Crack Down on Illegal Parties at Guesthouses
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|  2023.03.13 10:24
The Police are conducting joint crackdowns on illegal and irregular operations of guesthouses.

Jeju Provincial Police Agency is conducting joint inspections with the local government to prevent illegal drinking parties and drunk driving at guesthouses, which are expected to see an increase in guests during the spring season.

As a result of recent inspections of around 70 guesthouses, the police discovered two establishments that did not post various fees and notified the local government of the violation for appropriate action.

게스트하우스 '음주파티' 변칙 영업 단속

경찰이 게스트하우스 불법-변칙 영업 합동 단속을 벌입니다.

제주경찰청은 봄철 이용객이 늘어날 것으로 예상되는 게스트하우스에서 불법 음주 파티나 음주 운전 등을 사전에 막기 위해 행정시와 합동 단속을 실시합니다.

최근 게스트하우스 70여 곳을 단속한 결과 경찰은 각종 요금표를 게시하지 않은 2곳을 적발해 행정시에 처분을 통보했습니다.

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