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Local traditional markets and small business owners have been badly impacted by COVID-19. But the national emergency relief funding is loosening consumer purse strings a bit. Spending has been boosted. Mike Laidman reports. Jeju’s traditional markets, which have remained mostly dead for some months due to COVID-19, are now finally starting to see increasing resident and tourist shoppers. The number of visitors to (동문) Dongmun Traditional Market dropped to 2,000 a day right after COVID-19 hit the nation. That number has recently grown to 5,000. With social distancing campaigns having been relaxed and national disaster relief funds paid, consumption is slowly starting to grow. The volume of parcel orders is growing, too. Among these orders, fish, which means that those responsible for deliveries are also stepping up their game. According to the Ministry of SMEs and Startups, sales at traditional markets in Jeju were still down 68 percent of their usual numbers last week, but were already up an astounding 27% - down only 41% from their usual levels - this week. Sales at small businesses had dropped by 57% of their usual levels, with that drop growing to only 38% down recently. For the first time in months, Jeju store owners and market vendors are seeing some good news, with more money slowly starting to circulate. The increased physical presence of people all around the island is a direct sign that the knockout punch that COVID-19 delivered to the local market was not just that, and now things are once again moving in a positive direction. Mike Laidman, KCTV
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  • Expansionary construction of Bijarim Road resuspended within 1 day
  • 3. Expansionary construction of Bijarim Road resuspended within 1 day Environmental groups oppose project Expansionary construction of the Bijarim Road had resumed after a year’s delay when it was almost immediately resuspended. Jeju Island resumed construction of the second section of the Bijarim road on the 27th, but announced that they would temporarily suspend the construction following a request by the Yeongsan River Environmental Management Office. Construction of the second section of the Bijarim road had resumed following an expert's review that there will be minimal habitat damage to species under legal protection. However, environmental groups oppose the project saying that the construction project lacks implementation of environmental impact reduction measures. Thus, the Yeongsan River Environmental Management Office intends to review the plan. Jeju Island decided to reschedule the construction after consulting with the Environmental Agency on the 29th. 3. 비자림로 확장공사 하루 만에 다시 중단 1년 만에 재개됐던 비자림로 확장공사가 하루 만에 다시 중단됐습니다. 제주도는 27일 비자림로 2구간 확장공사를 재개했지만 영산강유역환경청의 공사 보류 요청에 따라 공사를 일시 중단한다고 밝혔습니다. 비자림로 2구간은 법정보호종 등의 서식지 훼손 문제가 별로 없다는 전문가 검토 결과에 따라 공사가 재개됐지만, 환경저감대책 이행이 부족하다는 환경단체의 반발에 따라 영산강유역환경청이 재검토할 것으로 알려졌습니다. 제주도는 29일 환경청과 협의를 통해 공사 재개 시점을 다시 정하기로 했습니다. (내용확인)
  • 2020.05.29(fri)  |  김동국
  • Local Duty-free shops decide to suspend operations
  • 2. Local Duty-free shops decide to suspend operations Suspensions start from June In the aftermath of COVID-19, one by one, large duty-free shops in Jeju are closing their doors. Shilla Duty Free closed its Jeju Airport branch in April and decided to close its downtown duty-free shop for the month of June. Lotte Duty Free is shutting down indefinitely from the 1st of June as sales have plummeted by 95 percent compared to the same period last year. With international flights virtually cut off and foreign tourist rates plunging more than 90 percent, the two duty-free shops have been in financial trouble for more than three months this year. 2. 코로나19 여파 면세점 영업 중단 잇따라 코로나19 여파로 제주지역 대형 면세점들이 잇따라 영업을 중단하기로 했습니다. 신라면세점은 지난 4월 제주공항점 휴업에 들어간데 이어 다음 한 달 동안 시내면세점을 휴업하기로 했습니다. 롯데면세점도 매출이 지난해 같은 기간보다 95%까지 급감함에 따라 다음달 1일부터 무기한 영업중단에 들어갑니다. 두 면세점은 올들어 국제 항공편이 사실상 끊기고 외국인 관광객이 90% 이상 급감하면서 3개월 넘게 경영난을 겪어왔습니다.
  • 2020.05.29(fri)  |  김동국
  • Governor Won expresses interest to run for president
  • 1. Governor Won expresses interest to run for president Won shows intention to participate in primary election Jeju Governor Won Hee-ryong has expressed his intention to run for the office of the presidency, stating that the 2022 presidential election will be a significant turning point for the nation, and consequently he will have to risk everything. In a recent interview with the central daily newspaper, Governor Won said that when the Moon Jae-in regime came to power, pledging to settle all the accumulated corruption of the previous regime, there were inherent limitations in their party’s ideology to enact change. Therefore, the moderate/conservatives could win the presidential election in two years if they are able to innovate rigorously. He left open the possibility of participation in the elections by saying that there will be a primary election to elect a single candidate from the moderate/conservative party, and that he does not have to resign from his current Jeju governor's post even if he participates in the primary elections. 1. 원 지사, 대선 도전 의지…"중도·보수 경선 참여" 원희룡 제주도지사가 2022년 대선이 국가 운명의 분수령이 될 것이기 때문에 모든 것을 걸고 자신을 던져야 한다는 고민을 하고 있다며 대선 도전 의지를 내비쳤습니다. 원 지사는 최근 중앙 일간지와 가진 인터뷰를 통해 문재인 정권이 적폐 청산을 내걸고 집권했지만 이념 세력으로서 본질적인 한계를 드러내고 있다며 중도.보수진영이 치열하게 혁신하면 2년 후 대선에서 이길 수 있다고 말했습니다. 그러면서 중도.보수 진영의 단일 후보를 선출하기 위한 경선이 있을 것으로 예상된다며 경선에 참여해도 제주도지사직에서 물러날 필요는 없다고 말해 참여 가능성을 열어뒀습니다.
