Sharing Painful History
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Students gathered for a joint history class.
Students and teachers from Jeju and (여수) Yeosu and (순천) Suncheon in South Jeolla Province shared their own tragic history in relation to the Jeju April 3rd Incident, and (여수)Yeosu-(순천)Suncheon Rebellion.
Joseph Kim reports.

[Slug] Hallim Middle School in Jeju City

This is a history class at a local middle school attended by

[Slug] Joint lesson on peace and human rights organized by Jeju Office of Education

20 students and teachers from South Jeolla Province as well as Jeju students.

[Slug] Jeju April 3rd Incident, Yeosu-Suncheon Rebellion

When the Jeju April 3rd Incident broke out in 1948, soldiers in (여수)Yeosu and (순천)Suncheon were ordered to suppress the incident and execute some islanders.
But the soldiers refused the order, and the (여수)Yeosu-(순천)Suncheon Rebellion, or the (여순) Yeosun October 19th Incident started.
This is the topic for the joint class.
Students share their thoughts figuratively about the two incidents.

This branch is the Jeju April 3rd Incident, and the other branch is Yeosu-Suncheon Rebellion. To me, the trunk looks like a fuse.
"나뭇가지로 이쪽은 제주 4.3을 표현하고 이쪽은 여순10.19를 표현했는데 나무의 한 줄기로 이어진 도화선을 표현한 것 같았고.."

At the discussion, they concluded that they shared a similar tragic history and the two events are not separate.

Hong Il-nang / G2, Hallim Middle School, Jeju City
I had blamed the 14th regiment of the Yeosu army. But from this class, I learned about the Yeosu-Suncheon Rebellion correctly and I believe the rebellion was a great help to Jeju.
[인터뷰 홍일낭 / 한림중 2학년 ]
"여순사건이 14연대가 저희 제주 4.3학살 (명령을) 거부해서 일어난 일인데 처음에는 원망했는데 자세히 알게되면서 14연대가 학살(명령을) 거부하면서 저희(도민에게도) 힘이 됐다고 생각합니다. "

Mun Seok-yeong / G2, Palma Middle School, Suncheon City
I was impressed by the Jeju students as they know much about the Jeju April 3rd Incident. I hope we have more opportunities to learn about our history in connection with Jeju’s history.
[인터뷰 문석형 / 순천시 팔마중 2학년 ]
"굉장히 다양한 4.3 수업이 진행돼서 친구들이 많이 알고 있는 것 같고 저희도 본받아서 여순10.19, 4.3도 함께 알릴 수 있었으면 좋겠습니다."

Especially, bereaved families of the April 3rd Incident attended the class and talked about the horrors of the incident they witnessed.

[Slug] Resolution of tragic history: task of cooperation

Unlike the recent revision of the April 3rd Special Act that was passed by the National Assembly for complete resolution, legislation for the Yeosu?Suncheon Rebellion Special Act is adrift at the National Assembly. This is another point where the two provinces should cooperate.

Lee Hyeon-ju / Teacher, Hallim Middle School
It was a special experience to me too because I learned that the Yeosu?Suncheon Rebellion should be studied to comprehensively understand the April 3rd Incident.
[인터뷰 이현주 / 한림중학교 교사 ]
"이제까지 4.3만 공부했다면 (앞으로는) 4.3안에 있는 여순10.19도 함께 공부해야겠다는 깨닮음을 얻는 저에게도 굉장히 특별합니다.

Jang Man-geun / Teacher, Ansan Middle School, South Jeolla Province
Today I realized that we should let people know about the Yeosu?Suncheon Rebellion in connection with the Jeju April 3rd Incident, not just the rebellion itself.
[인터뷰 장만근 / 전남 안산중 교사 ]
"여수에서 단순히 여수와 순천 10.19 사건을 알리는데 집중했는데 이번에 제주에 왔는데 그 것 뿐만 아니라 제주 4.3과 연계해서..."

[Reporter] Joseph Kim
[Camera] Hyeon Gwang-hoon

The students from the island and the mainland also made a visit together to sites that keep a sad memory of the April 3rd Incident.

Joseph Kim, KCTV

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