Jeju Awards Outstanding Tourism Businesses
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|  2023.05.22 10:11
The Province is calling on applications for outstanding tourism businesses for the first half of this year.

The application period is from the 25th of this month until the 2nd of next month. Businesses in the transportation, accommodation, and food industries that have been operating in the province for more than a year are eligible to apply.

The designation period for outstanding tourism businesses is two years. Companies with less than six months remaining until their expiration can apply in this round to undergo evaluation and receive re-designation.

Designated businesses will receive incentives such as awards and certificates, as well as support for online and offline promotion through Visit Jeju and tourist information centers.

상반기 우수관광사업체 공모…내달 2일까지

올해 상반기 우수관광사업체 지정을 위한 공모를 실시합니다.

공모 신청은 오는 25일부터 다음달 2일까지
도내에 사업장을 두고 1년 이상 경과한 교통이나 숙박, 음식업체 등이면

우수관광사업체 지정기간은 2년으로,
만료가 6개월 미만 남은 업체는 이번에 신청해야 심사 후 재지정 받을 수 있습니다.

지정 업체에는
인센티브로 포상금과 지정서 등이 주어지며
비짓제주와 관광안내센터 등을 통한 온.오프라인 홍보 지원을
받게 됩니다.

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