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The province is ramping up efforts for infection prevention and control as some 300,000 people are expected to visit the island during the (추석) Chuseok holidays. Administrative measures have been issued that includes mandatory mask wearing for all tourists. Violators will face criminal penalties and will not be compensated by the government in the case of a COVID-19 infection. Mike Laidman reports. Nearly 300,000 visitors are expected in Jeju over the (추석) Chuseok holiday, as many on the mainland are choosing the island as their preferred holiday destination. In anticipation, the province has tightened up their infection prevention and control efforts. Jeju Province has issued an administrative measure, making wearing masks mandatory for all those people entering the island from September 26 through to October 4. Violators will face fines of up to 3 million won. Those entering who are found to have a temperature of 37.5 degrees or higher will be tested and then isolated at either a designated quarantine facility or pre-reserved guesthouses. Alongside the potential fines, the province will require that violators cover their own diagnosis and quarantine costs. The same will apply to someone making a false statement if they know they are infected. The range of areas where wearing masks is mandatory will be expanded. 11 more business categories, including ferries and pharmacies, will be added to the list of areas where the province has instituted a mandatory mask-wearing policy. There are already 48 businesses on the list, covering everything from wedding halls to traditional markets. Admission at spas and bathhouses will be controlled through body temperature checks. Visitors will also be required to register at these facilities. Those who refuse to have their temperature taken or give their personal information, such as a phone number, will face repercussions. The Jeju Municipal Police will send 100 police officers to 50 vulnerable facilities including guest houses, bars, and bowling alleys to make sure that they are all following quarantine measures over the holiday. Meanwhile, the island’s hospitals, public health centers, and coronavirus testing facilities will be providing their medical services over the Chuseok holiday to deal with the COVID-19 situation. Mike Laidman, KCTV
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  • Crackdown on livestock product suppliers ahead of Chuseok
  • Crackdown on livestock product suppliers ahead of Chuseok Inspectors analyze sanitation, origin labeling With the Chuseok holidays approaching, local authorities are stepping up efforts to ensure all livestock products are subject to the proper sanitary controls and have accurate origin labeling. The provincial office is cracking down on livestock suppliers selling expired products, violating origin labeling and tampering with the traceability system. The crackdown will run through September 22nd. Inspectors are placing extra emphasis on livestock products for rituals sold at large retailers and livestock cooperatives. The province will take legal action against violators that will include criminal charges and an order to suspend business operations. 추석 앞두고 '축산물 부정 유통' 행위 단속 추석 명절을 앞두고 축산물 부정 유통 행위에 대한 단속이 실시됩니다. 제주도는 오는 22일까지 도내 축산물 영업장을 대상으로 유통기간이 지난 물품을 판매하거나 원산지 표시 또는 축산물 이력제를 위반하는 행위를 단속합니다. 특히 대형마트와 농축협 마트에서 취급하는 제수용 축산물이 적정하게 판매되는지 여부를 집중 점검합니다. 제주도는 고의적인 불법행위에 대해서는 영업정지 등 행정처분과 함께 형사 고발할 방침입니다.
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  • Local medical residents end 18-day strike
  • Local medical residents end 18-day strike Some 100 residents returned to work on Sept. 8 Medical residents nationwide have been on strike since August 21st. Since then, most have resumed medical duties, and one hundred of those who were on strike in Jeju returned to work on September 8th. According to the local medical community, 70 residents from Jeju National University Hospital and 30 residents from Cheju Halla General Hospital ended their strike and returned to work on Tuesday morning. With residents of the two hospitals on strike for 18 days, medical staff were left with an intense workload, causing some disruption in hospital work. 제주지역 전공의 100여 명 업무 복귀 지난달 21일부터 무기한 파업을 이어왔던 전국 전공의들 상당수가 의료현장으로 돌아간 가운데 제주지역 전공의 100여 명도 업무에 복귀했습니다. 의료계에 따르면 제주대학교병원 전공의 70여 명 전원과 한라병원 전공의 30여 명이 8일 오전부터 파업을 멈추고 병원으로 돌아가 정상 업무를 보고 있습니다. 제주대병원과 한라병원은 지난 18일동안 전공의들이 파업에 참여하면서 의료진들의 업무 피로도가 높고 병원 업무도 일부 차질을 빚어왔습니다.
