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KCTV Jeju has reported that wild black goats infected with Q fever on (비양도) Biyangdo Island were culled for disease control. Now the island is finding peace as its habitat returns to its original beauty. There are even plans to transform the island into a themed park as well. Joseph Kim reports. [slug] Biyangdo Island, Hallim-eup, April 12 Unsightly, ragged nets are spread and hung along the hiking trails and walls of a house. They were set to fend off wild black goats. [slug] Torn-out nets scattered, Biyang peak barren As hundreds of wild black goats used to graze on the hillsides, the peak area has been stripped of grass. [slug] Native vegetation restored after culling wild black goats Wild black goats had been everywhere on the island for over 40 years. Earlier this year, quarantine authorities confirmed an outbreak of Q fever on the animals on the island. Tens of goats were found dead from the disease. Authorities seized and killed all of the wild animals for disease control. Now, without the destructive animal, native vegetation is being restored and the island is ready for transformation. Community development projects long delayed because of the wild goats are expected to gain speed this year. [slug] Themed Park to be constructed with 6.4 billion won investment The island had been chosen as one of the beneficiaries of New Deal projects for fishing villages by the Ministry of Oceans and Fisheries. 6.4 billion won will be poured into the island by next year for creating a themed park. [slug] Flower gardens and cash crops to be cultivated Local communities are planning to create flower gardens to attract visitors and farm crops to increase earnings of residents. [slug] Remains of quarantine removed, trekking trails renovated Abandoned nets and fences are being removed and hiking trails are also undergoing renovation for visitors. [slug] Saltmarsh ‘Palrangmot pond’ to be streamlined The nation's only saltmarsh "(팔랑못) Palrangmot pond" in which water is stagnant and dirty will also be streamlined. The planned projects, at last, become realistic as there are no more wild goats ravaging the ecosystem. Yun Seong-min / Community leader, Biyang-ri With the goats gone, we can clear the nets and fences away and encourage tourists to stay in the island to observe the rare Oreocnide fruticosa trees found only on the island. < 윤성민 / 한림읍 비양리 이장 > 이제 염소가 없으니 철책을 없애서 전국에 하나 밖에 없는 희귀식물인 비양나무를 관람할 수 있게 해서 체류형쪽으로 가도록 볼거리를 제공할 계획입니다. Gang Mi-seon / Docent in geology Visitors find Biyangdo Island more serene than Udo Island than they initially perceive. The place will become more cozy and enjoyable soon. < 강미선 / 비양도 지질해설사 > (관광객들이) 우도처럼 생각했는데 비양도가 너무 조용하고 힐링하기 좋다고 얘기해요. 앞으로 더 아늑해지고 볼거리도 많아지게 될 것으로 생각해요. [Reporter] Joseph Kim [Camera] Ko Moon-su Biyangdo, known as the island of a thousand years, for decades experienced ruin from wild goats . As the long-time headache has been relieved, expectations for transforming the island into a tourist attraction are high in local communities. Joseph Kim, KCTV
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  • Jeju plans to invite NK leader to the island
  • 3. Jeju plans to invite NK leader to the island Committee resumes discussions on inter-Korean cooperation The provincial government will resume discussions on Jeju’s role in the inter-Korean cooperation project. The province newly formed a local committee made up of experts to start discussions on the exchange project with the North. It includes inviting leaders of the two Koreas and their delegations to Jeju to participate in the Jeju Forum. Also Jeju will encourage the North to compete in various sports and accommodate North Korea’s soccer team’s winter practice. Jeju also plans to invite North Korean officials to join the UNESCO-recognized Global Geoparks Network meeting hosted in Jeju next year. Jeju’s participation in the inter-Korean cooperation project started in 1999 by sending locally grown mandarins to the North, however the exchange ended in 2010. 제주 남북교류 협력사업 논의 재개 제주 남북교류 협력사업에 대한 논의가 재개됩니다. 제주특별자치도는 오는 16일 각 분야의 전문가로 구성된 새로운 남북교류협력위원회를 구성하고 북한과의 교류 협력사업을 논의합니다. 논의될 교류 협력사업은 남북 정상의 제주 방문과 제주포럼의 북측 인사 초청, 각종 스포츠대회의 북측 참가, 북한 축구선수단의 동계 전지훈련 유치, 내년 제주에서 열리는 유네스코 세계지질공원총회에서의 북한 초청 등입니다. 지난 1999년부터 감귤보내기 사업을 중심으로 한 제주도의 남북교류 협력사업은 지난 2010년 이후 중단된 상태입니다.
