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A Jeju District Court judge on Thursday fined Governor Won Hee-ryong 800,000 won for pre-electioneering in the lead-up to last year’s elections. That fine is not enough to force him from his position. The prosecution is now considering an appeal. Joseph Kim reports. [slug] Governor fined ₩800,000 for pre-electioneering The 2nd Criminal Division of the Jeju District Court sentenced governor Won Hee-ryong to a fine of 800,000 won for pre-electioneering. The sentence is smaller than what the Jeju District Prosecutor’s Office sought against him. Prosecutors had sought a 1.5 million won fine. INTERVIEW Won Hee-ryong / Governor Because of the court’s decision, I can better devote myself to my job as governor. I’ll do my best to repay everyone for their support. <인터뷰 : 원희룡 / 제주특별자치도지사> "이제 법원의 판결로 도정에 전념할 수 있게 됐기 때문에 도정 업무에 더 집중함으로써 여러분의 성원에 보답하도록 하겠습니다." If the governor was fined one million won or more for violating the Public Official Election Act, he would have lost the governorship. He will remain as governor, but still his pre-electioneering was unlawful. When asked about the guilty verdict, he didn’t mention anything. Won’s defense counsel acknowledged the proof provided by prosecutors and prosecutors’ claims about when, where and what Won did. However, prosecutors and Won’s side held contrary opinions on the illegality of the same act. ### C.G IN The court convicted the defendant saying that Won overstepped the line as a preliminary candidate. However, it added that his speech was simply about his pledges, not black propaganda against opposing candidates and the pre-electioneering didn’t affect the election as the audience was small. ### C.G OUT Now, the islanders’ eyes are on the Jeju District Prosecutor’s Office as prosecutors can lodge an appeal against the decision of the court in a week. If prosecutors give up the appeal, the governor can keep his governorship. [slug] Even if prosecutors appeal, Won will be able to serve most of term Even if prosecutors file an appeal, Won can serve out most of his term as it takes several months or years for the case to be referred to the High Court and Supreme Court. The court’s decision somewhat relieves the governor who has to settle a number of pending issues including the foreigner-only for-profit hospital and the second airport. [Reporter] Joseph Kim [Camera] Hyeon Gwang-hoon [CG] Kim Eun-kyo Prosecutors have announced that they will thoroughly review the written judgment and prudently decide whether they will file an appeal or not. Joseph Kim, KCTV
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  • JPDC plans to purchase 180 housing units
  • 4. JPDC plans to purchase 180 housing units Will be rented out at below market prices to struggling locals The Jeju Province Development Center will buy 180 housing units to rent out to people who need them the most. That’s 50 units more than last year. The JPDC will purchase homes with an area of less than 60 square meters and it will prioritize units that provide easy access to downtown or a university. The average purchase price for newlyweds will be 165 million won in “dong” administrative districts and less than 125 million in “eup” or “myeon” areas. The average amount it will spend on housing for young workers is 97 million won. The JPDC plans to rent 100 units to people from the low-income bracket, 50 to newlyweds, and 30 to young workers. The rents will be below market prices. 개발공사, 주택매입 사업 확대…180호 매입 제주도개발공사가 주택매입 사업을 확대해 올해에는 지난해보다 50호 늘어난 180호를 매입합니다. 매입 대상은 저소득층 임대 사업에 적합한 전용면적 60제곱미터 이하 규모로 도심지나 대학교 근처 등 교통이 편리한 지역의 주택을 우선 매입할 방침입니다. 평균 매입금액은 신혼부부 주택은 동지역 1억 6천500만 원, 읍면지역 1억 2천 500만 원 이하이며 청년주택은 9천 700만 원입니다. 개발공사는 저소득층에 100호, 신혼부부 50호, 대학생과 청년에게 30호를 시중보다 저렴하게 임대할 예정입니다.
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  • Jeju International was nation’s busiest airport over holidays
  • 3. Jeju International was nation’s busiest airport over holidays 568,000 people used the facility February 1-7 With the exception of Incheon Jeju International was the nation’s busiest airport over the Lunar New Year holidays. The Korea Airports Corporation says 568,000 people used the local facility from February 1st through the 7th. That’s the most among Korea’s 14 airports. On the last day of the holidays, around 88,000 people used the local airport. This year’s Spring Festival in China increased the number of passengers on international flights over the period by 75 percent compared to last year. 설 연휴 제주공항 이용객 전국 최다 지난 설 연휴 동안 전국 공항 가운데 제주공항 이용객이 가장 많았습니다. 한국공항공사가 인천공항을 제외한 전국 14개 공항을 대상으로 지난 1일부터 7일까지 공항 이용객을 집계한 결과 제주공항은 56만 8천명으로 전국에서 가장 많았습니다. 특히 연휴 마지막 날인 지난 6일, 하루 이용객은 8만 8천 명에 달했습니다. 중국 국경절인 춘절을 맞아 국제선 이용객도 작년 설 연휴 기간보다 75% 증가했습니다.