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  • Outbreak response branch to be established in Jeju
  • 1. Outbreak response branch to be established in Jeju Institute of Health and Environment will increase number of staff Jeju Island’s ability to respond to an infectious disease outbreak is expected to improve, with the establishment of a branch of an outbreak response center and the creation of a department exclusively dedicated to infectious diseases. The Ministry of Public Administration and Security announced that the direct legislation, which promotes the status of the Korea Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, was approved by the cabinet on the 8th and will take effect on the 12th. As a result, disease outbreak response centers will be set up in five regions across the country, including a branch consisting of 10 employees in Jeju. In order to reinforce the response of infectious diseases by local governments, each city and province's main office will have a task force for infectious diseases. Every city and province’s Institute of Health and Environment will also have a department dedicated to facilitating tests and research of infectious disease in preparation for a surge in volume of tests. The government will also increase staff at national health centers and screening stations. 1. 제주에 질병대응센터 출장소 설치…인력 보강 제주에 질병대응센터 출장소가 설치되고 전담기구가 설치되는 등 감염병 대응 역량이 향상될 전망입니다. 행정안전부는 질병관리본부를 질병관리청으로 승격하는 내용의 질병관리청 직제 제정안이 8일 국무회의에서 의결돼 오는 12일부터 시행된다고 밝혔습니다. 이에따라 전국 5개 권역에 질병대응센터가 설치되고 제주에는 10명 정도 규모의 출장소가 설치됩니다. 각 시.도 본청에는 자치단체의 감염병 대응 보강을 위해 감염병 업무 전담과를 설치하고, 시.도 보건환경연구원에는 감염병 검사와 연구를 전담하는 기구를 설치해 검사물량 폭증에 대비하도록 했습니다. 이와함께 전국 보건소 인력과 선별진료소 운영 인력 등도 보강하게 됩니다.
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  • Stricter Social Distancing Extended for Schools?
  • As the number of untraceable COVID-19 cases is increasing also in Jeju, education authorities cannot relax. School attendance caps that limit to one-third of capacity in big schools as a part of social distancing are in force until this Friday. The local educational office is reviewing extension of the measure. Joseph Kim reports. This is one of the local elementary schools in Seogwipo. This school had provided online classes since August 31st, when the number of confirmed cases of COVID-19 started to rise among people associated with a guest house in (남원) Namwon. The local education authorities lifted the mandatory online class order given to schools in (남원) Namwon, (대정) Daejeong and (안덕) Andeok on September 4th. Schools in the regions are allowing a limited number of students to attend classes this week. The virus hasn’t spread to students and teachers, but education authorities cannot relax. Because of school caps that currently limit attendance to one-third of capacity in large schools, will only be in force until this Friday. Attendance at big local kindergartens, elementary and middle schools is limited to one-third of their capacity and attendance at high schools is limited to two-thirds this week. Virus infection is being spread among people associated with a hot spring near (산방산) Sanbangsan Mountain and the guest house in (남원) Namwon. As infection routes of some cases are being identified late, the danger of further transmission grows. Therefore, it is highly possible that education authorities may keep the strict social distancing measures in place for the foreseeable future. Seoul has decided to extend the social distancing measure at level two to September 20th nationwide. Meanwhile, the local education office has announced that it will consult with the Ministry of Education this Wednesday or Thursday on the limited school attendance for local schools. As Seoul has extended the period of stricter social distancing to suppress the coronavirus, online classes for this year’s second semester are likely unavoidable. Joseph Kim, KCTV
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  • MOLIT reflects construction for secondary airport in 2021 budget
  • MOLIT reflect construction for secondary airport in 2021 budget Basic plan will be released by year end The Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport reported a total of 47.3 billion won in next year's budget, which includes 43 billion won for the construction of the secondary airport. The ministry also plans to complete a thorough investigation of wildlife, such as the current status of birds and caves, and discuss the strategic environmental impact assessment with the Ministry of Environment starting from this month until November. Once the consultation with the Ministry of Environment is complete, the basic plan for the construction of the second airport will be released by the end of the year. 6. 국토부, 내년 예산에 '2공항 실시설계비' 반영 국토교통부가 내년 예산안에 제2공항 건설사업 실시설계 사업비로 430억 원 등 모두 473억 원을 반영했습니다. 이와함께 조류 현황과 숨골, 동굴 등에 대한 정밀조사를 조만간 마무리하고 이달부터 환경부와 전략환경영향평가에 대해 협의해 11월까지 마무리한다는 방침입니다. 환경부와 협의가 완료되면 올 연말까지 제2공항 건설사업 기본계획을 고시할 계획입니다.
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  • Proposal to elevate Jeju Economic Policy Council chairman to governor status
  • Proposal to elevate Jeju Economic Policy Council chairman to governor status Revised ordinance supports businesses affected by COVID-19 An ordinance was proposed to elevate the authority of the chairman of the Jeju Economic Policy Council to that of a provincial governor. The Jeju Provincial Council's Special Committee on the Post-Covid-19 Response said it proposed a revision to the existing ordinance at the Jeju Economic Policy Council for the Covid-19 Economic Crisis Response. The revised ordinance addresses a policy discussion on the support of industries and businesses affected by infectious diseases and includes a change in the status of the chairman of the Economic Policy Council from the existing administrative vice-governor to that of a provincial governor. The committee said it hopes the ordinance revision can make the economic policy consultative body more effective than it has been since its formation in 2017. 5. 제주 경제정책협의체 위원장, 도지사로 격상 추진 제주도 경제정책협의체의 위원장을 도지사로 격상하는 내용을 담은 조례안이 발의됐습니다. 제주도의회 포스트코로나대응특별위원회는 코로나19로 인한 경제위기에 대처하는 제주도 경제정책협의회 조례 개정안을 발의했다고 밝혔습니다. 이 조례안은 감염병 관련 피해 산업과 업체 지원 정책 협의에 관한 사항과 경제정책협의회 위원장을 기존 행정부지사에서 도지사로 격상하는 내용을 담고 있습니다. 포스트 코로나 특위는 본 조례 개정을 통해 2017년 구성 이후 유명무실한 경제정책협의체가 보다 실효성 있는 조직이 되길 기대한다고 밝혔습니다.
