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The province is ramping up efforts for infection prevention and control as some 300,000 people are expected to visit the island during the (추석) Chuseok holidays. Administrative measures have been issued that includes mandatory mask wearing for all tourists. Violators will face criminal penalties and will not be compensated by the government in the case of a COVID-19 infection. Mike Laidman reports. Nearly 300,000 visitors are expected in Jeju over the (추석) Chuseok holiday, as many on the mainland are choosing the island as their preferred holiday destination. In anticipation, the province has tightened up their infection prevention and control efforts. Jeju Province has issued an administrative measure, making wearing masks mandatory for all those people entering the island from September 26 through to October 4. Violators will face fines of up to 3 million won. Those entering who are found to have a temperature of 37.5 degrees or higher will be tested and then isolated at either a designated quarantine facility or pre-reserved guesthouses. Alongside the potential fines, the province will require that violators cover their own diagnosis and quarantine costs. The same will apply to someone making a false statement if they know they are infected. The range of areas where wearing masks is mandatory will be expanded. 11 more business categories, including ferries and pharmacies, will be added to the list of areas where the province has instituted a mandatory mask-wearing policy. There are already 48 businesses on the list, covering everything from wedding halls to traditional markets. Admission at spas and bathhouses will be controlled through body temperature checks. Visitors will also be required to register at these facilities. Those who refuse to have their temperature taken or give their personal information, such as a phone number, will face repercussions. The Jeju Municipal Police will send 100 police officers to 50 vulnerable facilities including guest houses, bars, and bowling alleys to make sure that they are all following quarantine measures over the holiday. Meanwhile, the island’s hospitals, public health centers, and coronavirus testing facilities will be providing their medical services over the Chuseok holiday to deal with the COVID-19 situation. Mike Laidman, KCTV
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  • Visitors who violate quarantine protocols during Chuseok to be penalized
  • Visitors who violate quarantine protocols during Chuseok to be penalized Offenders will not be compensated by government Governor Won Hee-ryong has initiated a special measure that imposes penalties for visitors who do not observe COVID-19 preventive protocols during the Chuseok holiday. From the 26th to the 4th of next month, all incoming visitors entering through airports must comply with quarantine regulations. In the case of a breach, the province will not only file charges against the violator but will also claim the right to demand compensation. The new initiative specifically states that if a patient tests positive for the virus after showing signs of a fever, the patient will not be compensated by the government. Jeju Island has decided to set a two-week period after the Chuseok holiday as a high risk period and will devise a post-disaster prevention management plan. 1. "추석연휴 방역수칙 미준수 입도객 제재 강화" 원희룡 제주특별자치도지사가 추석 연휴 기간 방역 수칙을 지키지 않는 입도객에 대해 페널티를 부과하는 내용의 특별행동조치를 발동했습니다. 이에 따라 오는 26일부터 다음달 4일까지 공항만을 통해 들어오는 입도객 전원에 대해 방역수칙 준수를 의무화하며 이를 어길 경우 고발 뿐 아니라 구상권을 청구하기로 했습니다. 특히 발열증상을 보일 경우 수익자 부담의 원칙에 따라 본인의 자부담을 원칙으로 격리 조치하기로 했습니다. 제주도는 추석 연휴 이후 2주간을 위험기간으로 정하고 이와 관련한 사후 방역 관리 방안을 마련하기로 했습니다.
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  • 2 additional COVID-19 patients confirmed
  • 2 additional COVID-19 patients confirmed Patients are Bangladeshi student and a contact of Bucheon patient Two additional COVID-19 patients have been confirmed yesterday. According to the provincial government, the 57th patient is a Bangladeshi international student who arrived in Jeju on August 30th. The patient tested positive for the virus in the 3rd sample collection while the student was in self-quarantine at the school’s accommodation facility. Patient No. 58 was confirmed yesterday at 7 p.m. The patient was tested at the Seogwipo Health Center after being informed by Bucheon City health officials that they had come into contact with Bucheon patient No. 328. Authorities moved the patients to negative pressure rooms at Jeju National University Hospital and are tracing their travel routes and contacts through CCTV footage and their testimonies. 57·58번 확진자 발생…'유학생·확진자 접촉자' 제주에서 어제(17일) 코로나19 확진자 2명이 추가로 발생했습니다. 제주특별자치도에 따르면 57번 확진자는 방글라데시 국적 유학생으로 지난 달 30일 제주에 입도해 학교 측 임시 숙소에서 자가격리 중 어제(17일) 3차 검체 검사에서 양성 판정이 나왔습니다. 58번 확진자는 어제(17일) 경기도 부천시보건소로부터 부천 328번 확진자의 접촉자로 통보받은 이후 서귀포 보건소에서 검사를 받았고 오후 7시 쯤 최종 확정 판정을 받았습니다. 방역 당국은 오늘 오전 이들을 제주대병원 음압병실로 이송하는 한편 확진자 진술과 CCTV 등을 통해 추가 동선과 접촉자를 파악하고 있습니다.
