Prosecutor’s office outlines plans to keep election clean

Prosecutor’s office outlines plans to keep election clean Thursday meeting with police, election commission representatives The Jeju District Prosecutor’s Office is working with other agencies to weed out election-related crimes as the country prepares to select a new president in May. Representatives from the office met Thursday with their counterparts from the police, the provincial election commission, and other agencies. They decided to focus on eliminating black propaganda, vote buying, the manipulation of public opinion, illegal campaigning, and the illegal involvement of public servants in campaigning. Authorities are putting special emphasis on rooting out the unauthorized disclosure of information and black propaganda. Also, the prosecutor’s office said it would track down the producers, distributors, and even the masterminds of so-called “fake news” and prosecute them to the fullest extend of the law. Now that the date for the presidential election has been set, the prosecutor’s office has enacted emergency operating procedures to make sure it can fulfill its duties 제주지검, 대선 흑색선전·가짜뉴스 '엄단' 제주지방검찰청이 제19대 대통령선거와 관련해 유관기관과 함께 선거범죄 단속에 나섰습니다. 제주지검은 오늘(23일) 제주도선거관리위원회와 경찰 등 유관기관 대책회의를 열고 흑색선전과 금품선거, 여론조작, 단체의 불법선거운동, 공무원 선거개입 행위를 중점 단속하기로 했습니다. 특히 묻지마 식 폭로와 흑색선전 행위에 대해 수사력을 집중하고 속칭 가짜뉴스에 대해서는 작성자와 유포자는 물론 배후조종자까지 추적해 엄단하기로 했습니다. 검찰은 대선 일정 확정과 함께 선거사범 전담 수사반을 편성하고 비상 근무체제에 돌입했습니다.

Film Focus2017.03.24

It’s the weekend again, and that means Film Focus. Here’s Mike Laidman with what’s new in local theaters. [Report] It’s near impossible to judge how a movie is going to do at theatres. Sometimes a talented cast can make even the most tired of scripts interesting. But sometimes, that’s not enough. This is the situation in Gold, the latest from star Matthew McConaughey. But don’t be dissuaged from getting out to the movies this weekend, as Hidden Figures offers just the right kind of cinematic treat. [Slug CG] Mike Laidman Welcome to another edition of Film Focus. I’m Mike Laidman. [Slug CG] Hidden Figures (2016, Theodore Melfi) The African-American women mathematicians who worked at NASA. Heartwarming and crowd-pleasing. That’s the best way to describe Hidden Figures - the story of the overlooked, but crucial, members of the incredible NASA team that helped put men in space. With the space race against Russia in full swing in the late 50s and early 60s, NASA found untapped talent in a group of African-American female mathematicians. They would serve as the brains behind one of the greatest operations in U.S. history. Based on the true life stories of three of these women, known as "human computers," we follow them as they quickly rise through the ranks of NASA alongside many of history's greatest minds specifically tasked with calculating the momentous launch of astronaut John Glenn into orbit, and guaranteeing his safe return. The movie tells a groundbreaking story, but as a film in and of itself, is a little unoriginal, following some pretty tried and true tropes. But don’t let that stop you from seeing what must be said is truly a feel-good movie. [Slug CG] Gold (2017, Stephen Gaghan) Eager prospector Kenny Wells sets off to find gold. Moving over to Gold now, we find a movie that, much like Hidden Figures, doesn’t have the most original storyline. But instead of having similar uplifting vibes, we get a good performance by Matthew McConaughey, and...not much else. Kenny Wells, a prospector desperate for a lucky break, teams up with a similarly eager geologist and sets off on a journey to find gold in the uncharted jungle of Indonesia. While it sounds like there should be some happiness in there somewhere, there really isn’t much, and McConaughey’s Wells is more pathetic than sympathetic, making it hard to feel involved, and making the sudden lurches of fate even more bewildering. So while the story has the potential to be truly interesting, it’s played out in such a way, and with such performances, that it just isn’t that interesting, plain and simple.

