 밖에도 대규모 개발사업장 변경 허가와 관련해 면적 등에 30% 이상 변경이 있을 경우 환경영향평가 재협의를 거처야 하는지를 놓고 도의회와 제주도 간 공방이 이어졌습니다.
  • 2018.10.18  |  김동국
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