Longest monsoon season on record ends, heatwave continues
김동국 PD  |  ttiger8@kctvjeju.com
|  2020.08.03 07:54
4. Longest monsoon season on record ends, heatwave continues
Agricultural industry suffers low crop growth

As Jeju’s longest rainy season on record has come to an end, the heatwave has continued, and special caution will be required to manage crops.

Since the rainy season began on June 10th, the agricultural industry has been hit with a series of problems. The growth of field crops, field tangerines, and winter vegetables have been stunted and the occurrence of pests has increased.

Jeju Province Agriculural Research & Extension Services said that If the heat wave continues, farmers will not only have to deal with poor growth, but the withering of crops can also occur, so heightened preparation is required.

4. 역대급 장마 이후 폭염으로 농작물 관리 주의

역대 최장의 장마가 끝나고 곧바로 폭염이 이어지면서
농작물 관리에 주의가 요구되고 있습니다.

6월 10일부터 장마가 시작된 이래
이틀에 한번꼴로 비가 내리면서
밭작물과 노지감귤,
월동채소의 생육 장애와 병해충 발생 증가가 이어지고 있습니다.

이런 상황에서 폭염이 이어질 경우
생육 불량과 고사는 물론
가뭄현상마저 나타날 수 있어
미리 대비해 줄 것을 당부하고 있습니다.

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