Joint anti-terror drill at Jeju International Airport2017.03.24

Joint anti-terror drill at Jeju International Airport 22 agencies work on response to assassination, hostage situation Local authorities held a joint anti-terror drill Thursday afternoon at Jeju International in order to hone their response to an attack in a crowded area. Some 150 people participated. They represented 22 agencies, including the provincial police and the provincial aviation authority. The training focused on neutralizing terrorists and bomb disposal. The scenario for the drill was that terrorists had assassinated someone and then taken hostages on a bus. 제주공항서 테러대비 합동훈련 열려 사람들이 많이 모이는 공간에서 일어날 수 있는 테러 상황에 대비하기 위한 합동 훈련이 오늘 오후 제주공항에서 진행됐습니다. 이번 훈련에는 제주지방경찰청과 제주지방항공청 등 22개 기관, 150여 명이 참여했습니다. 훈련은 테러범이 공항에서 특정요인을 암살하고 버스를 탈취해 인질극을 벌이는 시나리오로 테러범 진압과 폭발물 처리에 대한 대응력을 높이는데 중점을 뒀습니다.

Governor’s assets up ₩500m over last year2017.03.24

Governor’s assets up \500m over last year Won Heeryong now has assets totaling \1.6b The value of Governor Won Heeryong’s assets grew by about 500 million won over the last year. The Government Officials Ethics Committee recently published the assets of local politicians. According to the report, the governor now has assets worth 1.62 billion won. Superintendent of education (이석문) Lee Seok-mun has 230 million won in assets, 78 million more than the year before. Council Chair (신관홍) Sin Koan-hong added 150 million won for a total of 3.52 billion in assets. Provincial council member Kim Yeongbo topped the list. He reported 5.49 billion won in assets. 원희룡 지사 재산 16억 2천…1년새 5억 늘어 원희룡 제주특별자치도지사의 재산이 1년간 5억원 늘어난 것으로 나타났습니다. 정부공직자윤리위원회가 관보를 통해 공개한 도내 고위공직자의 재산변동사항 신고내역에 따르면 원 지사가 신고한 재산은 16억 2천여만원으로 1년 전에 비해 5억 400여만원 늘어났습니다. 또 이석문 교육감은 2억 3천여만원으로 7천 800여만원, 신관홍 제주도의회 의장은 35억 2천여만원으로 1억 5천여만원 증가했습니다. 한편 김영보 제주도의원은 54억 9천여만원을 신고해 제주도내 재산신고 대상 가운데 가장 많은 것으로 나타났습니다.

Province seeks injunction on higher flight ticket prices2017.03.24

Province seeks injunction on higher flight ticket prices Jeju Air plans to raise fares 11.1% March 30 In related news, the provincial government has asked Jeju District Court to issue a temporary injunction on Jeju Air’s plan to raise ticket prices. The province claims the budget carrier is trying to raise fares unilaterally, which runs counter to an agreement it has with the local government. Jeju Air plans to raise prices on domestic flights 11.1 percent beginning March 30th. The province opposes the move. According to an agreement signed in July 2005, the carrier is obligated to consult with the province before raising fares. 道, 제주항공 요금인상 금지 가처분 신청 제주항공의 요금인상 추진과 관련해 제주특별자치도가 제주지방법원에 요금 인상 금지 가처분 신청을 제기했습니다. 이번 가처분 신청은 제주항공측에서 상호협약을 무시하고 일방적으로 요금인상을 추진한데 따른 것입니다. 제주항공은 제주도의 반대에도 불구하고 오는 30일부터 제주기점 국내선 요금을 최고 11.1% 인상을 추진하고 있습니다. 한편 제주도와 제주항공은 지난 2005년 7월 맺은 협약에 따라 항공요금 변경 전에 협의를 거치도록 의무화했습니다.