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  • ‘Hospital business plan will be released March 11’
  • 2. ‘Hospital business plan will be released March 11’ Information will exclude some corporate data from Greenland Intl. Hospital On March 11th, the provincial government will open up to the public the business plan for Greenland International Hospital. The administrative information disclosure committee discussed the issue last month and decided to have the hospital release its plan. Some corporate data is exempt from the order. Greenland International is allowed to file an administrative appeal or a lawsuit to delay or block the order to release the business plan. "녹지병원 사업계획서 3월 11일 공개" 제주특별자치도가 다음달 11일, 녹지국제병원 사업계획서를 공개합니다. 제주도는 지난달 열린 행정정보공개심의위원회 회의 결과에 따라 다음달 11일 녹지국제병원 사업계획서를 공개한다고 밝혔습니다. 다만 녹지병원과 관련한 법인 정보는 공개하지 않기로 했습니다. 한편 녹지측이 사업계획서 공개 전에 행정심판이나 소송을 제기하면 결과에 따라 공개하지 않거나 공개 시점이 늦어질 수 있습니다.
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  • Province close to gaining authority for casino inspections
  • 1. Province close to gaining authority for casino inspections Change would include power to suspend operations The provincial government is close to getting the authority to inspect and supervise the finances of island casinos. Local officials say the Office of Legislation will deliberate the issue this week and then forward it on for discussions at a cabinet meeting. If the cabinet then approves the transfer of authority, the provincial government will be able to inspect the eight casinos in Jeju for illegal foreign exchange and embezzlement by employees as well as see detailed sales records. Local officials will also be allowed to order violators to suspend business operations. 제주도, 카지노 자금 검사·감독 카지노업 자금 검사 감독 권한이 제주도로 넘어올 전망입니다. 제주도는 이번 주 법제처 심의를 거쳐 국무회의에서 카지노 자금 검사 감독 권한을 제주도로 위탁하는 하는 안을 확정할 예정이라고 밝혔습니다. 권한이 넘어오면 도내 카지노 사업장 8곳을 대상으로 불법 외환거래나 임직원 횡령, 그리고 매출 상세 내역 등을 확인할 수 있게 됩니다. 위반 업체에게는 영업 정지 처분도 내릴 수 있습니다.
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  • More use of ‘Safe School Trip Service’
  • 5. More use of ‘Safe School Trip Service’ Jeju is popular destination for schools across the country More schools are making use of Jeju’s “Safe School Trip Service.” Many schools across the nation choose Jeju as their trip destination. This service provides safety reports for the accommodations, restaurants, and other facilities they plan to use while here. Provincial officials say about 400 schools used the service when it was launched in 2014. That number more than tripled to 13-hundred schools last year. When provincial authorities performed safety inspections at accommodations and restaurants last year, it ordered some 970 changes at 100 locations. '안심수학여행서비스' 이용 매년 증가세 수학여행단이 이용할 숙박시설과 음식점 등의 안전성을 사전 점검하는 '안심수학여행 서비스' 이용 건수t가 매년 늘고 있습니다. 제주도에 따르면 안심수학여행서비스를 신청한 학교는 도입 첫해인 2014년 4백 개소에서 지난해 1천 3백개소로 3배 이상 증가했습니다. 한편 제주도는 지난해 사전 점검을 통해 숙박시설과 음식점 등 100여 곳에서 970여 건에 대해 시정 조치를 내렸습니다.
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  • More Hallabong being shipped to USA
  • 4. More Hallabong being shipped to USA From 4 tons in 2017 to 30 tons this year More Hallabong are being shipped to the United States. Jeju Mandarin Nonghyup recently exported 24 tons of the citrus to Los Angeles and New York by ship. More will follow. The amount being shipped is growing by the year. Four tons were exported in 2017, 21 tons last year, and the estimate for this year is 30 tons. That’s good news for local growers. They’re getting 4,000 won per kilogram for the Hallabong being shipped to the U.S. 한라봉 미국 수출 규모 점차 증가 한라봉 미국 수출 규모가 늘고 있습니다. 제주감귤농협은 최근 한라봉 24톤을 미국 LA와 뉴욕 등으로 선박을 통해 수출한데 이어 추가로 선적할 계획입니다. 특히 한라봉 미국 수출 규모는 지난 2017년 4톤에서 지난해 21톤, 올해는 30톤 등으로 점차 증가하고 있습니다. 수출농가 수취가격은 kg당 4천원으로 농가소득 증대에 도움이 될 것으로 기대됩니다.
