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The controversy over the nation’s first for-profit hospital is finally over, with the government deciding to revoke the conditional approval of Greenland International Hospital. Governor Won Heeryong stated that the hospital failed to meet conditions of approval and did not display enough effort to open within the required period of three months. Mike Laidman reports. Jeju Province has nullified the business license for Greenland International Hospital. [slug] License of nation's first for-profit hospital revoked [slug] Government cancels 4 months after approval The license was canceled 22 days after a hearing to revoke the approval was held on March 26, and four months after the hospital’s business plans were conditionally approved on December 5 last year. Recording Won Heeryong / Governor My office decided to nullify their license according to Article 64 of Medical Law as the hospital failed make an effort to open within the required time. 씽크)원희룡 제주특별자치도지사 개원을 위한 실질적인 노력도 없었다고 판단하고 의료법 64조에 따라 조건부 개설허가를 취소하기로 결정했습니다. The province says the choice for the annulment was based on a written report from the chairperson of the hearing on canceling Greenland International Hospital’s license on April 12th. The chairperson judged that the 15-month-long license approval delay and subsequent lawsuit Greenland filed to remove the limiting range of patients cannot be used as convincing reasons for the hospital’s failure to open. He also submitted the opinion that even though Korean customers are not the hospital's target, Greenland still refused to open, citing the approval conditions. He also says that the hospital failed to clarify its reasons for the absence of medical workers and to submit documents that prove its efforts to employ additional doctors, nurses, and nursing assistants. Opinion of the Hearing Chairperson -Delayed license approval, lawsuits insufficient grounds for delay -Failure to operate on pretext of approval conditions Korean patients not target customers -Failure to clarify reasons for lack of medical workers Insufficient evidence regarding recruitment efforts [slug] Province: Greenland's request to extend deadline ‘unacceptable’ The province added that it suggested talks on the operation of the hospital with Greenland right after the business license was approved, but the hospital refused. The province, therefore, emphasized that Greenland's request to extend its deadline for opening is unacceptable. It announced that it is preparing to face possible lawsuits filed by Greenland and is consulting with the Jeju Free International City Development Center to normalize the Jeju Healthcare Town. Recording Won Heeryong / Governor We will continue cooperative efforts with JDC and Greenland to normalize the Jeju Healthcare Town project. 씽크)원희룡 제주특별자치도지사 헬스케어타운이 제대로 된 기능을 가질 수 있도록 정상화 방안을 찾기 위해 JDC, 녹지측과 지속적으로 협의해 나가겠습니다. [Reporter] Mike Laidman [Camera] Park Byeong-june However, there still remains a high possibility that Greenland will lodge a compensation claim along with a suit to repeal its ban on domestic patients, which means that another round of legal battles is likely coming. Mike Laidman, KCTV
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  • JDC undergoes reorganization
  • 3. JDC undergoes reorganization Goals to enhance management and development The Jeju Free International City Development Center restructured its organization and carried out personnel changes for the first time since CEO Moon Dae-lim took office. The JDC newly established the Resort Complex Department and Future Business Development Department to push ahead plans to construct the Resort Complex and to discover new business opportunities. A Value Management Division was newly organized under the Management & Planning Headquarter. A task force was also created to drive the 2nd Advanced Science and Technology Complex. Personnel changes for 23 JDC managers were carried out, including Gwak Jin -kyu as Planning Director of Duty Free Business Headquarter, Kim Yong-seok as head of Future Investment Department and Kim Du-han as head of HR & General Affairs Department. 휴양단지처 신설 JDC 조직개편…부서장 인사 제주국제자유도시개발센터가 문대림 이사장 취임 후 첫 조직을 개편하고 이에 따른 인사를 단행했습니다. 주요내용을 보면 휴양단지 사업의 정상추진을 위한 휴양단지처와 신규사업 발굴을 위한 미래사업단을 신설했습니다. 또 경영기획본부에 가치경영실을 신설했으며 제2첨단과기단지의 조속한 추진을 위해 제2첨단팀도 설치했습니다. JDC는 이에 따라 면세사업단 면세기획처장에 곽진규, 미래사업단장 김용석, 인사관리실장에 김두한 등 23명의 부서장급 인사를 단행했습니다.