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  • 2/3 of students to be back in classes next week
  • 2/3 of students to be back in classes next week POE eases restrictions to allow students back in school Starting from next week, the number of students attending school will increase to approximately two-thirds of the student population, as restrictions for social distancing will be eased. The Jeju Provincial Office of Education has prepared a plan for academic management in accordance with Level 2 social distancing that is enforced in the Seoul metropolitan area. They announced that two-thirds of all elementary, middle, and high school students in the province will be back in school by the end of a process that will take place from the 21st until the 11th of next month. As a result, 1st and 2nd graders will continue to go to school every day, and special schools will be able to autonomously decide the number of students attending school. In addition, 58 schools with less than 100 students, or less than 6 classes, will be allowed to choose between total attendance or two-thirds attendance. Superintendent Lee Seok-moon explained that elementary school students in 3rd to 6th grades have not been able to attend classes in the second semester, and that the current measures will be relaxed to bridge the resulting educational gap. 3. 다음주부터 등교수업 확대…밀집도 2/3로 완화 (번역가) 다음주부터 코로나19에 따른 등교수업 제한 조치가 완화돼 등교 인원이 3분의 2 정도로 늘어납니다. 제주도교육청은 수도권 거리두기 2단계 조정에 따른 학사 운영 방안을 마련하고 오는 21일부터 다음달 11일까지 도내 모든 초, 중, 고교의 밀집도를 2/3로 완화한다고 밝혔습니다. 이에따라 초등학교 1~2학년은 매일 등교 원칙을 이어가고 특수학교는 학교 자율로 밀집도를 결정하게 됩니다. 또 100명 이하 또는 6학급 이하 학교 58개교는 전체등교나 밀집도 2/3 조치를 취할 수 있게 됩니다. 이석문 교육감은 사회적 거리두기가 강화되면서 초등학교 3~6학년들은 2학기에 등교수업을 하지 못하고 있다며 이에 따른 교육 격차를 해소하기 위해 밀집도를 완화한다고 설명했습니다.
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  • Resolution to be needed before issuing bonds
  • Resolution to be needed before issuing bonds Provincial Council will vote to qualify local bonds The system for the issuance of local bonds has been modified, which means Jeju Island must now obtain a resolution from the Jeju Provincial Council in advance. The Jeju provincial government announced that they will submit a plan to improve the system regarding the issuance of local bonds to the 388th extraordinary session of the provincial assembly scheduled next month. Under the current Local Finance Act, when issuing local bonds, the provincial council must first make a vote, but instead had an approval for the budget. The council said that the province has been neglecting the law and the assembly, and has continuously requested an amendment to the system. 2. '지방채 발행' 전 의회 의결…제도 개선 추진 제주도가 앞으로 지방채를 발행하려면 사전에 제주도의회로부터 의결을 얻도록 제도가 변경됩니다. 제주도는 다음달 중순 예정된 제388회 도의회 임시회에 지방채 발행과 관련한 제도 개선안을 제출한다고 밝혔습니다. 현행 지방재정법상 지방채를 발행할 때 도의회 의결을 얻어야 하는데 제주도는 그동안 지방채의 경우 예산의 의결로 갈음할 수 있는 행정안전부 기준에 따라 도의회 의결 절차를 밟지 않아 왔습니다. 이에 대해 도의회는 제주도가 법과 의회를 경시하고 있다며 지속적으로 제도 개선을 주문해 왔습니다.
  • 2020.09.18(fri)  |  김동국
  • Governor Won advises against limiting local currency to gift certificates
  • Governor Won advises against limiting local currency to gift certificates Encourages use of FinTech innovations Governor Won Hee-ryong expressed a negative view on the distribution of paper money amid preparations for the issuance of the local currency in Jeju. On his personal social media platform, Governor Won stressed that local currency should not be limited to the form of gift certificates, and emphasized the pressing need for a drastic regulatory innovation that accommodates various FinTech systems. He added that they will introduce a point bank that is linked with the local currency to convert gift certificates into points that are able to be used at various locations. Meanwhile, Jeju Island has recently selected a local currency operation agency and is planning to issue 20 billion won worth of local currency by November once the official ordinance is passed by the provincial council. 1. 원 지사 "지역화폐, 상품권 형식으로 한정 말아야" 제주 지역화폐 발행을 위한 준비 작업이 진행되는 가운데 원희룡 지사가 종이 형태 발행 방식에 대한 부정적인 견해를 밝혔습니다. 원 지사는 자신의 SNS를 통해 지역화폐를 상품권 형식으로 한정하지 말아야 한다며 다양한 핀테크 기술과 모델을 수용하는 과감한 규제 혁신이 절실하다고 강조했습니다. 그러면서 지역화폐와 연동되는 포인트 뱅크를 도입해 상품권을 포인트로 전환하고 지역에서 다양하게 활용될 수 있게 하겠다고 덧붙였습니다. 한편 제주도는 최근 지역화폐 운영대행사를 선정하고 도의회에서 관련 조례가 통과되면 오는 11월쯤, 200억 원 규모의 지역화폐를 발행할 계획입니다.
