Expanded Mandatory Mask Use
김동국 PD  |  ttiger8@kctvjeju.com
|  2020.09.14 10:18
The province issued its third executive order regarding COVID-19 quarantine protocols last Friday that expands the number of businesses that require face masks.
Wearing masks has been made compulsory at 20 more types of businesses, which include golf courses, bowling alleys and billiard halls.
The province plans to eventually add more to that list.
Todd Thacker reports.

This is an outdoor driving range in Jeju City.
It’s easy to spot the golfers who don’t wear a face mask.

From Friday, Sept. 11, what was once a recommended policy of wearing masks at golf driving ranges has become mandatory at both outdoor and indoor driving ranges and at golf courses.

The province issued its third executive order last Friday regarding COVID-19 quarantine protocols. It expands the number of places where face mask use is mandatory, including an additional 20 types of businesses.

The province has added indoor and outdoor driving ranges, golf courses, bowling alleys, billiard clubs and swimming pools to the list of places requiring mask use.
Chartered buses, bus terminals, rental car offices, museums, movie theaters and virtual experience facilities have also been added to the list.

The types of permitted masks include surgical masks, a mask that traps particulates, and a cloth mask that has a filter insert.
Masks that cannot trap particulates, including mesh masks, are not permitted.

Those who refuse to wear a mask will be subject to fines of up to 100,000 won.

In terms of enforcement, the province is sending officials out to inspect locations where a mask is mandatory.
This expanded list of locations requiring masks, and the added measure of educating the public, will prove key in Jeju’s fight to limit local infections.

Todd Thacker, KCTV

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