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  • 482 visitors of Sanbangsan Hot Springs tested for COVID-19
  • 482 visitors of Sanbangsan Hot Springs tested for COVID-19 Four people test positive A total of four people have tested positive for COVID 19 in relation to a cluster infection at the Sanbangsan Hot Springs after nearly 500 visitors were tested. According to Jeju Island, 482 provincial residents who visited the hot springs up to September 2nd were tested after it was reported that a retired pastor and his wife who were previously confirmed for the virus visited the hot springs. The four patients who tested positive were classified as confirmed case numbers 40, 42, 44 and 46. The provincial authorities have urged anyone who visited the Sanbangsan Hot Springs on the 23rd, 26th, and 28th of last month, or anyone who shows any symptoms and has been to the hot springs within the last 14 days, to refrain from going out. 4. 산방산 온천 482명 코로나 검사…4명 양성 코로나19 집단 감염이 발생한 산방산 탄산온천에서 지금까지 500명 가까이 검사가 완료된 가운데 4명의 확진자가 나왔습니다. 제주도에 따르면 은퇴 목사 부부가 온천을 방문한 것으로 확인된 지난달 29일 이후 2일까지 온천 방문 이력이 있는 도민을 대상으로 코로나 검사를 진행한 결과 482명이 검사를 받았습니다. 이 가운데 4명이 양성 판정을 받아 40번과 42번, 44번, 46번 확진자로 분류됐고 나머지는 음성으로 확인됐습니다. 제주도는 지난달 23일이나 26일, 28일에 산방산 온천을 방문했거나 최근 14일 이내 온천을 이용한 뒤 코로나 증상이 있다면 외출을 자제하고 검사를 받을 것을 부탁했습니다.
  • 2020.09.07(mon)  |  김동국
  • Jeju City conducts joint safety inspection of COVID-19 high-risk facilities
  • Jeju City conducts joint safety inspection of COVID-19 high-risk facilities More than 15,800 sites to be investigated Jeju City will conduct safety inspections at high-risk facilities, as well as food and public sanitation facilities in accordance with Jeju Island's administrative measures following the continued spread of COVID 19. The inspection targets more than 15,800 sites, including entertainment bars, clubs, buffets, and restaurants. High-risk facilities will be inspected to ensure that the primary quarantine rules, such as implementing a visitors’ log, and mandatory mask-wearing, are being properly carried out. Under the new administrative order banning the gathering of more than three people in one location, the Jeju City government plans to monitor if this regulation is being met by all restaurants in guest houses. The city plans to strongly punish businesses that have violated the law. 3. 제주시, 코로나19 고위험시설 등 합동 안전점검 제주시가 코로나19 확산세에 따른 제주도의 행정조치에 따라 고위험시설과 식품, 공중위생업소에 대한 안전점검을 실시합니다. 점검 대상은 고위험시설인 유흥주점과 클럽, 뷔페 그리고, 일반 휴게 음식점 등 만5천800여 곳입니다. 특히 고위험시설에 대해서는 출입자 명부 작성과 관리, 마스크 착용 등 핵심 방역수칙 이행 실태를 점검합니다. 제주시는 3인 이상 집합금지 행정 명령에 따라 농어촌민박사업장과 게스트하우스 내 음식점에 대해서도 이행 여부를 점검해 위반 사항이 발견되면 강력히 처벌한다는 방침입니다.
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  • Government-backed loans for businesses affected by typhoons
  • Government-backed loans for businesses affected by typhoons Credit line up to ₩200M The provincial government will provide special management support funds for small and medium-sized businesses affected by Typhoon Maisak. Businesses can get a loan of up to 200 million won. Business owners can apply at their local community center by the 12th. The Jeju Credit Guarantee Foundation will also provide additional guarantees of up to 200 million won within the scope of damage and fix the guarantee commission rate at 0.5 percent without requiring any collateral. 태풍 피해 중소기업 경영안정자금 특별지원 제주특별자치도가 태풍 마이삭으로 피해를 입은 중소기업과 소상공인들을 위한 경영안정자금을 특별지원합니다. 최고 2억원 한도 내에서 융자 지원받을 수 있고 이자차액 보전도 3%로 상향됩니다. 피해 기업은 오는 12일까지 읍면동주민센터에 신고하면 됩니다. 이와는 별도로 제주신용보증재단은 담보물이 없는 중소기업과 소상공인에 대해 보증수수료율을 0.5%로 고정해 피해범위 내에서 2억원까지 추가 보증을 지원합니다.
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