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Researchers say single-use plastics coupled with insufficient recycling are ruining the planet. Now there’s another reason to make sure you separate your plastic waste--it can be turned into fuel. Joseph Kim reports. [slug] Geumneung Agro-Industrial Complex Plastic waste is piled high. The end-of-life plastic waste comes from homes, stores and farms. [slug] Plastic is thermochemically broken down The waste is pressed and placed into the machine called a pyrolysis reactor. The machine heats plastics upto 400 degrees Celsius. In the pyrolysis process, the plastic waste is not burned. But instead plastic is chemically broken down into pyrolysis vapor and carbon black. [slug] Condensed pyrolysis vapor used as fuel Once the vapor is condensed, it is used at power plants as fuel. This conversion of plastic waste into petroleum is to deal with the massive amounts of plastic waste generated. The pyrolysis oil is sent to all of the power plants across the island and used to generate new energy. <타가 IN> 9,000 liters of pyrolysis oil is generated from 30 tons of plastic waste a day using plastic-to-fuel conversion technology. That can fill up 150 fuel tanks of sedans. <타가 OUT> If inappropriately disposed, plastic waste buried or burned harms the planet. INTERVIEW Kim Tae-yun / CEO, Jeju Clean Energy It's extremely important to use recycled material rather than natural resources. We have to repurpose the plastic that often gets discarded with other waste into a valuable energy resource. <인터뷰 : 김태윤 / (주)제주클린에너지 대표> "천연자원을 최소화하고 재활용 자원을 최대한 사용하는게 가장 중요합니다. 종량제봉투 속에 (혼합 배출되는) 폐비닐, 폐플라스틱을 자원화해서 소중한 에너지원으로 (활용해야 합니다)." Single-use plastics and people’s insufficient recycling habits are ruining the planet. [Reporter] Joseph Kim [Camera] Hyeon Gwang-hoon [CG] Kim Eun-kyo But garbage sorting habits, especially for plastic waste, can give trash new life. Joseph Kim, KCTV
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  • Province targeting domestic travelers in new marketing push
  • 5. Province targeting domestic travelers in new marketing push Efforts tailored to different age groups The provincial government is working on a number of marketing efforts to boost the number of domestic tourist arrivals. The province is targeting millennials through promotions that combine facets of Jeju’s traditional culture, like stone walls, “haenyeo,” and forest yoga programs, with activities that highlight the natural assets of the island, like paragliding, surfing, skin diving, and horseback riding. Its marketing efforts targeting baby boomers focus on themes of rest and healing, like visits to little-known island towns and “oreum.” The marketing is being done through social media, specifically Facebook, Instagram, Kakao Story, and YouTube accounts with roughly 1 million subscribers or followers. 내국인 관광객 유치 마케팅 추진 제주특별자치도가 내국인 관광객 유치를 위한 다양한 마케팅을 추진합니다. 밀레니엄 세대를 대상으로 제주돌담과 해녀, 숲속 요가 등 제주의 독톡한 문화와 함께 패러글라이딩과 서핑, 스킨스쿠버, 승마 등 청정자원을 활용한 활동적인 스포츠 콘텐츠를 발굴합니다. 또 베이비부머 세대를 대상으로 지금껏 잘 알려지지 않은 마을에서의 체험과 오름 등 휴양과 힐링을 테마로 마케팅을 전개합니다. 이를 위해 100만 내외의 팔로워를 보유한 유투버와 페이스북, 인스타그램, 카카오스토리 등 소셜미디어네트워크 매체를 통해 홍보활동을 벌입니다.