More Jeju flights this summer2017.03.24

More Jeju flights this summer 3% more flights on domestic routes March 26-October 28 There will be more flights connecting Jeju with other parts of the country this summer. The Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport says there will be fifteen-hundred-and-fifty Jeju flights per week on 13 domestic routes from March 26th to O ctober 28th. That’s three percent more than last year. There will be 14 weekly flights between Jeju and Yeosu ? nearly three times as many as last year. There will also be 28 percent more flights between here and Gwangju, and 17 percent more between the island and Cheongju. The percentage of all those flights on budget carriers is going up 0.9 percentage points to 59.2 percent. 하계시즌 제주기점 항공편 확대 여수 등 지역노선을 중심으로 하계시즌 항공기 운항이 확대됩니다. 국토교통부에 따르면 오는 26일부터 10월 28일까지 하계시즌 동안 제주기점 13개 노선 항공기 운항횟수는 일주일에 1천 550회로 지난해 같은 기간보다 3% 증가했습니다. 특히 제주와 여수노선이 주 14회로 지난해보다 3배 가까이 증가했고, 제주 기점으로 광주와 청주 노선도 각각 28%와 17% 늘었습니다. 한편 저비용항공사 점유율은 59.2%로 1년 전보다 0.9%p 늘었습니다.


1. The Jeju Cherry Blossom Festival begins March 31st at multiple locations. Title: Jeju Cherry Blossom Festival Date: March 31-April 9 Venue: Jeonnong-ro, JNU, Jangjeon-ri Info: 728-2752~4 Details: Concerts, activities, flea market 2. The Kim Tschang Yeul Museum is displaying the creations of its namesake through August 27th. Title: ‘Like Water’ Date: Through August 27 Venue: Kim Tschang Yeul Museum Info: 710-4150 Details: Kim Tschang Yeul’s paintings, prints 3. Celebrities will be giving talks at Halla Library in April and May. Title: ‘Jeju Book Dream Relay Concert’ Date: April 29, May 11 Venue: Halla Library Info: 710-8666 Details: Talks by No Dong-ju, Gong Ji-young 4. Enjoy an evening of cherry blossoms and Korean lanterns during the 13th annual Jeju (서사라) Seosara Culture Street Festival in the heart of old Jeju City. Title: ‘Jeju Seosara Culture Street Festival’ Date: April 1, 2 Venue: Jeonnong-ro, Jeju City Info: 728-4531 Details: Cherry blossoms, activities 5. The Jeju Museum of Art is displaying art it collected between 2014 and 2016 through March 26. Title: ‘Collection 2014-2016’ Date: Through March 26 Venue: Jeju Museum of Art Info: 710-4300 Details: Byun Shi-ji, Gang Yo-bae, etc. 6. Four of the island’s younger artists are showcasing their differing visions of the beauty of Jeju. Title: ‘Jeju Jungle’ Date: Through April 30 Venue: Arario Museum in Tapdong Info: 720-8201 Details: Paintings, video art