  • 2019.04.12  |  김동국
  • Seongsan residents express support for 2nd airport
  • 2. Seongsan residents express support for 2nd airport Committee formed to oppose naysayers A group of residents of Seongsan formed a committee in support of the construction of a second airport. The committee issued a press release stating that it was established to offer another side to the story of the currently slanted reports of residents opposing the second airport. It added that a group of residents joined this cause to promote the development of the Seongsan area to build a better future for the next generation. The committee stated that it will hold an inauguration ceremony very soon and actively participate in the interim presentation of the basic plan of the second airport held at Seongsan Gymnasium on the 17th. '제2공항 찬성' 성산읍추진위원회 발족 제2공항 건설에 찬성하는 주민들로 구성된 성산읍추진위원회가 발족했습니다. 제2공항 성산읍추진위원회는 보도자료를 통해 낙후된 성산읍과 후세를 위해 반대측의 의견만 부각시킬 수 없어 발족하게 됐다며 공항의 조기착공을 염원하는 다수의 주민들과 함께 하겠다고 강조했습니다. 여러 주민들과 함께 조만간 대규모 발대식을 열고, 오는 17일 열리는 기본계획용역 중간보고회에도 적극 참가하기로 했습니다.
  • 2019.04.12  |  김동국
  • Governor says revision of by-law is ‘unconstitutional’
  • 1. Governor says revision of by-law is ‘unconstitutional’ Controversy stirs over legality of restricting airport construction Governor Won Heeryong said it is illegal and unconstitutional for the Jeju Provincial Council to push for the revision of the by-law to restrict the construction of the airport in the conservation zone. Governor Won emphasized at the question and answer session at the provincial council that revising the conservation zone management by-law goes against the purpose of the constitution and rule according to higher law. He further noted that he received authoritative interpretation of the revision as “unconstitutional” and will ask for reconsideration if the provincial council pushes forward the revision of the by-law. Provincial Council Member Hong Myeong-hwan disclaimed Won’s statement that the revision has “firm legal grounds” on the Jeju Special Act. "공항 건설 제한 보전조례 개정안 위헌·위법" 제주도의회가 관리보전지구 1등급 지역에 공항 건설을 제한하는 내용의 조례 개정을 추진하는 것과 관련해 원희룡 지사가 위법이며, 위헌이라고 주장했습니다. 원 지사는 11일 도정질문에서 홍명환 의원이 입법 예고한 보전지역관리조례 개정안은 제한적 개발을 허용한 헌법과 상위법 취지에 맞지 않다고 강조했습니다. 이미 위헌 소지가 있다는 유권해석도 받았다며 제주도의회가 조례 개정을 추진하면 재의요구를 하겠다고 말했습니다. 이에 대해 홍명환 의원은 제주특별법에 근거해 조례를 개정하는 것이라며 문제가 없다고 맞섰습니다.