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  • Abalone production soars
  • 4. Abalone production soars Analysts credit efforts to rebuild stocks and limit harvesting The dispersion of abalone seeds has led to a significant increase in the product of the molluscs. Seogwipo officials say abalone production last year likely topped four tons. The industry is focused in (남원리) Namwon-ri, (법환리) Beophwan-ri, (강정동) Gangjeong-dong, and (하예동) Haye-dong. Average annual production over the previous three years was around three tons. The increase last year is the result of discharging seeds into the ocean combined with limits on abalone harvesting over the past decade. For example, (남원리) Namwon-ri managed its abalone farm and allowed collection only twice yearly. Each of those two times, the haul was between 35 and 55 kilograms. 전복 생산량 증가…종묘 방류 효과 서귀포지역을 중심으로 전복 생산량이 크게 늘어나면서 종묘방류 사업이 효과를 보이고 있습니다. 서귀포시에 따르면 남원리와 법환리, 강정동, 하예동 어촌계를 중심으로 지난해 전복 생산량은 4톤 이상을 보일 것으로 분석됐습니다. 이 같은 규모는 앞선 3년 평균인 3톤 내외보다 크게 증가한 것으로 지난 10여 년 동안 수산종자 방류사업을 시행하고 전복 포획을 제한한 데 따른 성과로 풀이됩니다. 실제로 남원리어촌계는 어촌계에서 별도로 전복 양식장을 관리하며 1년에 두차례 정도만 입어를 허용해 한 번 입어할 때 적게는 전복을 35kg에서 많게는 55kg까지 어획하고 있습니다.
  • 2019.02.12  |  김동국
  • Jeju vegetable juice and citrus delivered to North Korea
  • 3. Jeju vegetable juice and citrus delivered to North Korea Carrot juice from Gujwa, ‘redhyang’ from Namwon Vegetable juice and fruit from the island has been shipped to North Korea. The Jeju office of the Korean Peasants League announced that it delivered a type of citrus called “redhyang” and carrot juice for tasting and promotions to the “New Year’s Alliance for a South-North Joint Declaration.” That event began Tuesday at (금강산) Geumgangsan Mountain and will end Wednesday. (남원) Namwon (농협) Nonghyup shipped 100 boxes of redhyang and (구좌) Gujwa (농협) Nonghyup shipped 10 boxes of carrot juice. 제주산 레드향·당근 주스 북한에 전달 제주에서 생산된 레드향과 당근주스가 북한에 보내집니다. 전국농민회총연맹 제주도연맹은 12일과 13일 이틀동안 금강산에서 열리는 '남북공동선언 이행을 위한 새해 맞이 연대모임' 행사에 레드향과 당근주스를 시식과 홍보용으로 보내기로 했다고 밝혔습니다. 이번에 열리는 연대모임에는 남측에서 260여명, 북측에서 150여명이 참석할 예정입니다. 한편 금강산으로 보내는 레드향 100박스는 남원농협에서, 당근주스 10박스는 구좌농협에서 지원했습니다.
  • 2019.02.12  |  김동국
  • Province to trial new system of selecting community leaders
  • 2. Province to trial new system of selecting community leaders Residents will assess candidates and choose nominees The provincial government will trial a new system in which the leaders of area communities are selected based on the recommendations of area residents. The province plans to test the system in two “eup”, “myeon”, or “dong” administrative districts. Candidates must be at least a grade 6 civil servant. They will make presentations on their ideas for community operations. A residents recommendation committee will then assess the candidates and select a nominee. The provincial government will select the communities and timetable for the new system following more deliberations. 주민 추천 읍면동장 임명제 시범 추진 주민들이 추천하는 읍면동장 임명제가 시범 실시됩니다. 제주도는 행정시별로 읍면동 두 곳 정도를 대상으로 주민 추천 읍면동장 임명제를 시범적으로 추진해 보기로 했습니다. 공모 대상은 6급 이상으로 응모자가 읍면동 운영계획을 발표하면 주민 추천위원회 평가를 통해 최종 임명 여부가 결정됩니다. 제주도는 추가 논의를 거쳐 시범 지역과 도입 시기를 확정할 계획입니다.