  • 2020.05.29(fri)  |  김동국
KCTV News7
  • Won's Election Promises Highly Fulfilled
  • Governor Won Heeryong's provincial administration has been rated highly in its fulfillment of election promises. A closer examination of fulfilled campaign pledges reveals funding was secured stably. Joseph Kim reports. The Won administration determined 115 election promises two years ago when he took office. The promises are presumed to require 4.9 trillion won over four years during his tenure. His office planned to secure funds to fulfill the promises. At his half way point, how many promises have been fulfilled? The Korea Manifesto Center gives the SA grade, the highest grade, to Seoul, Gwangju, Gyeonggi, South Chungcheong Province and Jeju. The center has analyzed Won's campaign pledges and announced that 52 promises have been completed or are being carried out among 115 pledges made. A completely fulfilled promise is introducing a competency evaluation system for the casino industry. Won's priority promise is to create 10,000 jobs for youth in the public sector. 1,380 were newly employed in 2018 and 2,132 were hired last year. His office is gradually reaching the goal. The Jeju Employment and Startup Support Center opened in September of last year and is on the right track. Won's office is expanding the number of items subjected to the crop price stabilization system to ensure local farmers earn a stable income. The Korea Manifesto Center has also analyzed financing and announced that the office is evaluated to be able to fulfill Won's election promises financially. As of December 2019, 2.43 trillion won was secured for carrying out the promises. This means the financing rate was 49.7 percent, which is 2 percentage points higher than the national average. Meanwhile, six promises including the creation of the North-east environmental capital, competitiveness sharpening in the taxi industry and improvement of labor conditions for nurses are categorized as unsatisfactory. But there have been no election promises suspended or scrapped until now. Joseph Kim, KCTV
  • 2020.05.27(wed)  |  김동국
  • Promotion of Seogwipo as mecca of biopharmaceutical industry
  • 6. Promotion of Seogwipo as mecca of biopharmaceutical industry Lawmaker pushes for movement of JNU’s College of Pharmacy to Seogwipo A policy meeting was held on the 27th with the aim to transform Seogwipo City into a Mecca of Herbal Medicine and Biopharmaceuticals at the building of Government Employees Pension Service. The meeting also discussed the task and necessity of relocating Jeju National University's College of Pharmacy to Seogwipo city. Lawmaker Wi Sung-gon says that the relocation of Jeju National University's College of Pharmacy to Seogwipo Health Care Town will pave the way for expanded growth at the national level. Meanwhile in Seogwipo, a biodiversity research center is being operated and a national biological resource management center is in the works. 6. '서귀포 생약·바이오 산업 메카 육성' 간담회 열려 서귀포시를 생약과 바이오메카로 육성하기 위한 정책 간담회가 27일 공무원연금공단 회의실에서 열렸습니다. 이 간담회에서는 제주대학교 약학대학의 서귀포 이전의 필요성과 과제에 대한 논의도 함께 진행됐습니다. 간담회를 주최한 위성곤 의원은 제주대 약대를 서귀포 헬스케어타운으로 이전하면 국가차원의 성장동력을 확충할 수 있는 기반이 마련될 것이라고 했습니다. 한편 서귀포시에는 생물종다양성연구소가 운영되고 있고 국가생약자원관리센터가 조성될 예정입니다.
  • 2020.05.27(wed)  |  김동국
KCTV News7
  • Court: 'KAL Hotel needs to restore the public road used without permission'
  • Court: 'KAL Hotel needs to restore the public road used without permission' KAL Hotel blcoks entrance of Olle Trail no.6 The court ruled that the Seogwipo KAL Hotel, which caused controversy over privatization of the landscape by blocking Jeju Olle trail #6, which has occupied public land without permission for the past 35 years. On the 26th, the Jeju District Court's First Administration (Senior Judge Kim Hyun-ryong) ruled against the plaintiff in a lawsuit filed by Kal Hotel Network Co., a Hanjin affiliate. The KAL hotel network was trying to block Seogwipo City's request to restore the land to its original state. Hanjin Group has used three blocks of land across from the Seogwipo KAL Hotel in Seogwipo as private property. The site is designated as a road, but no actual road has been opened. Three lots overlap with the hotel site and one of them blocks Olle trail #6 The KAL hotel network has reportedly paid the compensation to Seogwipo city, but had refused the restoration order. 5. "서귀포칼호텔, 무단 점유 도로 원상복구 해야" 올레길 6코스 폐쇄로 불거진 서귀포칼호텔의 부지 내 도로 무단 점유 논란과 관련해 원상복구 해야 한다는 법원의 판결이 나왔습니다. 제주지방법원 제1행정부 김현룡 부장판사는 한진그룹 산하 칼호텔네트워크가 서귀포시를 상대로 제기한 원상복구명령과 계고처분 취소 소송에서 원고의 청구를 기각했습니다. 앞서 서귀포시는 지난 2018년 5월 서귀포칼호텔이 도로 3필지를 무단 사용한 데 대해 변상금 부과와 원상복구를 명령했습니다.