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  • Plan for 2nd airport to be presented April 17
  • 2. Plan for 2nd airport to be presented April 17 Land Ministry to finalize plans by June Officials will make an interim presentation on the basic plan of the second airport at Seongsan-eup Gymnasium in Seogwipo City on the 17th. The event is organized by the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, and Transport. The presentation will include plans for infrastructure that can accommodate flight demands and arrange runways to minimize noise and environmental damage. A “win-win solution” for co-prosperity with the local community will also be suggested. After the presentation, the land ministry will gather opinions from residents and finalize their decisions by June. 17일, 제2공항 기본계획 용역 중간설명회 제2공항 기본계획 수립용역에 대한 중간설명회가 오는 17일 서귀포시 성산읍 체육관에서 열립니다. 국토교통부가 주관하는 이번 중간설명회에서 용역진은 항공수요 검토에 따른 적정한 인프라 계획과 소음 피해나 환경 훼손을 최소화 할 수 있는 활주로 배치 방안 등을 발표할 예정입니다. 또 제2공항 건설에 따른 지역 상생 방안도 제시할 것으로 알려졌습니다. 국토부는 설명회가 끝나면 주민 의견을 수렴해 6월에 기본계획 용역을 마칠 계획입니다.
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  • Governor says ‘expansion of Bijarim Road is inevitable’
  • 1. Governor says ‘expansion of Bijarim Road is inevitable’ Reforestation plan to be implemented Governor Won Heeryong announced to resume construction of Bijarim Road with minimal environmental damage. The governor stated at the recent question and answer session at the provincial council on the 9th that expanding Bijarim Road is a “must” to accommodate increased car influx. He stressed the construction plan has been revised to minimize environmental damage, based on public concerns toward cutting down local Cedar trees. Governor Won emphasized that trees more suitable to the ecosystem of Jeju Island will be planted to take the place of removed Cedars, which requires genetic improvement to adapt to the island’s environment. "비자림로 확장 필요…대체조림 조성" 원희룡 지사가 최근 공사가 재개된 비자림로를 환경 훼손을 최소화하면서 추진하겠다고 밝혔습니다. 원 지사는 9일 도정질문에서 현재 비자림로는 차량 통행량이 늘고 도로가 비좁아 확장 공사는 불가피하다고 말했습니다. 삼나무 훼손 논란에 설계를 수정했고 공사 과정에서도 환경피해를 최소화겠다고 강조했습니다. 삼나무 벌채를 환경 훼손 관점으로만 봐서는 안된다며 수종 개량이 필요한 삼나무 대신에 제주 생태계에 더 적합한 나무를 심겠다고 강조했습니다.
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  • 6th Revision Bill Clears First Hurdle
  • The sixth revision bill to the Jeju Special Act passed its first hurdle at the National Assembly. It has been 16 months since the bill was submitted in December 2017. The final approval of the 6th revision bill is crucial to push forward the 7th revision bill. However, the prospects for a smooth approval process appear stagnant, since national lawmakers remain indifferent and the provincial office lacks leverage in negotiations. Mike Laidman reports. It was back in November of last year that the province announced it had included a new 99.5 square-kilometer parcel of land in the (곶자왈) Gotjawal forest at an interim research result briefing session. The area is 330 times the size of (마라도) Marado Island. The research was conducted to understand the conditions of the forest, as well as to come up with proper plans to preserve it. However, right before the research was to reach its final stage, which included presenting the results to the public, a public hearing, and a final briefing, it was suddenly suspended [slug] Research suspended as National Assembly shelved Jeju Special Act revision bill due to the sixth revision bill to the Jeju Special Act. The act contains regulations on (곶자왈) Gotjawal designation, and thus the National Assembly chose not to include the land. But with the examination of the revision bill delayed for more than a year, [slug] National Assembly’s Bill Examination Subcommittee passes 6th revision bill it was finally passed by the Bill Examination Subcommittee under the National Assembly’s Public Administration and Security Committee last week. The bill includes regulations on (곶자왈) Gotjawal designation, penalties on parking space policies, the mandatory installation of speed limiters on rental cars, an environmental resource