Apart, Together
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|  2020.10.26 10:53
The 11th Jeju Olle Walking Festival began on October 23rd and will run through November 14th.
Social distancing is being practiced during the festival, with each group consisting of 15 participants and two guides.
Joseph Kim has more.

Trekkers walk along the island’s iconic stone walls against the backdrop of a clear autumn sky.
The wide open view of the ocean makes the trekkers feel relaxed.
After passing through a snaking alleyway, they are welcomed by area residents and locally prepared seafood dishes.

The 11th Jeju Olle Walking Festival has kicked off.

The festival titled “Apart, Together” doesn’t include large gatherings and performances to protect participants from dense gatherings.

Instead, the festival focuses more on walking and will last longer over a wider area.
On each of the 23 routes in Jeju, groups that consist of 15 participants walk apart for 23 days exploring the island’s nature on foot.
At each route, programs and performances are arranged by local residents for participants to be able to learn about the area's specialty products and culture.

Each group has volunteers who make sure that proper social distance is kept between participants.

Suh Myung-sook / Chairperson, Jeju Olle Foundation
In this depressing time of the COVID-19 pandemic, many people need consolation and peace coming from nature. We’re hosting the event while maintaining quarantine guidelines.
<인터뷰 : 서명숙 / ㈔제주올레 이사장>
너무나 이런 시대일수록 더 간절히 제주 자연이 주는 위로와 평화로움을 느끼고 싶어 하는 분들이 많으셨어요. 최대한 방역수칙을 지키면서 자연에서 위로받고...

Meanwhile, this year’s walking festival is streamed on YouTube in real time.

Joseph Kim, KCTV

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