‘Devastating Impact’2017.03.23

China’s ban on group tours to Korea, in retaliation for Seoul’s decision to deploy the THAAD anti-missile system, is having a devastating impact on the local economy. Kim Minhoe has more in this report. Report The international terminal at the Jeju International Airport is in an unusual state - it’s quiet. [slug] Chinese arrivals plummet The number of daily flights connecting Jeju and China has decreased from 20 in 2016 to only 13 this year. As a result, the number of Chinese tourists visiting Jeju has dropped by more than 70% this year compared to 2016. There are roughly only 1,000 visitors from China arriving each day. Beijing is already banning group tours to South Korea in response to Seoul’s decision to deploy the THAAD anti-missile system. [slug] Chinese travel agencies no longer selling Korean tours In addition, Chinese travel agencies have stopped selling Korean tour packages, meaning that local businesses are being hit hard. Baozen Street, which used to be packed with Chinese tourists, is now uncharacteristically bare. [slug] Baozen Street sales down as much as 80% Sales at stores on the street have plunged by up to 80 percent since early March. What is even worse is that Chinese customs authorities have tightened inspections at airports. Chinese visitors don’t want to bring Korean products back to China, either, and so Korean merchants are singing the blues. INTERVIEW Baozen Street merchant There’s been about a 90% drop in the number of Chinese tourists since yesterday. There have been hardly any today. <인터뷰: 바오젠거리 상인> "어제부터 거의 90% 없다고 봐야할텐데...오늘은 거의 중국사람들이 없어요. 지금" Duty free shops have seen tourist groups simply vanish since last week. [slug] Fewer shoppers at duty-free shops There are still individual tourists dropping by the duty free shops, but they too have declined, by between 20 and 30 percent. Jeju’s Seongsan Sunrise Peak, a favourite among Chinese visitors and one of the most popular destinations on the island the island, is comparatively empty. Rental cars and small buses occupy an area that used to be full of large tourist buses. INTERVIEW Bong Jae-chun / Merchant, Seongsan Sunrise Peak I think it started March first. Sales have dropped by more than half since then. <인터뷰: 봉재춘 성산일출봉 주변 상인> "3월1일부터 그런 것 같아요. 그 이후부터 그전보다 매출이 반 이상 떨어졌어요" [slug] More domestic tourists coming to Jeju Meanwhile, the island is enjoying an increased number of domestic tourists. The weather is warming up, and it’s easier to book flights with less people vying for the same seats. As a result, local travel agencies are getting 20 to 30 percent more inquiries about trips. Convention facilities, hotels, and travel agencies are all welcoming calls about company meetings. However, as accommodations and restaurant that used to only deal with Chinese are jumping into the domestic tourism market, cutthroat competition is expected. INTERVIEW Kim Dae-hun / Jeju Provincial Tourism Association If local businesses catering to Chinese travelers lower prices, the effects are instant and sales go up. However, this could lead to a loss of sales at businesses that specialize in domestic travelers. <인터뷰:김대훈 道관광협회 국내여행업분과 간사> "바로 업체에서 손님들을 끌 수 있는 것은 가격경쟁 밖에 없거든요. 그래서 기존 가격보다 파격적인 가격을 내세우면서 내국인들만 상대로 해오던 업체들이 피해를 볼 것으로 예상되고 있습니다." [Reporter] Kim Minhoe [Camera] Moon Ho-seong The discrepancy between, and the effects of, the number of Chinese and domestic tourists is expected to become more significant as China’s ban on travel to Korea continues. Kim Minhoe, KCTV

Adidas U-20 Cup: Korea to play Ecuador May 20 in Jeju2017.03.23

Adidas U-20 Cup: Korea to play Ecuador May 20 in Jeju Part of preparations for May U-20 World Cup Korea’s squad in the upcoming FIFA U-20 World Cup, which Korea is hosting, will also compete in the Adidas Cup. Four national teams are playing in the cup, which will be here on the island. Coach (신태용) Shin Tae-yong and his team will square off against Ecuador at the Jeju World Cup Stadium at 7 p.m. on March 30th. This mini-tournament will serve as a good performance check for the players who will be taking the field in the U-20 World Cup, which begins in May. U-20 대표팀, 제주서 에콰도르와 경기 오는 5월 20살 이하 월드컵에 출전하는 대한민국 축구 대표팀이 제주에서 열리는 국제축구대회에 참가해 기량을 점검합니다. 신태용 감독이 이끄는 축구 대표팀은 U-20 대표팀 4개국이 출전하는 아디다스컵 국제축구대회에 참가해 오는 30일 오후 7시 제주월드컵경기장에서 에콰도르과 경기를 가질 예정입니다. 이날 경기에는 20살 이하 월드컵에 출전하는 선수들이 대거 포함돼 월드컵을 앞두고 기량을 점검하는 기회가 될 전망입니다.

Nambyeok Summit Trail on Halla to reopen next year2017.03.23

Nambyeok Summit Trail on Halla to reopen next year Closed in 1994 after part of trail collapsed Authorities will reopen Hallasan Mountain’s Nambyeok Summit Trail for the first time in since it collapsed 23 years ago. The Hallasan National Park Management Office says experts have reviewed the course from the Nambyeok junction to the summit and deemed it safe. It will reopen the trail next March. Climbers can access it from both the Eorimok and the Donnaeko Trails. Part of the Nambyeok Trail collapsed in 1994. It has been off limits since then. 한라산 남벽탐방로 내년 3월 재개방 한라산 남벽정상탐방로가 붕괴사고로 통제된지 23년만에 재개방됩니다. 한라산국립공원관리사무소는 전문가 안전진단 등을 거처 한라산 남벽분기점부터 정상까지 이어지는 탐방로를 내년 3월부터 다시 개방한다고 밝혔습니다. 이에따라 탐방객은 어리목과 영실, 돈내코 코스를 통해서도 정상을 등반할 수 있게 됩니다. 한라산 남벽탐방로는 붕괴사고로 인해 지난 1994년부터 출입을 통제해 왔습니다.

