Food prices are rising. From fresh food to grilled pork belly, ramen and chicken, everything is getting more expensive. Mike Laidman has the details


Ramen has always been a popular food which people can enjoy together instead of rice, but, in recent months, ramen prices have seen steady increases.

Ramen prices up 5% on average

In December of last year, a leading ramen producer raised its prices an average of 5.5 percent, up to 900 won. Another 5.4 percent increase soon followed.

Prices for grilled pork belly soar 15%

The same goes for pork belly.

Recent retail prices of the food are 2,440 won per 100 grams - 3 percent higher than a month ago, and a huge 15 percent over last year at this time.

Given that rising demand during the summer pushes prices higher, these upward trends are likely to continue.

Beer prices, too, rose 6 percent at the end of last year. Indeed, all sorts of foods are seeing their prices jump.

Ju Sun-mi / Ora-dong resident
From meats and vegetables to industrial goods, prices of all items have risen. Chicken is no exception.
"고기와 채소, 공산품도 많이 올랐고 대체적으로 다 오른 것 같아요. 국민 간식 치킨도 예외는 아닙니다.

Chicken franchises hiked their prices up 12 percent this month, meaning a chicken will soon cost in the neighbourhood of 20,000 won.

Park Yong-sung / Daejeong-eup resident
Chicken prices have risen more than I expected. It was inevitable due to avian influenza, but it was still more than I thought.
"치킨은 생각보다 많이 오른 것 같아요. 닭 값이 지난 조류인플루엔자 사태 때문 올랐다고 해도 (치킨 가격이) 생각보다 많이 올랐어요."

In addition to steadily rising food prices, fees for water and sewage are supposed to go up next month, leading to an even bigger burden for area residents.

Mike Laidman, KCTV