  • 2019.02.08  |  김동국
  • Number of civil servants in Jeju forecast to top 6,000
  • 3. Number of civil servants in Jeju forecast to top 6,000 Province planning on hiring 170 more firefighters If the provincial government realizes its plan to hire more firefighters, there will be more than 6,000 government employees on the island. The province has given advance notice of a legal revision to boost the number of civil servants by 170 to a total of 6,005. The number of fighters will grow from 819 to 989. The province plans to create a new emergency rescue division headed by a fire chief and expand the rescue team being led by an assistant fire chief. 제주도, 소방공무원 증원…제주 공무원 6천명 돌파 제주도가 소방공무원 증원을 추진하면서 제주지역 공무원 수가 6천명을 넘어설 전망입니다. 제주도는 지방공무원 총수를 5천835명에서 6천5명으로 170명을 증원하는 내용을 담은 제주도 정원 조례 개정안을 입법 예고했습니다. 증원 인력은 소방 공무원으로 819명에서 989명으로 늘어납니다. 제주도는 소방정을 1명 증원해 구조구급과를 신설하고, 소방령 1명이 맡는 구조팀을 확대할 계획입니다.
  • 2019.02.08  |  김동국
  • ₩3.3b in quake-resistance upgrades to public facilities
  • 2. ₩3.3b in quake-resistance upgrades to public facilities Province planning work on 60 structures The provincial government will spend billions of won this year on improved earthquake engineering in public facilities. It has earmarked nearly 3.3 billion won for assessing the earthquake resistance of 60 structures and making them more quake-proof. Among other locations, work will be done on the the provincial office, the Jeju Livestock Institute, and Jeju Starlight World Park. The funding comes in part from what the province collected through a disaster safety tax. The provincial government is also trying to encourage the owners of private buildings to do the same, even though they are not required to do so. It reduces acquisition and property taxes on privately-held buildings that are equipped with quake-resistant features. 제주도, 공공기관 내진 보강사업 추진 지진에 취약한 공공기관에 대한 내진 보강 사업이 추진됩니다. 제주도는 올해 재난안전특별교부세 등 32억 7천 만 원을 투입해 도청과 축산진흥원, 별빛누리공원 등 공공기관 60여 개소를 대상으로 내진 보강 공사와 성능평가를 실시합니다. 현재 제주도는 내진 설계 의무 대상이 아닌 민간 건축물에서 내진 기능을 갖추면 인센티브로 취득세와 재산세를 감면하고 있습니다.
  • 2019.02.08  |  김동국
  • Supreme Court upholds previous rulings on Yerae complex
  • 1. Supreme Court upholds previous rulings on Yerae complex ‘All administrative measures invalid’ A court has upheld two previous decisions and ruled that all administrative measures regarding the (예래) Yerae Resort-type Residential Complex were invalid. The Supreme Court’s Special Division 1 upheld the court’s first decision in the case. In that trial, eight landowners at the site claimed the appointment of the developers for the city planning project and the implementation plan were invalid. The court agreed, and decided in favor of the plaintiffs. All 16 of the province’s and Seogwipo’s administrative measures related to the project that were issued between 2005 and 2014 have now been invalidated. In the original trial, the court ruled that the permission granted to develop the complex violated the National Land Use Planning Law, and that the violations were both serious and obvious. 대법원, "예래단지 행정처분 모두 무효" 법원이 1심과 2심에 이어 3심에서도 예래휴양형주거단지 조성 사업과 관련된 모든 행정 처분을 무효로 판단했습니다. 대법원 특별1부는 예래단지 토지주 8명이 제주도 등을 상대로 제기한 도시계획시설사업 시행자 지정과 실시계획인가 처분 취소소송에서 원고 승소 판결을 내린 원심 판결을 확정했습니다. 이에 따라 2005년부터 2014년까지 예래단지와 관련된 제주도와 서귀포시의 15개 행정처분은 모두 무효가 됐습니다. 이에 앞서 원심 재판부는 휴양형 주거단지를 유원지로 개발하는 인가처분은 강행규정인 국토계획법상 법률요건을 위반했고 그 하자가 중대하고 명백해 당연 무효라고 판시한 바 있습니다.
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