One out of every three islanders in their 40s or 50s2017.03.23

One out of every three islanders in their 40s or 50s Jeju’s population nearly 644,000 One out of three Jeju residents are in their 40s or 50s. According to data released by the Ministry of the Interior, about 644,000 people live on the island. There are about 320,000 females and 324,000 males. The most populous age bracket, at 17.5 percent and nearly 113,000, is people in their 40s. Next are fiftysomethings, who account for 15.8 percent of the local population, or about 102,000. That means a full third of the island’s population is in their 40s or 50s. 13.5 percent of island residents are in their 30s, 11.9 percent are twentysomethings, and teenagers make up 11.7 percent of the population. Finally, 9.7 percent are in their 60s, 6.4 percent are in their 70s, 3 percent in their 80s, and 0.5 percent of island residents are at least 90 years old. 제주도민 3명 중 1명은 40~50대 제주도민 3명 가운데 1명은 40~50대, 장년층인 것으로 나타났습니다. 행정자치부가 발표한 우리나라 주민등록 인구현황에 따르면 제주지역 인구는 남자 32만 7천834명, 여자 31만 9천952명 등 모두 64만3천736명으로 집계됐습니다. 연령대별로는 40대가 11만 2천867명으로 17.5%, 50대 10만 1천673명 15.8%, 즉 40~50대가 모두 21만 4천540명으로 전체 인구의 33.3%를 차지했습니다. 이어 30대 8만 6천700여명 13.5%, 20대 7만 6천700여명 11.9%, 10대 7만 5천여명 11.7% 순 입니다. 이밖에 60대 6만 2천명 9.7%, 70대 4만 1천명 6.4%, 80대 1만 9천명 3%. 90대 이상은 3천343명으로 0.5% 입니다.

Probe into allegedly bogus list of Ahn Hee-jung supporters2017.03.23

Probe into allegedly bogus list of Ahn Hee-jung supporters Many people say they didn’t consent to having their names listed The police and the Jeju Election Commission are looking into the possible manipulation of a list of young local voters who support presidential contender Ahn Hee-jung. Provincial police are investigating the former university students’ chair of the Jeju Minjoo Party. (이성재) Lee Sung-jae allegedly fabricated the list of Ahn Hee-jung supporters, which violates both election and privacy laws. The uproar surrounding the issue is growing. A considerable number of graduates from a specific Jeju National University department say their names were added to the list without their consent. 안희정 지지 명단 조작 의혹 경찰 내사 안희정 대선후보를 공개 지지선언한 제주지역 청년 명단이 조작됐다는 의혹으로 논란이 일고 있는 가운데 제주도선관위는 물론 경찰이 내사에 착수했습니다. 제주지방경찰청은 이성재 전 더불어민주당 제주도당 대학생 위원장이 최근 안희정 후보에 대한 공개 지지를 선언하며 작성한 명단과 관련해 선거관리법위반과 개인정보보호법 위반 혐의로 수사하고 있다고 밝혔습니다. 특히 제주대학교 모 학과 졸업생 상당수가 본인 동의없이 명단에 올라가 있다며 반발하는 등 논란이 확산되고 있습니다.