  • 2019.04.12  |  김동국
KCTV News7
  • KTO Jeju, ICC At Odds
  • The International Convention Center Jeju is at odds with the Korea Tourism Organization over KTO's policies. The KTO says that it is entitled to its share in the increase in land values stemming from the ICC’s development of the island’s second convention center. ICC Jeju and the province responded that there are no legal grounds for this claim. Joseph Kim reports. [slug] Jungmun-dong, Seogwipo There used to be a circus theater on this 39,000 square meter parcel of land located in (중문) Jungmun-dong, Seogwipo. [slug] ICC Jeju plans to build 2nd convention center International Convention Center Jeju bought the land from the Korea Tourism Organization in December 2017. ICC Jeju is going through the process of constructing its second convention center on the land. It is planning to finalize designs of the building by July and initiate the construction beginning December this year. But there will likely be a glitch in the plans due to the dispute with the Korea Tourism Organization. [slug] KTO Jeju branch wants 25% of profits from increased property values The land value has increased after the alteration of land use. The KTO sent an official letter asking ICC Jeju to pay for 25 percent gains from the increase in land values. [slug] KTO plans to reinvest in Jungmun Tourist Complex The KTO managing the (중문) Jungmun Tourist Complex says that the request is based on its operational policies set in 2005 and collected funds are reinvested in the complex. Ko Yun-cheol / Jeju Office, KTO Regulations must be equally applied to all businesses within the complex. ICC Jeju cannot be an exception. < 고윤철 / 한국관광공사 제주지사 차장 > 사업시행자 지침으로 결정된 것이라서 중문관광단지에 입점해 있는 다른 민자업체와의 형평성을 고려해볼 때라도 납부해야 되지 않냐는 게 저희 입장입니다. Meanwhile, ICC Jeju says the demand is unjustified. [slug] ICC Jeju refutes KTO’s claims ICC Jeju responded that the ownership of the land has been transferred to ICC Jeju, therefore there are no legal grounds for the request of additional payment. Jeong Jong-hun / Representative, ICC Jeju KTO should abide by rules as a public enterprise. Its demand for a share in profits lacks legal basis. < 정종훈 / 제주국제컨벤션센터 경영기획실장 > 공공기관으로서 기본적으로 법률과 원칙을 기준으로 업무를 수행해야 하는데 법률적 근거 없이 토지 상승분을 요구하는 자체가 부당하다고 보고 있습니다. [Reporter] Joseph Kim [Camera] Hyeon Gwang-hoon The conflict between the two sides is growing tense. The KTO says the request is not fully legally justified, but the organization’s operational rules are also rules to follow. [slug] Province refers to KTO’s request as ‘unlawful’ Meanwhile, the province has reviewed the KTO's money collecting practice for the increased land value from businesses inside the Jungmun Tourism Complex and says that it could possibly be unlawful. Opposition from businesses that have paid the KTO for years is expected to grow stronger. Joseph Kim, KCTV
  • 2019.04.11  |  김동국
  • Jeju Museum of Art celebrates its 10th anniversary
  • 5. Jeju Museum of Art celebrates its 10th anniversary New exhibition displays masterpieces of Korean contemporary art One hundred items representing the history of Korean contemporary art will be showcased in Jeju. These fascinating pieces are from a collection owned by the National Museum of Contemporary Art. They will be exhibited at the Jeju Museum of Art in celebration of the museum’s 10th anniversary from April 16 to June 9. The collection is comprised of masterpieces of Korean contemporary art and visitors will be able to witness its history and development. 16일부터 국립현대미술관 순회전 개최 한국 근현대미술사를 엿볼 수 있는 국립현대미술관 소장품 100점이 제주에 옵니다. 제주도립미술관은 개관 10주년을 기념해 오는 16일부터 6월 9일까지 국립현대미술관 순회전을 개최합니다. 특히 전시작품들이 한국 근현대미술사의 흐름을 조망하는 대표적인 걸작들이어서 한국미술계의 발전과정을 한눈에 볼 수 있을 전망입니다.
  • 2019.04.11  |  김동국
  • Local unemployment rate rises
  • 4. Local unemployment rate rises Young adults jobless rate rises 0.6% to 5.9% The unemployment rate in Jeju has increased. The Honam Regional Statistics Office released results for this year’s 1st quarter. The report stated that the unemployment rate is 2.6 percent, showing a 0.1 percent increase from 2018. The unemployment rate of young adults is 5.9 percent, 0.6 percent higher than the same period last year. There were significant decreases of new jobs in industries such as mining and manufacturing, electricity, transportation and communications and construction. 1분기 제주지역 실업률 상승 올해 1분기 제주지역 실업률이 상승했습니다. 호남지방통계청에 따르면 올해 1분기 제주지역 실업률은 2.6%로 지난해 같은 기간보다 0.1%p 올랐습니다. 특히 청년실업률은 5.9%로 지난해 같은 기간보다 0.6%p 늘어난 것으로 조사됐습니다. 취업자의 경우 광공업과 전기, 운수 통신업, 건설업 등에서 크게 감소한 것으로 집계됐습니다.