  • 2020.05.27(wed)  |  김동국
  • Difficult to punish mother and daughter from Gangnam for trip to Jeju
  • 4. Difficult to punish mother and daughter from Gangnam for trip to Jeju The symptomatic tourists were merely recommended to self-quarantine The Blue House announced that it is difficult to punish the mother and daughter from Gangnam, who had taken a trip to Jeju Island despite evident symptoms of COVID-19. Chung Dong-il, presidential secretary of social policy, replied as a formal response to the petition. The secretary said that it is regrettable considering the COVID-19 positive mother and daughter from Gangnam caused considerable damage in Jeju. However, they are not subject to punishment as they were only recommended to self-quarantine. On the petition board of the Blue House, more than 200,000 people signed the petition within a month stating that there should be punishment for the mother and daughter from Gangnam who traveled to Jeju without following quarantine rules. 4. 靑 "강남 모녀 제주여행 안타깝지만 처벌 어려워" 코로나19 증상이 있는데도 제주 여행을 다녀가 국민적 공분을 샀던 강남 모녀와 관련해 청와대가 처벌하기 어렵다는 입장을 밝혔습니다. 정동일 청와대 사회정책비서관은 국민청원 답변을 통해 강남구 모녀 확진자로 인해 제주에서 피해가 있었던 점을 생각하면 안타깝다고 말했습니다. 하지만 이들이 자가격리 권고 대상이었던 만큼 처벌 대상은 아니라고 덧붙였습니다. 청와대 국민청원 게시판에는 방역 수칙을 지키지 않고 제주를 여행한 강남 모녀를 처벌해달라는 글이 게시됐고 한달 만에 20만명 이상이 동의했습니다.
  • 2020.05.27(wed)  |  김동국
  • Principal value of loans in Jeju exceeds ₩31T
  • 3. Principal value of loans in Jeju exceeds ₩31T 8.5% increase compared to the year before The principal value of loans taken out by both households and companies shows a significant increase after the outbreak of COVID-19. According to the Jeju branch of Bank of Korea, the amount of debt lent by financial institutions in Jeju was 31.5 trillion won in March when COVID-19 spread full-scale. This is a 0.7% increase compared to the month before and 8.5% increase compared to the same period last year. In particular, demand for financing by small and medium sized companies has increased. The principal value of loans by companies and households increased by 200 billion won and 4 billion won, respectively in one month’s time. 코로나19 여파 대출 규모 31조 넘어서 코로나19 여파속에 제주지역 기업과 가계대출 모두 크게 증가한 것으로 나타났습니다. 한국은행 제주본부에 따르면 코로나19가 본격적으로 확산된 지난 3월 제주 금융기관 대출액은 31조 5천억 원 규모로 전월 대비 0.7% 증가했습니다. 이는 지난해 같은 기간에 비해 무려 8.5% 급증한 수치입니다. 특히 중소기업 중심으로 자금 수요가 늘면서 기업대출이 한 달 만에 2천억 원 늘었으며, 가계대출도 40억 원 증가한 것으로 집계됐습니다.
  • 2020.05.27(wed)  |  김동국
  • Public sports facilities reopen in stages
  • 2. Public sports facilities reopen in stages Changing rooms and public showers remain closed As society transitions to the ‘Distancing in Daily Life’ phase, public sports facilities which have been closed for more than 100 days are partially reopening. The Jeju City Municipal Office is operating 32 outdoor sports facilities using a reservation system from May 27th. The office is planning to open the remaining facilities from June 4th. However, changing rooms and public showers are still not open for use. Indoor sports facilities, such as swimming pools, will be open from June 4 for athletes only and will be open to the public from June 22. 공공체육시설 부분 개방…사전예약제 도입 생활 속 거리두기로 전환하면서 100일 넘게 폐쇄했던 공공체육시설도 부분 개방합니다. 제주시는 실외 공공체육시설 가운데 사전 예약제로 운영하는 32곳은 27일부터, 나머지 체육시설은 6월 4일 개방합니다. 다만 샤워실과 탈의실 등 공용시설은 이용할 수 없습니다. 수영장 같은 실내공공체육시설의 경우 다음달 4일부터 선수단에 한해 개방하고 같은 달 22일부터 일반인까지 개방을 확대합니다.
  • 2020.05.27(wed)  |  김동국
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