quota system, and the expansion of investment in public enterprises. The bill also extends the active period for the Jeju Supporting Committee under the Office of the Prime Minister to June 2021 and allows the Jeju superintendent of education to submit comments to the supporting committee just as the governor does. The Bill Examination Subcommittee was the first step for the revision. The bill will now go through the committee’s general meeting, the Legislation-Judiciary Committee, the National Assembly plenary session, the Cabinet meeting, and lastly approval by the president. Insiders say the bill gained speed after being cleared by the subcommittee. Recording Gang Chang-il / Member, National Assembly The subcommittee passed the bill unanimously. All members, from both the ruling and opposition parties, support the bill. I believe that it will proceed to the next step without major difficulties. 씽크)강창일 국회의원 지금까지 여야 법안심사는 여야가 같이 모여서 만장일치로 통과되는 것이기 때문에 (이번 역시) 만장일치로 통과됐기 때문에 이 다음에 문제는 없을 것으로 생각됩니다. [slug] National Assembly remains indifferent, unaware; Province continues to lack of negotiating power Meanwhile, national lawmakers are indifferent to the bill and not really aware of its necessity because the provincial office lacks the negotiating power. Regardless, it was passed by the subcommittee after a one-year-and-four-month break. [slug] Bill submitted December 2017, passes 16 months later The revision bill had been brought before the Bill Examination Subcommittee four times between August and December of last year, but was never discussed. [slug] Two minor revision bills excluded Along with the 6th major revision bill, additional revision bills to the special act that would favour vocational high school graduates being hired as level 9 civil servants and reduce golf fees were also placed on the subcommittee’s session but were rejected for regional fairness. [Reporter] Mike Laidman [Camera] Hyeon Gwang-hun [CG] Kim Eun-gyo Jeju Island now needs to push forward with the 7th revision of the Special Act to create casino taxes and ensure independence of the provincial office’s audit committee as soon as possible. But this next step rests with the timing of the 6th revision’s final approval, meaning that the province is in a hurry. Mike Laidman, KCTV
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  • Sewol ferry disaster, 5 years on
  • 5. Sewol ferry disaster, 5 years on Sewol Candlelight Association opens memorial spaces in Jeju Commemoration spaces for the fifth anniversary of the Sewol ferry disaster have opened throughout Jeju Island. The ‘Sewol Candlelight Association’ launched the project ‘Village Where Sewol Shines’ in Jeju, as this was the destination of the Sewol Ferry. Memorial spaces are located in 14 districts of Jeju Island except Chujado Island. They opened from the 9th of April. A memorial event commemorating the fifth anniversary of disaster will be held at Sanjicheon Plaza on the evening of the 16th. 세월호 5주기 제주 전역에 추모공간 설치 세월호 참사 5주기를 맞아 제주 전역에 이를 추모하는 공간이 설치됩니다. 세월호촛불연대는 세월호가 향하던 제주에서 참사 5주기를 맞아 '세월이 빛나는 마을' 프로젝트를 시작한다고 밝혔습니다. 특히 9일부터 추자를 제외한 제주의 모든 읍면 14개 지역에 세월호 기억 추모공간을 설치해 운영합니다. 또 세월호 참사 5주기 당일인 오는 16일 저녁에는 제주시 산지천광장에서 추모 행사가 진행될 예정입니다.
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  • KCDC issues alert for japanese encephalitis
  • 4. KCDC issues alert for japanese encephalitis Vector mosquito found in Jeju for the first time in 2019 A vector mosquito known to carry the Japanese encephalitis virus was found on Jeju for the first time this year. The Korean Center for Disease Control issued a nationwide warning for the disease This year’s encephalitis warning is 5 days later than last year, presumably due to the recent fluctuations in temperature. The province has advised citizens to get vaccinated and take precautions to avoid mosquito bites. 일본뇌염 주의보…매개모기 제주서 첫 발견 제주지역에서 올해 처음 일본뇌염 매개모기인 작은빨간집모기가 채집되면서 질병관리본부가 전국에 일본뇌염 주의보를 발령했습니다. 올해 일본뇌염 주의보 발령은 지난해에 비해 5일 늦은 것으로 최근 큰 일교차 때문으로 추정되고 있습니다. 제주도는 일본뇌염 예방접종을 반드시 맞고 모기에 물리지 않도록 각별한 주의를 당부하고 있습니다.