  • 2019.04.11  |  김동국
  • Health authorities warn of tick-borne illness
  • 3. Health authorities warn of tick-borne illness Increased outdoor activity raises risk of infection The Jeju Health Center is advising people to watch out for a Severe Fever with Thrombocytopenia Syndrome with major clinical symptoms of fever, vomiting, diarrhea and a low platelet count. A warning has been issued due to increased outdoor activity in the spring season. Authorities caution that people should minimize skin exposure when working outside and take extra care of personal hygiene when returning indoors. Over the last three years, a total of 696 people have come down with the SFTS virus nationwide. Six out of 44 infected people in Jeju died from the disease. 봄철 야생진드기 매개 SFTS 주의 (번역가) 제주보건소가 야외활동이 잦아지는 봄철을 맞아 중증열성혈소판감소증후군, 즉 SFTS 감염에 주의할 것을 당부했습니다. 이에 따라 숲이나 들녘에서 활동할 경우 긴 옷을 입어 피부 노출을 차단하고 야외활동 후에는 반드시 개인 위생관리를 철저히 해 줄 것을 강조하고 있습니다. 한편 최근 3년동안 전국에서 696명의 SFTS 환자가 발생했고 제주에서도 44명이 감염돼 6명이 사망했습니다.
  • 2019.04.11  |  김동국
  • Province to impose fines for traffic congestion in 2020
  • 2. Province to impose fines for traffic congestion in 2020 Buildings larger than 1,000m2 are subject for inspection Jeju City will conduct a comprehensive inspection of buildings larger than 1,000 square meters from April 15 to July. Owners of the buildings are subject to fines for causing traffic congestion, starting next year. Residential, religious and welfare facilities are exempt from this policy. Officials estimate that approximately 5,600 buildings around the Jeju City will be subject to levies totaling 8 billion won. 교통유발부담금 부과 대상 시설물 전수조사 내년부터 교통유발부담금이 부과되는 가운데 제주시가 부과 대상 시설물을 전수 조사합니다. 조사 기간은 오는 15일부터 7월까지로 연면적 1천㎡ 이상인 시설물이 대상입니다. 다만 주거용 시설이나 종교시설, 복지 시설 등은 대상에서 제외됩니다. 제주시 지역 교통유발부담금 부과 대상 시설물은 5천600여 개소로, 부과 예상금액은 80억원 정도로 추정됩니다.
  • 2019.04.11  |  김동국
  • Asbestos removal poorly managed in Jeju
  • 1. Asbestos removal poorly managed in Jeju Governor Won promises prompt action In an investigative report by KCTV News, asbestos removal from buildings on the island has been found to be sluggish. Asbestos, once marketed as a “magic mineral” and popularly used for construction, is known to be a threat to public health. Provincial council member Kang Sung-eui of the Democratic Party of Korea pointed out at the question and answer session at the Jeju Provincial Council on the 10th, that the province “failed” to properly manage its asbestos removal program. Kang said that the province did not regularly report inspection results on buildings constructed using asbestos to the Ministry of Environment. She also noted that related officials have not been properly trained or appointed to manage asbestos facilities, thus violating related regulations. She further argued that even though the Provincial Office of Education started asbestos removal in 180 schools 5 years earlier than first planned, the process had been mismanaged by the province in the case of households. Governor Won said that he will secure necessary financial and human resources to eliminate asbestos from buildings and prioritize areas of higher risk. "제주도 석면 관리 부실, 관련법 위반" KCTV가 보도한 석면 문제와 관련해 제주도의 관리 체계가 부실하다는 지적이 제주도의회에서 제기됐습니다. 더불어민주당 강성의 의원은 10일 도의회 임시회 도정질문에서 지자체는 석면 건축물에 대한 관리 결과를 환경부에 보고하도록 돼 있지만 제대로 지켜지지 않았고, 석면 관리인 지정 및 교육도 부실해 관련 법률을 위반했다고 주장했습니다. 특히 제주도교육청이 180여 개 학교의 석면 교체를 5년 앞당겨 추진하고 있지만 제주도의 석면 교체 사업은 속도가 더디다고 지적했습니다. 원희룡 지사는 석면 교체에 필요한 재원을 확보한 뒤 위험성이 큰 곳부터 우선 제거하겠다고 밝혔습니다.
  • 2019.04.11  |  김동국
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