  • 2019.02.12  |  김동국
  • Province strengthening oversight of casinos
  • 1. Province strengthening oversight of casinos Changes include inspection teams and operating standards The provincial government is strengthening its oversight of the casino industry. Authorities will check to see if the facilities are following all required procedures regarding the admittance of foreign gamblers. They will also inspect the operations of electronic games and tables as well as casino revenue to ensure that the province is collecting all of the tourism development funding it is owed. Inspection teams will be onsite to oversee operations during especially busy times. If necessary, the inspectors will analyze surveillance camera footage. Finally, the province will finalize and implement operating standards at the casinos, so they are not run differently from one another 카지노 산업 관리감독 강화…현장 점검반 운영 제주특별자치도가 카지노 산업의 관리감독을 강화합니다. 이를 위해 외국인 입장 절차 이행실태와 전자게임과 전자테이블 운영현황, 제주관광진흥기금 부과를 위한 카지노 매출액 조사를 중점 점검합니다. 특히 카지노 현장 점검반을 운영해 고객 집중 시간대에 집중 확인하고 필요할 경우 영업장 CCTV 녹화물을 분석합니다. 이와 함께 카지노별 상이한 영업방식을 개선하고 표준화된 운영기준을 마련해 시행합니다.
  • 2019.02.12  |  김동국
KCTV News7
  • Thinning Trees
  • Mandarin orange prices are falling, so growers are thinning out their orchards. Joseph Kim reports. [slug] Aewol-eup, Jeju City A roaring saw is cutting down a mandarin tree from its trunk. Then the cut log is crushed in a wood chipper. Half of the 600 trees in this farm are removed. The densely packed mandarin farm now has space between the trees. INTERVIEW Gang Sang-hoon / Mandarin grower At a high density orchard, it takes longer to spray pesticide and less light gets through. That’s why I decided to remove half of the trees. <인터뷰 : 강상훈 / 감귤농가> "밀식재배를 하면 약 칠 때도 불편하고, 햇빛도 덜 맞아서 간벌을 해야겠다고 생각했습니다." Local farmers are removing half of their trees to reduce fruit production and improve quality. <타가 IN> Enough area between trees allows sunlight to hit fruits, which increases their sugar content and decreases acidity. The wind blowing between trees helps reduce the emergence of pests. A reduced number of trees also means less work and lower maintenance costs. <타가 OUT> [slug] Farming association joins mandarin cutting effort As mandarin prices dropped eight percent, farmers chose to make efforts to improve competitiveness. Recording Lee Gyeong-mi, Gang Deok-chan / Mandarin growers The responsibility to improve competitiveness lies with farming associations and growers. <싱크 : 이경미 강덕찬 / 감귤농가> "하나. 우리 감귤산업의 경쟁력을 높이는 길은 농업단체와 농가의 역할에 있으니." [slug] Goal: reduce trees on 250ha of farms This year's goal is to have 250 hectares of farms with a reduced number of mandarin trees. The province has set up situation rooms and organized professional crews to aid farmers. INTERVIEW Hyeon Deok-hyeon / Jeju Agricultural Research & Extension Services Professional crews are helping farmers cut and chip trees. This thinning is essential for producing quality fruit. <인터뷰 : 현덕현 / 제주도농업기술원 기술보급과장> "작업단에서 전체적으로 작업을 다 해주는 체제로 (운영되고 있습니다). 필수적으로 간벌이 이뤄져야 고품질 생산이 될 수 있습니다." [Reporter] Joseph Kim [Camera] Hyeon Gwang-hoon Along with the tree cutting, the province is planning to reform orchards to produce quality mandarins. Joseph Kim, KCTV
  • 2019.02.11  |  김동국
  • Province to study parcel delivery prices
  • 5. Province to study parcel delivery prices ₩60b more per year paid in Jeju because it’s an island Parcel delivery to and from Jeju is more expensive than elsewhere because it’s an island, and local officials are teaming up with the Korea Consumer Agency to study the issue. They will survey through April other areas that have similar problems, like Heuksando in Jeonnam and Ulleungdo in Gyeongbuk. Researchers will try to determine pricing standards. They will then formulate a plan to improve the situation and hold a seminar with experts in the field. Analysts say people spend an additional 60 billion won a year to ship items to and from Jeju because it is an island. 제주섬 택배비 부담…실태조사·개선 추진 제주라는 섬지역 특성에 따라 배송비 부담이 큰 가운데 제주도가 다음주부터 4월까지 한국소비자원과 함께 특수배송비 실태를 공동 조사합니다. 이번 조사에서는 전남 흑산도나 경북 울릉도처럼 제주와 같은 문제를 갖고 있는 지역의 상황을 파악해 적정한 택배요금 부과 기준을 모색하게 됩니다. 제주도는 실태조사에 이어 국토교통부에 도서지역 특수배송비 개선 방안을 건의하고 전문가 세미나도 개최할 계획입니다. 제주는 섬이라는 이유로 다른지역보다 비싼 택배비를 부담하고 있으며 이로 인한 배송비는 연간 600억 원에 이르는 것으로 추정되고 있습니다.