Expanded investigation into voice phishing2017.03.23

Expanded investigation into voice phishing Spike in crime reports since Monday When a criminal calls someone on the telephone and dupes them into giving up private personal and financial information, it’s called voice phishing, and a number of such crimes have been reported on the island since Monday. Police suspect an organized effort by Chinese criminals. Provincial police interrogated and arrested two Chinese nationals on Wednesday. As part of their investigations, they found an alleged accomplice. They are now trying to figure out if anyone else is involved. The suspects in custody said they just got the work from an online job site and followed the directions they were given. 경찰, 보이스피싱 수사 확대 지난 20일 제주에서 연이어 발생한 보이스피싱 사건이 중국인들의 조직적인 범죄 가능성이 제기되고 있습니다. 제주지방경찰청은 어제 체포한 보이스피싱 중국인 용의자 2명을 조사한 결과 또 다른 중국인 공범을 확인하고 수사를 확대하고 있다고 밝혔습니다. 어제 체포된 중국인 용의자 2명은 중국의 한 구직사이트에서 일자리를 얻어 심부름을 한 것이라고 진술한 것으로 알려졌습니다.


1. Celadon by (최대언) Choi Dae-eon is on display at Jeju Folk Village. Title: Pottery Exhibition Date: Through March 31 Venue: Jeju Folk Village Info: 787-4501 Details: Works of Choi Dae-eon 2. Enjoy an evening of cherry blossoms and Korean lanterns during the 13th annual Jeju (서사라) Seosara Culture Street Festival in the heart of old Jeju City. Title: ‘Jeju Seosara Culture Street Festival’ Date: April 1, 2 Venue: Jeonnong-ro, Jeju City Info: 728-4531 Details: Cherry blossoms, activities 3. The Jeju Cherry Blossom Festival begins March 31st at multiple locations. Title: Jeju Cherry Blossom Festival Date: March 31-April 9 Venue: Jeonnong-ro, JNU, Jangjeon-ri Info: 728-2752~4 Details: Concerts, activities, flea market 4. The Lee Jung-seop Art Museum is displaying the works of Lee and his friends through April 23rd. Title: ‘Cafe Renaissance, Lee Jung-seop’s Friends’ Date: Through April 23 Venue: Lee Jung-seop Art Museum Info: 760-3567 Details: Paintings 5. The Jeju Farmers’ Song Preservation Society is teaching visitors to (관덕정) Gwandeokjeong Plaza and the Jeju Folklore & Natural History Museum about local folk songs. Title: Folk Songs Concert Date: Through June 4 Venue: Gwandeokjeong, Natural History Museum Info: 710-7708 Details: Concerts, education 6. In celebration of its 30th anniversary, Gidang Art Museum is displaying paintings of women through April 20th. Title: ‘From Muse to Existence’ Date: Through April 20 Venue: Gidang Art Museum Info: 733-1586 Details:40+ paintings

Jeju: A to Z (Cherry Trees of Jeju)2017.03.22

This week on Jeju: A to Z, Todd Thacker takes a brief look at the Jeju cherry tree, a beautiful and fragrant harbinger of spring on the island. [Report] In the spring throughout Northeast Asia, residents of China, Korea, and Japan are fortunate to be bathed in the fragrant pink blossoms of a wide variety of cherry tree species. [Slug CG] Natural Monument No. 159 Here on the island is a native species of Jeju Cherry that is a protected natural asset, designated Natural Monument No. 159. [Slug CG] DNA tests in 2007 reveal separate species Until recently there was some confusion about whether the Jeju Cherry was a member of the Yoshino cherry species. That all changed in 2007 when scientists used DNA testing to determine the Jeju Cherry is indeed a separate species that originated on Jeju. The Jeju Cherry Tree’s natural habitat is in the mid-range of Hallasan Mountain -- around 500 to 900 meters above sea level. [Slug CG] Bonggae-dong, Jeju City One area reaching up the slope of Mt. Halla at Bongae-dong, just to the southeast of Jeju City, is especially densely populated with the Jeju Cherry. The forest attracts many thousands of admirers in the weeks leading up to full bloom. Over the years, the tree has been planted in strategic areas around Jeju and Seogwipo cities to beautify the urban landscape. And popular festivals are organized every year around the time the cherry blossoms are at their fullest. [Slug CG] Todd Thacker Thanks to its recognition as a unique species, the Jeju Cherry’s habitat and genetic lineage are subject to systematic conservation.This will ensure this colorful and fragrant ritual of spring can continue to be enjoyed and cherished. Todd Thacker KCTV