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  • Jeju Red Kiwifruit Arrives
  • The harvest for this year's Jeju red kiwifruit has begun. It's about 20 days earlier than normal. The greenhouse curtain system for heat retention has pushed the harvest season forward. Joseph Kim reports. This is a greenhouse for red kiwifruit in (애월읍) Aewol-eup, Jeju City. The egg shaped fruit, heavily loaded on the vines, are being harvested. They are an early maturing variety of red kiwifruit, called (홍양) Hongyang. Standard red kiwifruit is normally harvested beginning late September. This year, the Jeju variety is being harvested 20 days earlier. Red kiwifruit loses firmness while stored faster than other kiwi varieties. This means that if the Jeju kiwi is shipped in October when most of the fruit is shipped nationwide, prices would drop. To bring the harvest season forward, a curtain system was introduced for heat retention. The system also sees the cost-benefits of heating. It reduces heating costs by 30 percent. As Jeju red kiwifruit is harvested the earliest in the nation, prices are set high at 4,500 won per kilogram. About 10 tons of Jeju red kiwi is expected to be produced this year. The greenhouse curtain system introduced in an attempt to target a niche market will be tested at the fruit market. Joseph Kim, KCTV
  • 2020.09.16(wed)  |  김동국
  • New car owners can choose license plate numbers online from the 22nd
  • New car owners can choose license plate numbers online from the 22nd Government makes online option available Car buyers will no longer have to make an in-person visit to be able to select their own license plate number when registering a vehicle. The government has now made this option available online. The Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport and the Korea Transportation Safety Authority announced that the option to select a plate number from a pool of ten numbers will be available on the Car 365 portal site from the 22nd. Until now, plate numbers have been randomly assigned when registering cars online, resulting in the inconvenience of having to visit the administrative office in person in order to select a number. 7. 22일부터 온라인서 신규 자동차 번호 선택 가능 앞으로 자동차 신규 등록을 할 때 직접 방문이 아닌 온라인으로 신청해도 차 번호 10개 가운데 1개를 선택할 수 있게 됩니다. 국토교통부와 한국교통안전공단은 오는 22일부터 자동차365 포털사이트에서 자동차 번호 선택이 가능해진다고 밝혔습니다. 그동안은 온라인으로 신차 등록을 할 때 무작위로 등록 번호가 부여되면서 직접 방문해야 하는 불편이 뒤따랐습니다.
  • 2020.09.16(wed)  |  김동국
  • Rest shelters on Hallasan Mountain to be closed until October 4
  • Rest shelters on Hallasan Mountain to be closed until October 4 Hiking is permitted with social distancing The rest shelters at Hallasan National Park will be temporarily closed in an effort to prevent the spread of COVID-19. Jeju Island announced that they will close five shelters located on the trail of the azalea fields of Hallasan Mountain, Samgakbong (삼각봉) Peak, Witsae Oreum, Soekbat (속밭), and Pyungwe (평궤), as well as an additional shelter located on the Eurimok course, until the 4th of next month. However, visitors are still permitted to hike up the mountains as long as they follow the quarantine guidelines, such as maintaining a distance of 2 meters and wearing a mask. 6. 한라산 내 '대피소·쉼터' 내달 4일까지 폐쇄 코로나19 확산을 방지하는 차원에서 한라산국립공원 대피소가 임시 폐쇄됩니다. 제주도는 한라산 진달래밭과 삼각봉, 윗세오름, 속밭, 평궤 등 탐방로에 있는 5개 대피소와 어리목 코스에 있는 어리목 쉼터를 다음달 4일까지 폐쇄한다고 밝혔습니다. 다만 앞 사람과의 2미터 거리 유지, 마스크 착용 같은 방역 지침을 지킨다면 등산은 가능합니다. 한편 앞서 경기 성남 377번 확진자가 양성 판정을 받기 전인 지난 5일 한라산을 탐방한 것으로 확인된 바 있습니다.
  • 2020.09.16(wed)  |  김동국
  • Jeju Island cracks down on fraudulent records of origin on fisheries products
  • Jeju Island cracks down on fraudulent records of origin on fisheries products Intense measures will be taken ahead of Chuseok holidays The provincial government will crackdown on falsified records of origin on fisheries products ahead of Chuseok. The crackdown will be conducted from the 16th to the 30th at traditional markets, discount stores, and fisheries processing and distribution companies. Authorities will investigate hairtail, yellow corvina, mackerel, tile fish and red sea bream, which are all primarily used as gifts and sacrificial food during ancestral rites. The government plans to impose administrative measures, such as fines and charges, for any violations in accordance with relevant laws. 5. 추석 앞두고 수산물 원산지 허위표시 집중 단속 제주특별자치도가 추석을 앞두고 수산물 원산지 허위표시를 집중 단속합니다. 이번 단속은 16일부터 오는 30일까지 재래시장과 할인매장, 수산물 가공.유통업체를 대상으로 이뤄지며 단속품목은 제수 또는 선물용품인 갈치와 참조기, 옥돔, 고등어, 참돔 등입니다. 제주도는 적발된 위반사항에 대해 관련법에 따라 벌금이나 과태료 부과, 고발 등의 행정조치를 내릴 방침입니다.
  • 2020.09.16(wed)  |  김동국
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