  • 2019.02.11  |  김동국
  • JPDC plans to purchase 180 housing units
  • 4. JPDC plans to purchase 180 housing units Will be rented out at below market prices to struggling locals The Jeju Province Development Center will buy 180 housing units to rent out to people who need them the most. That’s 50 units more than last year. The JPDC will purchase homes with an area of less than 60 square meters and it will prioritize units that provide easy access to downtown or a university. The average purchase price for newlyweds will be 165 million won in “dong” administrative districts and less than 125 million in “eup” or “myeon” areas. The average amount it will spend on housing for young workers is 97 million won. The JPDC plans to rent 100 units to people from the low-income bracket, 50 to newlyweds, and 30 to young workers. The rents will be below market prices. 개발공사, 주택매입 사업 확대…180호 매입 제주도개발공사가 주택매입 사업을 확대해 올해에는 지난해보다 50호 늘어난 180호를 매입합니다. 매입 대상은 저소득층 임대 사업에 적합한 전용면적 60제곱미터 이하 규모로 도심지나 대학교 근처 등 교통이 편리한 지역의 주택을 우선 매입할 방침입니다. 평균 매입금액은 신혼부부 주택은 동지역 1억 6천500만 원, 읍면지역 1억 2천 500만 원 이하이며 청년주택은 9천 700만 원입니다. 개발공사는 저소득층에 100호, 신혼부부 50호, 대학생과 청년에게 30호를 시중보다 저렴하게 임대할 예정입니다.
  • 2019.02.11  |  김동국
  • Jeju International was nation’s busiest airport over holidays
  • 3. Jeju International was nation’s busiest airport over holidays 568,000 people used the facility February 1-7 With the exception of Incheon Jeju International was the nation’s busiest airport over the Lunar New Year holidays. The Korea Airports Corporation says 568,000 people used the local facility from February 1st through the 7th. That’s the most among Korea’s 14 airports. On the last day of the holidays, around 88,000 people used the local airport. This year’s Spring Festival in China increased the number of passengers on international flights over the period by 75 percent compared to last year. 설 연휴 제주공항 이용객 전국 최다 지난 설 연휴 동안 전국 공항 가운데 제주공항 이용객이 가장 많았습니다. 한국공항공사가 인천공항을 제외한 전국 14개 공항을 대상으로 지난 1일부터 7일까지 공항 이용객을 집계한 결과 제주공항은 56만 8천명으로 전국에서 가장 많았습니다. 특히 연휴 마지막 날인 지난 6일, 하루 이용객은 8만 8천 명에 달했습니다. 중국 국경절인 춘절을 맞아 국제선 이용객도 작년 설 연휴 기간보다 75% 증가했습니다.
  • 2019.02.11  |  김동국
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