Vaccination Process Going Smoothly
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|  2021.03.08 15:23
Jeju’s vaccination rollout is running smoothly. More than 50 percent of the people on the list to receive the first phase of vaccinations have been given their vaccine shots.

Following the AstraZeneca vaccine, Pfizer's vaccine is expected to arrive on the island next Monday, March 15th.

Joseph Kim reports.


Healthcare personnel and inpatients of long-term care hospitals have been given their vaccine shots beginning February 26th in Jeju.

About 1,680 people have been inoculated. That’s more than 52 percent of the people on the list of the first phase of the vaccination plan.

The province expects that the first phase of the vaccination would be done by March 18th if it goes smoothly.

17 cases of side effects following vaccination have been reported, but they appear to be mild like headaches and fever.

Vaccinations for first responders including healthcare workers are starting today.
4,800 doses of vaccines for their first round have been rolled out across the island.

The first batch of Pfizer’s vaccine will be arriving next Monday at the earliest.

As Pfizer’s vaccine should be stored in an ultra cold freezer at temperatures - 75 degrees Celsius, it is highly likely to be transported by air.

The local quarantine authorities expect that vaccination for healthy citizens between 19 and 64 would be made beginning July.

As the vaccination process is going smoothly, expectations on ending the pandemic are high.

Joseph Kim, KCTV

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