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  • Jeju introduces ‘AI-based real time groundwater quality monitoring system'
  • 3. Jeju introduces ‘AI-based real time groundwater quality monitoring system' Pilot run at 18 locations in the west An AI-based groundwater observation system will be introduced for the first time in the country. The provincial government announced that an “AI-based real time groundwater quality monitoring system” has been selected by the Ministry of Science and Technology as one of its projects for the ICT Public Service Development Project. The monitoring system, with an additional automatic water quality sensor, can detect up to 12 categories of pollutants and predict pollution through big data analysis. The island will receive financial support of approximately 1.6 billion won to carry out demonstrations from next month at 18 locations in the west, including Hangyeong-myeon and Hallim-eup. 인공지능 지하수질 실시간 관측 시스템 도입 인공지능에 기반한 지하수 수질 감시시스템이 전국 최초로 도입됩니다. 제주특별자치도는 '인공지능 지하수 오염 실시간 감시시스템'이 과기부의 ICT 공공서비스 촉진사업에 선정됐다고 밝혔습니다. 지하수 관측정에 자동 수질센서를 탑재해 최대 12개 오염항목을 실시간으로 관측할 수 있고 빅데이터를 통한 오염 예측도 가능해집니다. 제주도는 사업비 16억 원을 지원받아 다음달부터 한경과 한림 등 서부지역 18군데에 시범 실시할 계획입니다.
  • 2019.04.09  |  김동국
  • Seogwipo City moves forward with its ‘Integrative Medical Safety-Net’
  • 2. Seogwipo City moves forward with its ‘Integrative Medical Safety-Net’ Medical system and services to be improved Seogwipo has announced a plan to launch its Integrative Medical Safety Net. The Presidential Committee for Balanced National Development and the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport evaluated 27 pilot projects for regional development submitted from all over the country. A total of 11 projects, including Seogwipo’s Integrative Medical Safety Net were selected. The project will receive 20 billion won over the next three years. The city will expand its medical social overhead capital(SOC) services and innovate its emergency medical system. 서귀포 통합형 의료안전망 구축 추진 서귀포시의 통합형 의료안전망 구축사업이 추진될 전망입니다. 국가균형발전위원회와 국토교통부는 전국에서 응모한 27건의 지역발전투자협약 시범사업에 대한 평가를 벌여 서귀포시의 통합형 의료안전망 구축 등 11건을 최종 선정했습니다. 이에 따라 서귀포시의 통합형 의료안전망 구축사업은 앞으로 3년간 200억원이 투입돼 의료분야 생활 SOC를 확충하고 응급의료체계를 혁신하게 됩니다.
  • 2019.04.09  |  김동국
  • Korea Tourism Organization demands compensation
  • 1. Korea Tourism Organization demands compensation ICC says no legal grounds exist for restitution on profits A dispute over profits between the Korea Tourism Organization and the International Convention Center has erupted. The KTO says it is entitled to its share in the increase in land values stemming from the ICC’s development of its second convention project. According to the province and ICC, the Jeju branch of the KTO has demanded 25% of the total profits from increased property values as the purpose of the land in the Jungmun Tourist Complex changed and in their capacity as the prime developers of the second convention project. However, convention center officials strongly refutes the claim that there is a legal basis for compensation. Jeju Island and ICC bought 40,000 square meters of the Jungmun Tourist Complex in 2017 from the Korean Tourism Organization at a price of 19.6 billion won. They are planning to construct the second convention building by 2023. 한국관광공사 제2컨벤션 개발이익 환수 요구 '논란' 국제컨벤션센터가 추진하는 제2 컨벤션 사업과 관련해 한국관광공사가 개발 이익 환수를 요구해 논란이 일고 있습니다. 제주도와 ICC에 따르면 중문관광단지 개발사업 시행자인 한국관광공사 제주지사는 ICC 제주측에 제2컨벤션 사업부지 땅값 상승분의 25%를 요구했습니다. 관광공사는 사업부지 용도변경으로 토지 가치가 오른 만큼 일정분을 환수해야 한다는 입장이지만 ICC는 법적 근거가 없다며 반발하고 있습니다. 한편 제주도와 ICC는 지난 2017년 한국관광공사로부터 중문관광단지 부지 4만 제곱미터를 196억 원에 매입했고 2023년까지 제 2컨벤션 건립을 계획하고 있습니다.
  • 2019.04.09  |  김동국
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